Rollmaster Report: Spring is coming!


Rollmaster Report: Spring is coming!



Heya all Tasha’Vel here with the February Report and BRRRRRR! It has been a bit cold here, but I digress it is time to get into some fun things.

First of all, I would like to extend a warm welcome to some of our returning and new members.

  • Rosh Athan is one of our newest members and has recently been promoted to Neophyte. He has been working hard at the shadow academy and has done well. Awesome to have you here.

  • Rhys Pwyll is a returning member coming back from the rogues. Nice to have you stop by again Rhys.

  • Shirai Dupar has also come back from the rogues and dwells among us again. Good to see another rogue member running about.


DJB Reports

GM Report

Star Chamber

DGM Report

CM Report


Member accomplishments

Here are the awards and accomplishments from Members since February

Bentre Sadow

  • 133 Clusters of Earth

  • 6 Clusters of Fire

  • 3 Pendants of Blood

Sanguinius Tsucrya Entar

  • 56 Clusters of Earth

  • Sapphire Blade awarded

Locke Sonjie

  • 2 Clusters of Ice

  • 66 Clusters of Earth

  • 1 Crescent of Sapphire Star

Takagari “Darkhawk” KogaRyu

  • 3 Clusters of Ice

  • 1 Crescents of Emerald Star

  • 2 Pendants of Blood

Malisane Sadow

  • 11 Clusters of Ice

  • 1 Crescent of Amethyst Star

  • Promoted from Battlelord to Warlord


  • 52 Clusters of Earth

Raistlin Sadow

  • 2 Clusters of Fire

  • 3 Clusters of Graphite

Vosiri Lightcrest

  • Promoted to Commander


  • Dark Cross awarded

  • Dark Maven - Historical Legends

  • Dark Savant - Legends

  • Dark Sage - History and Lore

Ignus Corvo

  • 2 Clusters of Fire

  • Organized 3 competitions for February

  • Dark Maven- Combat

Rosh Athan

  • Promoted to Neophyte



Here are some competitions going on

  • The power of words a poem competition organized by Peacekeeper Elyon de Neverse and Neophyte Eva Gagemon

  • Corvo is running Name That Ship running for about two weeks to name the Nighthawks new Raider-I class Corvette.


Ask the Rollmaster

Tahiri asks:

What is your proudest moment in being a RM?

What do you love about being an RM?

Is there anything you regret doing as RM?

My proudest moment in being an RM was when I was able to get a member into telegram, get them a master, have them reach knighthood, and then become a battle team leader.

What I love about being an RM is helping all members to reach their potential goals and help them have fun in the DJB.

What I regret most is when a member rogues out, I reflect and try to see what I could have done better to reach out to them.

Xolarin asks:

What is the average velocity of an unladen RM?

I like Gui’s answer on it, Blue.

Bentre asks:

Got any stabby-stabby plans for the Clan? I mean, RMs in CNS have a bit of a reputation. Aren't you overdue for a little “makes knife motions in the air”

’Sharpens knife’ If I told you that would spoil the surprise now wouldn't it?

Locke asks:

Yeah Tasha when are you overthrowing Bentre? And do you want any help?

I will probably overthrow him after this next event and yeah help is always needed.



It has been a lot of fun this month with gaming and chatting and things. I hope and I hope to see you all around, till next time Naga Sadow!

Conquest is our destiny; we shall not fail


Awesome report Tasha! <3 <3

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