Battleteam Krennic Report #3


Battleteam Krennic Report #3



Hey folks,
Welcome to another report from your friendly neighborhood BTL! That’s me, in case you were wondering. Let’s get right to it, shall we?


Brotherhood News

So, first up, I’d like to extend my thanks to Jac Cotelin, our former GM and now former Justicar, for all the hard work that he’s done for us. He is stepping down as Justicar. Taking the reins now for the position is Dacien Victae, also known as Bubba or BubbaX. This elevation left the position of Left Hand of Justice open, which has been filled by Alaris Jinn.

Another thank you goes out to Farrin Xies, our Headmaster. He will be stepping down from his position. We await to see who will fill the role next as the DC takes in applications.

Sanguinius Tsucyra Entar (or simply Sang, as he is known) has stepped down as Consul of Clan Naga Sadow. Stepping in as the new Consul is Bentre Kairn'tel Stahoes.

Wally has two new reports out which can be found here and here. Please check them out for yourself when you have a moment. Included in the first one is the epilogue to GJW XII, which you can take a look at here. Also of note is the new addition of Weequay as a playable species for your and/or your Alts/NPCs, which is pretty cool. I mean, who doesn’t love Hondo Ohnaka? :D

Drac has a couple reports that you can find here and here. He’s got openings for Praetor and two (2) Magistrates. Think you have what it takes? Check out the requirements and go apply!

A new DGM Report was released by Morgan. Big news there -- the graphics society that has been in the works for a while now, the Shroud Syndicate, is now live! Check out the report for details.

Our Combat Master Atra Ventus has sent out a new report as well. In it, he shares with us a new change to the system. Another thing to note is that there is an event going on, called the Coach’s Corner for the ACC. This puts members that signed up into teams under a more experienced member that will serve as their coach, offering advice and such. Not bad, right? Despite the sign ups being closed by now, if you want to get more details, just follow this link here.


Clan & House News

Scholae Palatinae and Clan Taldryan are joining together to run a little fiction event as a sort of follow-up to the events of the GJW. It’s called A Collective Danger, and details of which can be found here.

Empress Elincia has released a new Consul Report, which you can find here. Along with that, a new Dark Paladin has been named: Mako Henemory! This award is given to members with the highest activity each corner, and decided amongst the Palpatines. This could be anyone; all you need to do is get out there and be active!

Dek has released both Chapter 2 of the fiction update for House Imperium, as well as his Third Quaestor Report, so you should go check it out. Included in it is Chapter 3 of the fiction update for our House. If you want a refresher, Chapter 1 can be found here. If you’d rather take it all in at once, the combined chapters can be found here.

Also, in the interest of trying to get members to engage with our Clan resources more, and to clarify which resources would be available to members for story-telling purposes, Eli has decided to give each Battleteam and each House some funds to purchase assets for themselves. Houses and Battleteams can’t actually have possessions, so these assets will be purchased and owned by the Clan, but slotted into an appropriate container for each unit.

This kind of thing is completely new to me, so needless to say I spent a lot of time thinking it over, and second-guessing my decisions, revising, second-guessing again, etc. But at the end of it, I settled on things that I feel will be useful and make sense given the kind of unit that we are here. What items did I decide to go with? Why, I’m glad you asked.

  • 1 Marauder-class corvette. Good ship and it can accommodate fighters, which leads me to the next item…
  • 1 squadron of TIE/SF Starfighters. Handy ships that are good for air support and equipped with a turret that can take care of any pesky enemies trying to sneak up behind you. Their equipped launcher can also pack quite a punch if necessary.
  • 1 flight of VT-49 Decimators. Additional firepower and perfectly suitable for transporting our main members to their destination as needed.
  • 1 Special Missions Company of troops. Perfectly suited to the more militrary and spec ops type things that our unit is more focused on. Which leads me to…
  • 1 flight of Gamma-class ATR-6 Assault Transports. These will allow us to deploy all of our troops from the Special Missions Company (and even members of the BT as well), and are well armed to be more than capable of defending themselves, while also equipped with hyperdrives if they need to make a quick getaway.

Battleteam News

We bid farewell to our favorite Lasat, Wagglehorn. He’s been transferred to Pellaeon where he takes over as the new BTL. Congrats, Sparky!

At the same time, we welcome more new members to our team: Jack Noscaj, Mogul, and Xenterius. Welcome to Krennic!

Jason Hunter

  • Completed the Advancement Survey

Kell Palpatine Dante

  • 1x Crescent w/ Emerald Star

Malith Savath

  • Promoted from Apprentice to Novice

Reiden Palpatine Karr

  • Passed the Shroud Syndicate Initiation exam
  • Reached Rank VI in the Shroud Syndicate
  • 10x Clusters of Ice
  • 1x Crescent w/ Amethyst Star
  • 1x Crescent w/ Diamond Star


  • Seal of Loyalty
  • Transfer to Pellaeon
  • Appointed BTL of Pellaeon



House Imperium:



Rather than list any more comps, I urge you to check out the other options available to you on the Comp Listings page and click on the Long-running/Series tab.


Sorry, I don’t have any fancy closing section for you. That’s it for this report, folks. Until next time.

For the Empire!

-- Reiden Palpatine Karr


Nice report, Reiden! Also, great to see the BT military you planned for the team!

Great report, good sir!

Wagglehorn ! Wagglehorn !

Outstanding report Reiden!

This is so beautiful to stare at :') great job!

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