News for 12/2009

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Date Title Author Context
12/19/2009 Consul Report Augur Alaris Jinn Consul (Plagueis)
12/18/2009 Herald Style Hanukkah Day II Master Shikyo Keibatsu Unknown
12/18/2009 Sith Commander Report Warrior Tyyravis Nami Dantes Battleteam Leader (Nightwraiths)
12/18/2009 Sith Commander Report Battlemaster Driftan Housan Battleteam Leader (Shadow Gate)
12/18/2009 Herald Style Hanukkah Day I Master Shikyo Keibatsu Unknown
12/17/2009 Aedile Report Warrior Bal Demona Aedile (Marka Ragnos)
12/16/2009 [[DJBWiki]] What a desolate place this is, reminder Augur Windos Unknown
12/16/2009 Aedile Report Augur Windos Aedile (Cestus)
12/16/2009 Aedile Report Lieutenant Colonel Jeric Cyrin Aedile (Dorimad Sol)
12/16/2009 An Orv Competition: Our Halls Have Been Decked Adept Baxir Vol Unknown
12/15/2009 The Name Is Keibatsu... Shikyo Keibatsu results Master Shikyo Keibatsu Unknown
12/15/2009 House Ludo Kressh QUA Open for Apps Augur Manji Keibatsu Sadow Unknown
12/15/2009 Rollmaster Report Vanguard Aerwin Tribwell-Urr Rollmaster
12/15/2009 Rollmaster Report Warrior Draco Maligo Rollmaster (Dorimad Sol)
12/15/2009 Rollmaster Report Warrior Draco Maligo Rollmaster (Acclivis Draco)
12/15/2009 New Unit Rosters Launched Adept Baxir Vol Unknown
12/14/2009 OMFG! It's Shikyo! Master Shikyo Keibatsu Unknown
12/13/2009 Obelisk Sergeant Report Savant Juda Kodiak Erinos Battleteam Leader
12/13/2009 Aedile Report Warrior Jagen Phoenix Aedile (Tridens)
12/13/2009 Obelisk Sergeant Report Augur Cethgus Tiberius Entar Battleteam Leader (Wolf Guard)