Arcona Rollmaster Roundup 5, Happy Fricken New Year


Arcona Rollmaster Roundup 5, Happy Fricken New Year


Hey folks, it's the New Year!

This is about a week late due to holidays and what not, which is fine because it just means I got to cram even MORE promotions into the Rundown!

Leeeets go!



  • Lonewolf was promoted to Knight!

  • Rex Silverthorn was promoted to Knight!

  • Xenna was promoted to Knight!

  • Stang Mac, Ernordeth's recruit and apprentice reached the rank of Acolyte! He's also picked up 2 Anteian Crosses and a Dark Cross for his activity!

  • Mac was promoted to Hunter! He's currently waiting for time in rank to obtain his Knighthood, good job mate!

  • Jokka joined Qel-Droma!

  • Jenar Furies joined Galeres and has already picked up Novice!

  • Royrafa Trytow joined the ranks of Qel-Droma!

  • Thorzan Dane Beviin picked up a DC for activty and a promotion to Hunter!

  • Jake Blazer joined Galeres and is already a Proselyte!

  • Vixur joined Qel-Droma and has already obtained Novice!

  • Shawnathan Do'Urden joined Galeres and picked up Novice!

  • Laboki, Nath's current Apprentice, made Neophyte

In non-Journeyman promotions we also had a good month, Terran Koul picked up a promotion to Equite 4! Riverche made Equite 2, Kaiburr who recently had to step out picked up Equite 1! Kharoc Garrlan (Kant) also snatched up a promotion to Equite 1, with Rhace Tarrin and Emily Hune picking up 3 and 2 respectively! K'tana also jumped up to Equite 2!

One heck of a month for promotions guys, I'm proud of everyone of our members and look forward to seeing more as this year kicks off.


Competition Spotlight!

The first, most obvious competition to highlight is of course Captain Arcona: Civil War, which has OVER 30 quick and easy competitions ranging from webhunts, games and short ficitions to ludicrous graphic topics. So doooo it!

Quick and Easy

Arconan Flash Series

  • Yup, starting with a shameless self promotion here. The AFS is in week 6 with the game X-Wing, quick and easy comps here for participation and competition!

Arconan Gaming Dominance

  • The AGD is going strong with the new year, with different game focuses every week, and weekly Cluster races! Great way to get some shinies and rack up some participation.


  • The first Gorefest of the year is scheduled for the weekend of the 22nd! For those of you who are new to the Club, this is a chance to get DOUBLE rewards for gaming with other members of the Club! Don't be surprised if you see something over the mailing list about organizing Clan gaming over this weekend, it's a great way to get to know your fellow Arconans.


Important Stuff


Final Thoughts

It's a New Year, with lots of new oppurtunities for fun, shinies, and advancement. This past year was a wild ride, lets see how wild this one will be.

That's all from me this go around!

Oh, and don't forget.



That Captain Arcoan civil war sounds neat, is it similar to Captain Arconan? grins

Thanks Ryn-Master excellent report as always Bleu!

Nice report. :)

Awww tiny cactus. I want one for my throne room. Someone get me one.

Nice report, nicer comps. ;P

Great report!

naww baby cacti

That face gives me nightmares.

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