[Arcona] Beware the Ides of March!


[Arcona] Beware the Ides of March!



A Message from the Consul

Hello, Darlings! Welcome, once again, to another Consul report! We have had some exciting times within the club, and I am looking forward to sharing all of it with you! First of all, as you may have noticed, As Midnight Strikes has now completed! And now we are in the midst of a Pre-Vendetta event! Yay, good times!

And we will get to all of it in a minute. On a more serious note, it is impossible to turn anywhere without hearing word of the pandemic that is currently going on. I know all of the news can be frightening and overwhelming. In times like these, the most important thing is to remain calm. Stay safe, stay informed, wash your hands and take care of yourself and your loved ones. After you’ve done all that and stocked up on toilet paper, then be sure to check out some of the lovely comps that are currently on offer!

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Clan Fiction Update
  3. News
  4. Awards, Promotions and Transfers
  5. Crescent Leaderboard
  6. Competitions
  7. Ask The Deadly Duo
  8. In Closing...


Clan Fiction Update

The magical night had begun. The guests gathered in the Citadel, dressed in their finest clothes. For the commoners, it was a rare opportunity to dine on the finest food and drink for free. For the Arconans and delegates present, it was an opportunity to make political inroads and gather potential ammunition in the trade talks that would start the next day.

Lucine Vasano was in her element. After a frantic few weeks of preparation, it was time to see if all of her carefully laid plans would bear fruit. She took a step back to survey her guests, savoring the swirl of laughter and conversation around her. Even if every single one of her plans failed, at least she could be credited with throwing a successful party.

Even the beasts seem to be having a good time, she noted as she observed two Cythrauls weaving amid the revelers. She had tasked a few of the beleaguered attendants with keeping Ivoshar and Fela away from the more allergic guests, but for the most part they were allowed free reign. Why not? Their presence seemed to put Attyiru at ease.

As a special thanks to everyone who participated in the Gala fiction competition, details from each and every entry have been included in the clan fiction! You can read the rest of it here.



Arcona News and Announcements

  • Until Midnight Strikes has officially closed! In total, we had 21 individual participants in the event, and I am incredibly grateful for all of you who took the time to take part in it. Congratulations to Alaisy Tir’eivra for taking first place in the overall event! Congrats also to Atyiru and Sulith, who placed 2nd and 3rd place respectively! All three of their characters will be featured in the next Clan fiction update. Special kudos to those of you who did all seven of the competitions: Alaisy, Atty, Sulith, Sera, Aru, Tali, Marick and Strong.

  • Gaming is one of the primary activities of the DJB. Like fiction and graphics, you can be certain to see gaming related competitions in Clan and Club-wide events. Whether you are a new to DB gaming or an experienced gamer, it is a good idea to make sure that you are familiar with the Rites of Combat. If you haven’t had a chance, be sure to take a look!

  • Alaisy, the stunning shiny Sith that served stupendously as House Qel-Droma’s second in command has decided to step down. She was an excellent Aedile, and was a shining example to anyone who wants to aspire to leadership. Truly, she is leaving some big (and tall!) shoes to fill! Still, the show must go on and so we are looking for a new Aedile of HQD! If interested, then be sure to check out this announcement!

  • Though Arcona is all about ohana, sometimes even the closest families don’t see eye to eye. This can sometimes translate into disagreements. We all have different ways of communicating, which can lead to harmless statements being interpreted in unintended ways, and the most innocuous conversations descending into arguments. Please remember that if you are asked by a member of the Summit to take a step back or to take it to PMs, then please do so. Continuing along a thread of conversation after being asked to stop will result in temporary muting from the chat to allow for a cool off period. In short, be good to one another, don’t go out of your way to be a dick, and let’s work together to make sure that the Arcona chats are awesome and fun places!

  • Congratulations to Aldaric for being named Praetor to the Fist!

  • Can’t get enough of all that sweet, sweet Arcona-related news? Well then, we’ve got you covered! Here are the Qel-Droma and Galeres Summit reports, for your reading pleasure!

DB Wide Updates

  • That’s right, folks! We are in the midst of a Pre-Vendetta event! Yay! So, to find out what’s going on, make sure to read the announcement, which includes the fiction update. The competitions can be found here!

  • The Tenixir Prison Break event also has a RO! If you’re interested in getting involved in a group (or have already formed one) then be sure to fill out the RO sign-up form.

