CNS Consul Report #1


CNS Consul Report #1


Temple of Sorrow


Orian System

Warhost troopers secured every entrance to the Temple. Bags of sand and duracrete blocks were stacked by engineers, and air-defense batteries were stockpiled with ammunition.

Sanguinius had eschewed the traditional seat in an office and walked about among the assembled people. “Careful with that,” stated the new Consul. “Let me give you a hand.” The Gray Jedi helped a Warhost trooper pick up a crate of energy clips onto a hoversled.

Several of the Clan’s Force-users walked through the main hall. These were dark times with the attack on the Clan’s fleet and destruction of the Clan flagship. “A noble gesture,” commented Bentre as he watched Sanguinius and then looked over the preparations. “Good to see the new Consul getting his hands dirty. Armad, Scarlet, Jax, Morax, and Evelyn just landed at the spaceport. They are coming in with a large force of troops and Dark Jedi from House Shar Dakhan. Shi and Jade are overseeing the outside defense preparations. Do you think it will come to war, Adept?”

“I sincerely hope so,” growled the mad Sith at his side with a low voice. “There’s nothing I’d like more than to crush our oppressors.” Macron clenched his fists involuntarily. “We are all tired of being sorely used by the Iron Throne. I imagine many of the other Clans feel the same and are wanting blood. I am, however, surprised Shi lent his hand with the defenses. Maybe our chat with him changed his mind.”

“I doubt it. He made it clear he serves one master only. I’m guessing he is looking for challenging combat,” replied Bentre matter-of-factly. “He knows his work, that’s certain.” The Corellian Rollmaster looked over a holopad. “Many of the new recruits have jumped right in. Good.”

Raikou Keibatsu stood nearby, directing the placement of fields of fire for the crews on the roof via holocam screens. The Raider spoke up from beneath his Death Trooper helm. “To be sure. I’m glad the Korun returned from his sojourn. We need all the help we can get.”

“Very true Aedile. Well, destroying our flagship certainly doesn’t help matters,” said Tasha’vel. The Twilek watched a gurney pass by with a med-droid attending it. “It’s not exactly making things wonderful around here. So many killed and injured. I’m glad my child is safe on Ryloth.”

“Aye. The place is heevin’. With tha’ Damnation pooched, we’re in a muckle sad state.” Firith’rar walked along with the rest, occasionally sipping from a small metal flask. “Nae bonny, lads and lassies. Nae bonny. We are right knackered.”

Lilith walked with him, a look of mild horror on the healer’s face as she stopped to help one of the soon-dying at a triage station. She shouted to the room, “We’re losing her!” The Gray Jedi began her healing trance as she laid her hands on the heaving bloodied form.

The Alchemist trotted with alacrity to the aid station to help with the flat-lining naval officer. Macron pulled the curtain shut around the mobile triage bed as he opened a pouch on his belt. “Not on my watch. I’m with you, Lilith. Not one more.” Screams resounded shortly thereafter. Horrible as it was, the screams meant that the woman had survived and clung to life. She would fight again, and have her bloody revenge on those who had laid the Naga Sadow fleet low.

Three imposing figures came through the front door to the open hall. They exuded authority- and righteous anger. One wore a dusky warcoat and had black eyes. The second was freshly painted in the traditional war-paint of a Nightsister. The third looked grizzled, a male veteran of many combats swathed in robes dusty from travel.

Sanguinius greeted them. “Grandmaster Ashen, Lady Ashia, Master Shikyo. Thank you. I’m glad you are here. It’s time all of us to pull together. For the system- for our people- for the Clan.”


Hello everyone,

I hope you’re all looking forward to Friday, where it’ll be St Patrick’s Day, I expect Telegram to be heaving with you drunkards! The fiction above was supplied by Macron and was provided extremely swiftly by himself, which I’m greatly appreciative of. Thanks, Macron!

This is my first Consul report, so I’ll be setting the scene for my Consulship and what I’m hoping to achieve alongside the usual topics.


Clan News

Some of you may have heard, but our former Consul, Locke, stepped down recently after serving as Consul of Naga Sadow for the past two years. During that time, he’s put up with me, which is a heady feat indeed. I’d like to thank Locke for his service and he’s decided to take the opportunity to dive right back into the thick of things in House Shar Dakhan by joining the Devil’s Shroud.

In other news, we were plagued by a Consul named TBA, who was the worst Consul I’ve seen in years (good news, folks, it means I can get compared to TBA. :P). Thankfully, we got rid of him and I’m now the current head idiot of the Clan.


That means I’m looking for a Proconsul. Lots of you applied alongside me to become head idiot of the Summit and I’ve gone through those apps and questioned all of you thoroughly. After extensive questioning and some soul searching on finding a Proconsul that I will enjoy abusing, immensely, i might add. I decided that I would pick Jax Bendal aka Marcus Kiriyu to serve as Proconsul.

