News for 11/2016

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Date Title Author Context
11/30/2016 All that fades in her wake - HMR Quaestor Report Grand Master Muz Ashen Keibatsu Quaestor (Marka Ragnos)
11/30/2016 Clan Odan-Urr's 2016 Life Day Gaming Festival Augur Edgar Drachen Aedile (Hoth)
11/30/2016 Odan-Urr Rollmaster Report #3 Vanguard Corvus Corax Rollmaster (Odan-Urr)
11/30/2016 Rogue One: Celebration Competition Grand Master Darth Pravus Grand Master (Dark Council)
11/30/2016 Quaestor Report #10: S.P.E.C.I.A.L Event! Seer Morax Darkblade Quaestor (Shar Dakhan)
11/29/2016 Headmaster's Report #7: Good News Edition Augur Farrin Xies Tarentae Headmaster (Dark Council)
11/29/2016 Shadow Gate November Report Reaver Diyrian "Diy" Grivna Battleteam Leader (Shadow Gate)
11/29/2016 Voice Update #2: Help Wanted Master Marick Tyris Arconae Voice of the Brotherhood (Dark Council)
11/28/2016 ACC Update: 'Guests' of The Matron Sign-ups Master Thane "Atra" Skotos Combat Master (Society Leaders)
11/27/2016 [Ektrosis] Quaestor Report #1 Adept Rian Taldrya Quaestor (Ektrosis)
11/27/2016 From the Flames a Phoenix Can Rise Warlord DarkHawk Sadow Battleteam Leader (Night Hawks)
11/27/2016 Knight Commander Report - New Beginnings Seer Tatsuya Ashraven Battleteam Leader (Knights Of Allusis)
11/26/2016 Proconsul Report #1 Augur Alaris Jinn di Plagia Proconsul (Taldryan)
11/26/2016 Clan Odan-Urr Title Selections. Results are in! Seer Mar Sûl Proconsul (Odan-Urr)
11/25/2016 Herald Update - Praetor Edition #2 - Custom Weapon Requests Unavailable Colonel Arcia Cortel Praetor to the Herald (Assistants)
11/24/2016 Updates and Happy Thanksgiving Grand Master Darth Pravus Grand Master (Dark Council)
11/23/2016 Galeres Report #1 Warlord Ernordeth Puer-Irae Quaestor (Galeres)
11/22/2016 [ARC-TAR-PLA] Aftermath: A Threeway Event - RESULTS! Adept Atyiru Caesura Entar Arconae Consul (Arcona)
11/22/2016 House Hoth Special Update - New Knight Commander chosen! Augur Edgar Drachen Aedile (Hoth)
11/21/2016 Reminder: Last chance to take CoJ 1 and 2 in the SA Grand Master Jac Cotelin Justicar (Chamber of Justice)