  • Have you ever wanted to play a Barabel or a Rattataki? Well, now you can! Read all about it in the Voice Report.

  • Do you like gaming? If so, then be sure to check out the latest Fist Report, as well as the Supplemental!

  • Stuff to buy! Everyone’s favorite Regent has recently made upgrades to ships available! Yay shopping! You can read about it here and here.


Are you looking for ways to get into leadership? If so, then I strongly encourage you to apply for the open Aedile spot! But, if that’s not your speed, then perhaps you might consider applying to become the next Magistrate to the Fist?


Activity and the Discretionary Funds

Ya’ll have been working hard at the competitions, and it really shows! Galeres netted a total of 94,500 credits for their house. Meanwhile, Qel-Droma brought in a sweet 198,250 credits. Don’t spend it all in one place!




Have you taken a look at the competitions for the Tenixir Prison Break yet? No? Then what are you waiting for?

  • In [Tenixir Prison Break: NPC Creation][comp-1], you’re tasked with adding some life to the bleak prison environment. What sort of NPCs can you come up with?
  • It’s time to rescue the Deputy Grand Master and the clan representatives! Is your character up to the task? How would they go about doing it? Here’s you chance to tell the tale, in Freeing the Deputy Grand Master.
  • What logo do our pirate allies use? Get out your art supplies and strut your stuff in the Pirate Logo competition.
  • What is the Tenixir Prison Break: Run-on about? Well, a Run On, of course! So grab your team, make a thread and start posting!

Are you done with all those? Great! Here’s a few more!

  • Winter Getaway, run by our very own Zuji and Tyga, is a small series of comps dealing with… you guessed it, winter!
  • Are you a weeb? Do you like doing weeb-like things? If so, then I've Seen Enough Eastern Expanse Holovids… is perfect for you! Brought to you by Q.
  • What does your character do within the DJB? Once you’ve figured out the answer, create a picture and submit it in Magik’s Articles competition!


Ask the Deadly Duo

  • Kord has a few questions:

    • Any interesting attempts on Rhylance's life lately?
      • Lucine: "Honestly, I think the last few were a bit uninspired. It is like the assassins are frightened, or something."
      • Rhylance: “Nothing unexpected, and nothing that could keep me down.”
    • Is Strong doing a good job building morale amongst the Summit?
      • Lucine: “Just fantastic. Really. I am just so very thrilled that he is making such a great effort to get to know every single female member of the Summit. You have no idea.”
      • Rhylance: "So long as he keeps to his Journeyman, yes. Strong is doing the job I assigned him to do."
    • How's Rambo?
      • Lucine: Rambo has graciously received his daily tithe (selected from my meal plate), and is now contentedly napping. I believe I will be allowed to keep all my fingers today.
    • When is Lucine taking a day off with her favorite Chiss?
      • Lucine: “Perhaps in the near future. Perhaps a nice beach locale. Oh, wait. We have a beach. Hmm. Skiing, perhaps?”
      • Rhylance: "Hopefully soon. A break would be quite fetching."
  • Xenna asks: was Rhylance behind the gas/mist/fart?

    • Lucine: “I am afraid you will have to ask him, darling. But I am most certainly curious about what his answer will be. And it had best be good.”
    • Rhylance: "Those allegations have no factual merit behind them. No matter how wonderfully evocative the gas made everyone and how precisely perfect its deployment was, I absolutely had nothing to do with it."
  • Alaisy asks: Was it really just a party?

    • Lucine: “Yes, of course it was just a party! Who would have guessed that something awful would happen? Fortunately, we employ the best cleaners to ensure at all of the bombed… bits… have been disposed of.”
    • Rhylance: "No comment"
  • The freshly returned Log asks: do either of you have playlists for your characters or others? do you have a specific song you attribute to them and if so is it dependent on the fiction you're writing or just one that makes you specifically think of them?

    • Rhylance: At the moment no, but it is something to consider
    • Lucine: I do have a playlist for Lucine, though it is a bit all over the place. The songs are largely dependent on the fiction I am writing. For example, I have Kamelot’s Veritas for when I am writing something dark and Sithy.
  • Annnnnd Kordath has more questions!