As you may know, Jax/Marcus is currently Praetor to the Headmaster and once served as Rollmaster in Naga Sadow. I’ll be taking this time out to abuse him and make him regret applying for Proconsul. I’ll be having a lot of fun, so make sure you congratulate/commiserate Marcus.

I'd also like to thank all of you who applied for Proconsul. We had some fantastic applications and it made it a really difficult decision. Be proud of yourselves for making it so bloody hard for me.


Tarentum Co-op Event

As you know, we were aiming to have a cooperative event with the folks over in Tarentum during March. This has been postponed due to the Consul applications. Frosty and I are planning to sit down and hash out all of the details, but we hope to have a start date near the end of March. Our goal is to have a little friendly competition and to enjoy some time together before we all go head to head in the upcoming Great Jedi War.


You saw in Locke’s last report, that we brought back Dlarit. They currently sit alongside the Warhost as another facet in our public identity. I’ll be working with the Summit and members who want to join in and have an impact in developing and building this merger. I also intend to bring Clan Naga Sadow out of the metaphoric cold and start playing more nicely with the other Clans. This means that our fictions will look at the impacts going on in other Clans and how it affects us moving on to the Great Jedi War that Pravus is stewing.

That Question I'm Sure Everyone Wants an Answer To

Oh, here's a question I know you're asking (to take from Locke’s last report:

Sang, where the heck is our fleet?

The answer, my friends, is here!

As you can see, some of our ships are already named. I had a cool few names I wanted to try out. The Houses have also been given their own ships to play with and outfit.

Each House has 1 Strike Cruiser, 2 Combat Hammerhead Corvettes, 1 Marauder Corvette, 2 T-70 X-Wing Starfighter Squadrons and 1 BTL-4 Y-Wing Bomber Squadron. The House Summits are currently coming up with names for their belongings.

This list for our army and navy was put together by Locke and Malik, who spent hours and hours fiddling with the spreadsheets and coming up with cool fleet ideas. Thank you to both of them who were key to getting this sorted. They’re my super nerds and I love them dearly for getting this finally sorted.

As you can see, we went with 2 Venators for our Capital Ships, complemented with Cruisers and Corvettes. Our fleet is designed to be able to operate much in the same way as a modern navy, where 1 ship/task group will be in play at all times, while the other may be potentially refitted, etc. It allows Naga Sadow to be a little bit more realistic in our make believe.

As you can see, we need a lot of ship names as well as fighter squadron names. I’d like for you to be able to name them, so if you have any suggestions, feel free to pm me and if I like them, then great success, they’ll gain that name! Similarly, the same goes for our Regiments and Battalions, if you’ve got some ideas for their names/nicknames, let me know.



As you may have noticed, a fair few of us have been playing Heroes of the Storm a lot recently. It’s a fun game, which a lot of us suck at (Marcus). You should all totally get into it. It currently doesn’t give out any Clusters, but it’s still a good laugh and it’s free to play. However, we’ve taken this opportunity to use Discord, which is both a text and speech communication application. This was suggested by Aexod and I’m pleased to say that Naga Sadow will be utilising it as one of our official forms of communication alongside email and Telegram. This is not to say that people will be sitting on Discord all day. No, this will be used for stuff like gaming, conclaves, voice chats (instead of Google Hangouts, it’s a lot less laggy!) and the like.

Lifeblood - Slice of Life Run On

Darkblade is running our next slice of life Run On, named Lifeblood. This Run On allows you to explore your character’s reactions to the Reconciliation fiction update, the change in Consul and the new fleet.

Check out the details here.

My thanks to Darkblade for setting this up!

Black Guard Event

Look out for the next Black Guard event coming soon. This will be a series of competitions that will allow the top two non-summit members to become Black Guards. These are being overhauled fictionally by Bentre and will serve in character as Bodyguards to myself and the Proconsul. They’re trained to be super badasses and go on secret missions and the lack. They also get access to the conclave, which will be meeting on a monthly basis, where they can have input on what I’m up to.


The Future?

In my application for Consul, I spoke about where I wanted to take Naga Sadow fictionally. I include below my ramblings for you to look at and give me feedback on. I’m really excited to have this opportunity and also to develop these and your ideas in conjunction with one another.

“For a long time, Naga Sadow's motto has been "Conquest is our destiny; we shall not fail." and our Clan's description on our roster is "The objective of Clan Naga Sadow is to further the ideals of the Sith Lord, to safeguard his legacy, and to expand the influence of his empire."

We've had a mixed story line these past couple of years, which has seen Naga Sadow's fictional background change from Dlarit to the Warhost and then back to a mix of both. We've also seen a refocused look on what I coined as "Indiana Jones in space" which sees Naga Sadow focus on searching for artefacts of importance that could be used to increase Naga Sadow's power.

