Clan Naga Sadow PCon Report # II: And so it begins...


Clan Naga Sadow PCon Report # II: And so it begins...


Proconsul Journal Entry

38 ABY

Twenty Hundred Hours

The last few weeks have been absolutely insane. Since the War ended, the missions have not stopped. One after another, we continue to send our Inquisitors out to the field to impose Naga Sadow’s will. The folks are tired, they are in need of something other than this continual policing of the Orian system.

Both the Houses are in need of reprieve. Both Marka Ragnos and Shar Dakhan, continue to stay on pace reconstructing their respective headquarters, and establish order in their war torn home worlds. The Collective ravished both Aeotheran and Tarthos the year we were absent. I cannot stress enough how much I despise the Collective and its nest of vipers. I am almost positive all my other sisters and brothers feel the same. At this point, the mood within the Clan, I would put any of our folks up against ANY Collective Lieutenant. How I would love to see them fall at the hands of a Sadowan.

A few weeks ago I was assumed MIA and taken prisoner, now labeled as DarkHawk Down. Returning home from a negotiation treaty, commissioned by Consul Bentre Sadow. I made the mistake of going against my own judgement. With my miscarriage of judgement I found myself “captive” on Pamarthe. This caused several of our folks to aid in my liberation. I am forever grateful to my brethren, I hate to admit it, but even the most hardened of us needs an assist.

Returning back to the Perdition was a relief and I was able to get settled a little bit deeper into my new duties. I was able to shadow the Consul for some time to learn the other side of the operational mechanism we call Clan Naga Sadow. The other aspect I have to get used to is wearing this new administrative Kendogi, rather than my normal combat suit. Not that I am not grateful to the Consul’s tailors, for putting this together for me. The silk was of very fine quality and was definitely comfortable.

Yesterday was definitely a day out of the “norm.” After chow, I went down to the hangar and checked how Ty was doing with his newly acquired toys for the Decimator. He has been working on the Taron, installing some upgrades all week. Normally I would jump in and let Ty teach me the “ins & outs” of the Decimator. Now, being on the Perdition, and its full maintenance crews, the newly assigned crew chief has been very hesitant to allow me get in there and get dirty. He means well, but I had to remind him who’s ship this was. May have to let Ty take him for a check flight after he is finished with his maintenance.

The Consul summoned me shortly after, I could tell there was an uncertainty in his voice. Only two reasons you go to the boss’s office, bad or good. Today I was convinced it was not the ladder. After reporting to the Warlord, he was engrossed in a stack of intel reports, the Consul gets this really heavy look of concern when something has his attention. What worried me, is that the Sadow did not utter a word. I questioned the fact if he even knew I was there. It was only when the Consul slid an intel report across his desk in front of me that he first acknowledged my presence. After picking it up and just skimming the first couple paragraphs did I understand the Consul’s concerns.

Most of these reports were hot off the press, some a few hours old, some a couple of days old. From all reaches of the Orian system, we have civil unrest both internally and externally. With the Collective gone from the system, and now our return, our footprint within the system still has not been felt. A series of explosions has been reported at strategically infrastructure locations. Cutting off critical supplies, now the crime bosses scalp any and all resources at a markup that can only be described as obscene

The Consul kept sliding report after report of these acts of violence and mayhem. The Consul continued his silence until he passed me the last page. He rose from his seat and walked over to the large view port, his hands firmly clasped behind his back, Bentre soundlessly watched his fleet as it carried out their day-to-day operations. He finally turned around, maybe to see if I was watching him or still studying those reports. He walked back over to the desk and calmly said,

“Takagari, I believe it's time Naga Sadow imposes its will in a manner that most have not witnessed in a millennium…”




Welcome Sadowans! Welcome to another one of my crazy reports! There has been a lot going on over the past few weeks. Now, it's time to catch up a bit and start paying attention to ourselves for a little bit. First of all we had a War! Holy Crapola! So, we busted our humps and gave it a VERY SOLID run. I am very proud of all of us, and it was truly an honor to be in a War with all of you and this Clan! Now, we take some time and work on us.

