Taldryan Rollmaster December Report


Taldryan Rollmaster December Report



Welcome to another Rollmaster report, where I call out some great activities of my clanmates and share some other news. I want to remind you of Aggressive Expansion and other goings-on, and do some “show and tell”.

First, an update on social media and recruitment. I will be getting our social media outreach going in the coming days and we can begin doing things like highlighting members, announcing competitions and news, and just general clan and DB advertising. Look for an update in my next report.

Second, I want to spotlight some DB-centric tools and stuff, taking a page from my good friend Gui Sol in his last COU RM report. So look below for some of this as well.

One last thing - I want to get some fiction-writing going in an open Runon format in Discourse. I do not have that launched quite yet, but look for that in the coming weeks and I will announce on Telegram and in my next report. Stay tuned!


Aggressive Expansion

get’er done

In the wake of a rogue Star Destroyer attacking one of the Clan's economic hubs—an attack that Taldryan's seers failed to detect in the Force—Consul Ténama ordered that Taldryan's headquarters be relocated to an ancient temple on the Force-attuned moon of Ostara. The Clan's members have sprung to action, using their varied talents to address this newest threat. Reconnaissance teams have been deployed to scout enemy positions, starfighter squadrons patrol Caelus' spacelanes for another attack, Force-sensitive scholars search for solutions to their dimmed sight, and logistics specialists undertake the immense task of moving an entire Clan headquarters at the drop of a hat.

Yes, we are moving to new grounds, or at least trying to. We have much to do before we can just swoop in, so help form the story, earn some shinies, and have fun.


Glory and Honor

One of my favorite things is to outline all the activity our members have been up to. I know this is covered in other reports, to a degree, but it’s worth celebrating as much as possible. So please give yourselves and your friendos a pat on the back.


Taldryan Master-Pupil Update

One thing I want to do is update everyone on any Master-Pupil (master/student) relationships in our clan. Right now, I know of two that have begun with a couple newer members. We have people like Noobis and Vodo and Appius and Jala., but those folks have reached that magical JM4 level. They will hopefully work with each other for years to come, but these newer pairings need some focus and attention.

  • Xolarin and Newt - still trying to plug away at those first SA courses and such, been in touch recently.
  • Crysenia and Zack - Zack is still in the Recruit stage, but hopefully we can keep him going with us.

If you have news or other items with these folks, just let me know. I’ll include what I can each report!


DB Spotlight

As mentioned above, I want to begin highlighting some things from around the DB. My fellow RM Gui has a lot of good info in his report so go check that out. But for my inaugural posting of this type, let’s take a look at a few things.

Spotlight: Wiki Recent Changes

Hopefully you are familiar with our Wiki where most of our fictional and canon information is stored. If not, get in there and look around. But if you want to get a pulse on what’s being added and changed, take a look at Mediawiki’s “Recent Changes” feature. I like to expand the default to 100 changes over 30 days.

Spotlight: Shadow Academy

I like that Gui called out the SA’s Website Navigation course, as this is probably the first course I would recommend for new members. This gives you a sense of where everything is on the site. In conjunction with that, start on the Fundamentals. So I have highlighted a couple things to check if you are a new member or want to pass this along to another new member.

So go get these course - old or new, they are great resources for understanding the DB.


Other Goings-on

We had some great clan reports that have come in the last few weeks or so. Go read them, comment, and enjoy!

And the rest of the club had some major reports out.


Parting Wisdom

“Pro tip: melt the candy cane and threaten people with molten sticky lava.” Ben


Woot! Great report, Xol!

Nice report Xolarin!

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