While I intend to continue to utilise part of that, I want to also focus on our description and motto and have the Clan focus on bringing back Naga Sadow's empire. They would not be able to expand in size or dominion, but they would try and find ways to honour and emulate their namesake.

This enables a storyline that could see some fanatical cults arise that take it too far, others that are more pragmatic and see it as an opportunity for power and others who aren't interested in the slightest, but go along with the flow of things due to their loyalty to the Clan. There could possibly be another group who are anti-expansion, etc and want to stay quiet and in hiding.

I'd also like to investigate further the ideals of the Inquisitorius and the Lotus. Naga Sadow is mostly a neutral Clan that sees Pravus as dangerous, but has no wish to go against him. However, they're fully aware that an attack is inevitable. Even after Pravus eventually steps down as GM, I still envision the two conflicting movements, the Inquisitiorius and their detractors.”

As you can see from the above, Naga Sadow under my leadership will be focusing on the future, while utilising the legends and past that we’ve created and followed. Already, people have come up with some great ideas for events and factions that I’m excited to see develop over the next few months.

If you have any ideas, comments or suggestions, then don’t feel afraid to get in touch via email, telegram or even discord!


Brotherhood News


There’s been plenty of reports out this past month, you can check them all out at the links below:

Reconciliation - Chapter 3.0

The latest installment of Brotherhood fiction is out, named Reconciliation. We see the retaliation of the Iron Throne against the Lotus as well as assaulting the Clans that so far have been untouched by Pravus’ madness. Atra made a return to Orian space and whomped most of our navy, however that old salt, Simonetti survived. Perhaps he might need to retire soon to a desk job after all this excitement.


Jac’s term as Justicar came to an end and he was re-voted back into the role to serve another 2 years.

Fiction Series

The Voice is running a new fiction series that might be of some interest to you. I’m taking a leaf from Atty’s book and copying and pasting it out. :P

Sponsored by the Voice and brought to you in part by the DB Fiction Chat, the Voice Dialogue Series will be an ongoing exercise in telling a story through dialogue alone. The challenge here is to step outside your comfort zone while learning more about the other characters that make up the Dark Jedi Brotherhood. Even if you never write a fiction for a competition in this manner or format, the exercise in and of itself is designed to help you grow more comfortable with speech patterns and having an “ear” for dialogue between characters.

Each iteration will feature a different prompt and may feature a different challenge. Each prompt will run for the span of 2 weeks. As an added bonus, entries will earn bonus Clusters of Ice. Each entry will also get direct feedback from the Voice.

Herald Graphics Tournament

Vyr is running a head to head tournament that several of you have already signed up for. I include his explanation below.

Welcome to the first ever Herald Graphics Tournament! The tournament was conceived as a 1v1 battle of the arts where contestants would be pitted against their fellow artists in an art-off, showcasing their skills with the pencil, color, or tablet.

What’s the premise? A war has started in the Shroud nebula and across Brotherhood space. A silent and hidden war that governments and armies seem to ignore, but it exists and is raging. The Black Sun has seen fit to attack the Shroud Syndicate on their own turf and the many mercenaries, bounty hunters, and criminals of the Brotherhood must band together and fight off this grave threat. Read more about the start of the war in the latest Herald fiction update.

How to participate? Go to the link and subscribe. That will tell us as the organizers that you wish to participate. Subscriptions will be open until the start of the Tournament and not later. This is your chance to participate. The Tournament will be split into rounds depending on the number of participants who wish to participate and every round’s prompt will be fueled by a new fiction update for every round, which will be sent out along with results every weekend before the next round starts.

Open Positions

Dracaryis is looking for a new FIST: Magistrate. You’ve got until the 21st March to apply.


Finally, Plagueis has a new Consul in the form of Selika Roh. Also, congratulations to Atty on gaining Arconae and Montresor on gaining di Plagia!



As always, I include the ever popular Q&A section, where you lot ask stupid questions and I give highly intelligent answers like the 290 IQ Super Mensa genius I am (I kid).

  • Malik asks: “When will you be bringing the Clan over to the light side?”

I’m afraid that Naga Sadow will not be hosting the light side path option any time soon. The clan’s past and fictional set up will simply not allow it. That being said, we have a Jedi Elder and a Jedi in hiding serving as Co....I mean, we have a Jedi Elder.

  • Marcus asks: “New Consul, eventually a new Proconsul. What will this mean for CNS, in broad strokes?”

