Shadow’s Bane - Battleteam Leader Report 2


Shadow’s Bane - Battleteam Leader Report 2


34 ABY

Field Journal

Seng Karash, Aeotherian

It has been a month since I assumed my office. The Battleteam has started to accept my leadership, but things are a bit slow-going. I’ve reached out to the team personally, but am awaiting reply from many. One has come forward right away, Xia Long. Sil. A Daughter of Sadow. Her experience will be immensely useful… but I can’t help but be a little terrified by her. A wild power emanates from the Adept, and I’m unsure of my safety in her presence. I will remain respectful, but wary.

Notes from the BTL

I sent out personal communications to the entire Battleteam, and thus far have received a helpful response from Sil. I hope to receive replies from the rest of you soon. Let’s chat.

Major News



Activity Report

This section describes the quantifiable activity updates (awards, promotions, major achievements, etc.) for each member of Shadow’s Bane:

Adept Xia Long

  • 2x Cluster of Earth

Lieutenant Colonel Jeric Cyrin

  • No quantifiable activity

Battlemaster Armad

  • Promoted to Battlemaster - Fantastic! Congratulations!

  • Updated character sheet

  • 15x Cluster of Earth

  • 1x Crescent with Amethyst Star

  • 1x Crescent with Sapphire Star (for placing in my competition!)

  • Started ACC match with Sang - “Fight! Fight! Fight!”

Warrior DarkHawk

  • 1x Dark Cross - Congratulations!

  • 1x Crescent with Topaz Star

  • 12x Cluster of Ice

  • 9x Cluster of Earth

  • Reached Inquisitorious III

Knight Sebz Janren

  • 1x Legion of the Scholar

Knight Aul Celsus

  • 1x Anteian Cross - Thank You!

  • 1x Seal of Loyalty - I’m honored!

  • 3x Legion of the Scholar

  • 2x Crescent with Emerald Star

  • 2x Crescent with Sapphire Star

  • 2x Crescent with Amethyst Star

  • 1x Crescent with Topaz Star

  • 21x Cluster of Fire

  • 17x Cluster of Earth

  • 6x Cluster of Ice

  • Won 1st in Operation Homeland meta-competition

  • Reached GMRG IV

  • Reached Inquisitorious IV

Acolyte Ingram Thorpe

  • No quantifiable activity

Acolyte Kalu Burgoo

  • No quantifiable activity

Competition Updates

These are highlights of the competitions going right now that I have identified as either highly relevant to the progress of the Clan/House/Battleteam, or are generally low-hanging fruit for activity/participation and do not necessarily encompass all competitions available. Check the competitions listing for more.

Challenge to the Battleteam

Every report I will provide a small challenge. These are low-overhead or low-effort activities that will stimulate growth and activity in the Battleteam. My challenge (and bonus challenge) this report is:

  • The primary challenge for this month: Participate in one competition. There are at least 2 low-effort, few minute competitions that you can participate in without needing to invest more than maybe 5-10 minutes, max. Activity helps us all! The trickle-down effect is real, people!

  • Bonus carry-over from last month: I sent a personal email to every member of the Battleteam. Go check it out. Basically, let’s get a dialogue going about what I/we can do to make your experience in the DJB fantastic. Your bonus challenge is to respond to the email, even if to say that you have nothing to say. This will help me greatly in identifying where they may be deficits to be addressed, or things we are doing great that we need to preserve. This is about you and your enjoyment.

Until Next Time

Yes, we lost a couple of young members to AWOL this month, but otherwise Shadow’s Bane has been quite active! I am very happy with the direction we are moving and, though we are a smaller and more focused force now than we were last month, I think that there are excellent times ahead for us. Keep on keeping on, Team.


Knight Aul Celsus

Very awesome report Aul.

Just got a chance to read over the report. The team is doing well, and the report is sound. Good job, Aul. Good job, all. hoot hoot

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