    • Alignments?
      • Rhylance: I'm honestly not sure. He could go Chaotic or Lawful, and Evil or Neutral.
      • Lucine: No doubt about it, lawful evil.
    • Favorite kind of waffles?
      • Rhylance: Chocolate chip, with peanut butter on the side.
      • Lucine: The kind served with fried chicken.
    • Treat?
      • Lucine: Yes please!
      • Rhylance: Trick!
  • Xenna inquires:

    • What do you pack styrofoam in for shipping?
      • Lucine: "I am afraid I do not know. I have people to do that sort of thing."
      • Rhylance: "I would say, whatever would best ship with styrofoam."
    • What is Time?
      • Lucine: “Something that seems to drag whenever I have to sit through particularly dull meetings. Fortunately, I have Rhylance to help with that. It helps get him out of his lab every once in awhile.”
      • Rhylance: "The physical passing of reality around us that brings about a constant shifting of life, and death."
    • What is Rhylance's spirit animal?
      • Rhylance: Mosquito. A tiny insignificant thing that many find annoying but has the potential to kill more than any other bug/ animal with disease.
    • Is there intelligent life outside of Dajorra?
      • Lucine: “Yes, there is. But in my experience, it is rare.”
      • Rhylance: "Quite rare indeed. But this question assumes intelligent life within the world."
    • Ice cream in a waffle or cup? Why?
      • Lucine: In a cup. As for why, I have no idea, just have never been a fan of cones. Too messy, I guess.
      • Rhylance: Waffle Cone. Cause you can eat it as well. Especially when coated in chocolate and nuts.
    • What direction does your door open towards?
      • Lucine: Toward the interior of the room. Because that is how doors are commonly designed, at least in the US. Huh. Today I learned something.
      • Rhylance: The correct way.
    • Are you more afraid of white dwarves or black holes?
      • Lucine: Neither. I am more afraid of red giants.
      • Rhylance: I am more fascinated with a Neutron Star, than afraid of the others.
  • Sera has some questions too!

    • How is the cleanup for the Gala going? Are you using a blacklight for the scrubbing?
      • Lucine: "I am told that the cleanup operation goes apace. And no, no black lights. That would be cruel. Especially after the… incident involving that poor Umbaran..."
      • Rhylance: "I have more important matters to attend to than a cleanup of a Gala."
    • How do the tailors know all of our measurements?
      • Lucine: “Because they were told them, of course!”
      • Rhylance: "Does no one remember their mandatory medical reviews?"
    • Paper or plastic?
      • Lucine: “I do not know, whatever Tabriss gets, I suppose.”
      • Rhylance: "Neither, both are insufficient resources."
  • Q asks: * Do you think we should give the FUs some training where they can’t use the Force? Experience suggests they tend to... crumple when they suddenly lose the space magic.*

    • Lucine: “It seems like a reasonable and possibly even fun suggestion.”
    • Rhylance: "I have advocated this idea on the past."
  • Alaisy has a few more questions!

    • Less or more?
      • Lucine: "It depends on what it is."
      • Rhylance: "I agree with my esteemed colleague. For once."
    • How do you stay up to date on fashion?
      • Lucine: “I have a wide variety of methods, everything from following the literature and holonet updates to a direct line with the influencers. It has taken a long time to build up this network of information, but it is worth it.”
    • Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?
      • Lucine: “When things are going well, the sky's the limit!”
      • Rhylance: "I see a legacy of immense personal satisfaction."
    • What are your weaknesses?
      • Lucine: “Cooking and Chiss, apparently. Really, darling, I am disappointed in you. Did you really think it would be that easy?”
      • Rhylance: "To give out that information would be suicidal at best. I applaud your efforts though, my apprentice."
    • Silk or Velvet?
      • Lucine: “It depends on the time, place and type of event. But as a general rule, silk.”
      • Rhylance: "Whatever Lucine tells me is best."
    • MDR Bacteria Plague or Rapidly Mutating Viral Pandemic?
      • Lucine: “I despise biological warfare. But if it comes to that, then a rapidly mutating viral pandemic would be the route I would use. Devastating, chaotic and effective.”
      • Rhylance: "Truly it depends on many factors, of which I shall not be divulging at this time."


In Closing…

That’s it for this month! As always, if you have concerns, ideas, recommendations or a general need to chat, we are always here for you. Whether on TG (@Lucinevasano and @Rhylance) or email, feel free to reach out. We generally only bite if asked.


I believe "first" is the traditional comment.

Lovely fiction and much awesome activity. Be excellent to each other, and keep winning, First Clan. Arcona Invicta!

Arcona Invicta all! Do your best to be all yall can be!

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