Uh, I guess this means new opportunities, new fictional directions. A chance for members to have their say. An opportunity for Naga Sadow to be less isolationist. A chance for us to make new friends in other Clans. A chance for us to make a mark. Every leader wants that opportunity, everyone wants to be remembered. I don’t expect to be one of the all time greats. I expect to be one who enables others, gives them opportunities to run events, get involved and really push the idea that we are a family. Every Clan jokes about being a group or a family and it’s true, they are. We spend so much of our free time together that I count many of you as closer friends than ones I hang out with in real life.

Long story short? It means a new beginning, a new chapter.

  • Tasha asks: “Are we going to rebuild the Clan first or will we be doing a full assault in an act of vengeance against the broken fleet?”

Well, we’ve got a brand new fleet, but I can tell you that it’s no longer a fleet that can go head to head with the Iron Throne’s navy. This is a much more streamlined and multi-role fleet that is more suited to hit and run tactics, similar to how the Rebel Alliance fought against the Galactic Empire. We’ll be working with Tarentum in character to recover from the blows struck against us. Whether that counts as rebuilding or assaulting something, you’ll have to wait and see.

  • Marcus asks: “Will the upcoming event with Tarentum be announced ahead of time with lead-in fiction etc?”

I hope so. It’s just another thing to do on my very long list of things to do right now, unfortunately.

  • Marcus asks: “The GJW is coming. What will we do to prepare?”


The event with Tarentum was originally designed to be an opportunity for members to learn and develop their skills on competitions that typically occur during GJWs. Activity will need to increase in all competition formats from all members. I’ll also be encouraging people to be more competitive by appealing to their vanity and egos. Remember, kids. Activity gets you rewards.

  • Tasha asks: “Who will be on our side when the GJW occurs?”


No idea, I’m still not sure whether Naga Sadow will be against Pravus or not, despite the loss of our fleet. Depends on whether pragmatism wins out or Pravus wants everyone to hate him in character, etc.

  • Marcus asks: “The Telegram channel was opened to the DC and a few others, will we continue this and open up the channel to everyone who wants to join?”

Yes, from now on, our Telegram channel is open to anyone who wishes to join. If a member of a different unit wishes to join our chat, they simply just need to pm me on Telegram and I’ll add them.

  • Marcus asks: “What will be the biggest change you'll bring to the Consul position?”

Well, I’ve got a lot of change in my change jar. I think it’s at least £25 worth, so uhh, £25?


  • Marcus asks: “Tell Locke I love him.”

Locke, Marcus loves you.

  • Raikou asks: “What are your time frame goals when it comes to reestablishing CNS properly?”

Nothing can be set in stone due to human error, nor is it easy to define what needs reestablishing. All I know is, I have planned to achieve my goals sooner rather than later. I have no intention of staying Consul for longer than 2 years. I believe that we’ve got some excellent potential leaders in Naga Sadow who I’d be depriving of opportunities otherwise. That being said, I hope to get the majority of the ground work done within the next 3-6 months at latest.

  • Marcus asks: “Final question from me. In no more than 5 words, describe your ideal CNS. :-)”

Geez, about bloody time, Mr Chris Tarrant.

My ideal CNS would be one where we’re all Jedi and we all get on together and there are unicorns and magical rainbows and glitter everywhere...wait, no...stop it Turel, you can’t corrupt me that easily!


Well, I sucked at answering that question.

  • Tasha asks: “Are you glad that Marcus has ceased the interrogation?”


  • Raikou asks: “Now that the summit is back in the hands of the Europeans and British. How many systems do we plan to conquer? Then probably lose over a number of years?”


  • Mactire asks: “A follow up question, when the Americans revolt and we will, will you walk away peacefully this time or repeat history?”


  • Marcus asks: “Sang. Why?”

Because I saw this and thought of you.


  • Scarlet asks: “How's it feel to be Consul?”

Liberating. I now have no one to answer to...wait, oh no, I still do. Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

Honestly? It means more work, less free time and more stress. However, I wouldn’t have it any other way. It enables me to work to give you all joy and make your free time spent here an enjoyable time.


The End

So, we have a new Consul, a new Proconsul, a new fleet, a new beginning and a Great Jedi War to look forward to. Remember that I’m always accessible via email and telegram. If you want to chat, ask a question, make a suggestion or run a clan competition, don’t be afraid to talk to any of your summit. We’re here to help!


Augur Sanguinius Tsucyra Entar
Consul of Naga Sadow



Congratz! Looking forward for our event together!

Nice, fun packed report. Congratulations Jax/Marcus on the new position and I look forward to seeing what our dynamic duo accomplishes together with the most awesome Clan in the Brotherhood.

So very much development and so much more on the horizon. Congrats, Sang, and congrats and we'll done to CNS on your new beginning!

Oh snap, Sang is in charge of things?


Wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Naga Sa(ng)dow!

Looking forward to our co-op! Also, Macron Goura is one of my all-time favorite DJB characters. Loved the fiction!

Congrats to all!

I'm looking forward to it Sang, well done.

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