First, I would like to give a heartfelt farewell and thanks to three of our brethren and friends. Mystic Xolarin, Xuner Holst and Battlemaster Keibatsu thank you for everything you have done for Clan Naga Sadow! That leaves Aedile positions open in each House. An excellent opportunity for someone. Could that someone be you?


A lot going on within the Clan, we have both the Clan and House Summits sorting out some fictional direction and details. Fear not Sadowans, a lot of good things are in store, and hopefully the small fiction gives you a small snapshot of what the Boss has in store for us! From the discussions amongst the House’s, there has been some excellent crosstalk going on. We have things to sort and streamline, but the process is in motion. I urge everyone to dive in with their House Summits and give your inputs as to what you would like to see post Orian. I am starting to dig this whole aspect of world building and how our new era operates!

So fear not Sadowans, things are moving, and in the works! This is all a very cool learning experience for myself, so I would like to thank the Summit members for all my off the wall questions and ideas! Summit would like to thank Augur Locke, Hades and Malisane for sorting out Fleet possessions. Their expertise in that arena has strengthened both Clan and House fleets. Thank you!

We also have a couple of folks that are needing a BOOOOOM of their own. Augur Sanguinius Entar for his work in putting together Pro-Bowl 2020 comps for the Club. We also have Colonel Kojiro Keibatsu to thank for putting together comps for the FIST’s August 2020 GMRG comp series. Thank you both for your efforts in these endeavors, comps on that scale are not always easy to put together. Thank you both!!!


We had quite a few folks get acknowledged for their war efforts. So far, the following folks have been recognized.

Grand Master Muz: Sapphire Blade

Master Zsarion Bloodfyre: Anteian Cross

Warlord Etah Obsidyn: Anteian Cross

Warlord Robert Sadow: Dark Cross

Colonel Kojiro Keibatsu: Grand Cross

Adept Malik Sadow: Dark Cross

Savant Scarlet Agna: Dark Cross

Seer Raistlin Sadow: Steel Cross

Knight Rivio Rosan: Dark Cross

Battlemaster Shimura Keibatsu: Anteian Cross

And on the Promotion side: Battlemaster Cymbre Kall: Promoted to Battlelord

Malavek was promoted to Knight:

Not to mention during the GJW, we had two of our folks, Colonel Keibatsu and our very own Overlord hit 30 for 30 during the war. A notable feat, that is worthy of accolades! Colonel Kojiro Keibatsu deserves another round of kudos for his selection as Magistrate to the FIST! Congrats Sir!!!

It is amazing to see this round of folks get recognized! Congratulations again! Keep that going! I also want to take a second and thank everyone for recent activity. Going through activity logs for CNS, it's VERY NICE to see that in the activity books!


Comps galore going on right now! We have the 2020 Pro-Bowl, and we also have the FIST GMRG event, along with some other great single comps. Dive in and get some!



FIST Report:

FIST Supplemental:

Voice Report:


Nighthawk’s BTL open:

House Marka Ragnos Report:

House Shar Dakhan Report:

CNS Consul Report:

GJW XIV Prologue:

GJW XIV Awards:

Shadow Academy Headmistress Report:

GJW XIV Survey:


Final Thoughts

Well Sadowans, it has been a VERY GOOD and PRODUCTIVE month or so. So impressed with everyone’s contributions and support during the War and post War! Simply amazing. Very proud to be a part of this journey with all of you. Looking forward to our future and what is in store for us. In the meantime, we continue on our push forward. I personally am very excited to see what the Houses unveil and how our home worlds develop. Can everyone say new HQ’s! I need some cool new graphics for these reports, any thoughts or inputs? As always folks, if I forgot to mention anything please or if I overlooked anything let me know and I will get corrected and posted. Until next time Sadowans!


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Solid report-ing Darkhawk.


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