[CNS] Consul Report - The h-h-h-hype train is here! GJW XII, baby!


[CNS] Consul Report - The h-h-h-hype train is here! GJW XII, baby!


Welcome to the latest Consul report which contains information on Great Jedi War XII (12), which is due to start in 4 DAYS!!! on Friday 13th October.


Brotherhood News

Great Jedi War

So, the 12th Great Jedi War begins in just a few days. On Friday 13th October, the fun will erupt. For a lot of you, this is your first GJW. Those of you who have been in one before will know what to expect.

For the rest of you, it’s been touched on before in several previous reports. You are fighting for supremacy over the rest of the Brotherhood. This decides who are the top three Clans until the 13th GJW. In addition, you will get the chance to earn Novae, which give a buttload of credits for you to spend on goodies in the Stores, and you also earn loads of credits for the Clan to spend on new ships and soldiers. This will allow us to fix what Koji broke in the last chapter of the Lotus storyline.

Expect loads of competitions, though they will be split into bins. Each bin may have 1-3 or 4 competitions. To earn participation points for that bin, you just need to do one comp within that bin. However, the more competitions you do, the more chance you have of winning something and the more chance Naga Sadow has to win the Great Jedi War.

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’d like that an awful lot.

Our friends over in Arcona and Taldryan have been hogging the spotlight for the previous 11 Great Jedi Wars, I feel like it’s time for our turn to shine. To all the other Clans out there, I have only one thing to say.


GJW XII Storyline

If you haven’t read the latest storyline update, Wally introduces us to our new enemy, The Collective. I believe the latest update was written by Vyr and really does a good job at introducing the opponents for GJW XII and beyond, if what I’ve heard is true.

They have a cool little Wiki page for you that gives you some information about them, which may come in handy and will definitely feature in a trivia of some sort.

Competitions and Gaming in the GJW

Mav talks about the GJW and updates us on what to expect. This is really important, as Mav advertises gaming sign ups. If you haven’t signed up already, then do so!!!! Each participant nets us sweet, sweet points. Plus I need your help so I can try and beat Aexod at Heroes of the Storm!!!

There will also be team competitions, which comprise of 1-4 people per team. The 1 person per team is to allow Rogues to participate in them, so try and aim for 2+ where possible. This will allow us to include the maximum number of Sadowans.

If you’re struggling to find people to team up with, then hit up one of your Summit. They will help you find a team to join. Or, you can hit me up and I can beat some people into a group for you.

Competitions requiring a team are as follows: Run-On, Battle Plan, Voice Acting, Graphics & Text, and Heroes of the Storm.


Team Captains

CNS will be utilising team captains, people who will help you when you’re struggling to find someone to game with, or need a proofreader for your RO post. Each of your Summit will be a team captain, along with people such as DarkHawk for the Run Ons, Evelynn for gaming, and Locke, despite not wanting to be one, because it’s fun to annoy the cranky old fellow <3.

CNS Telegram Chat

We will be utilising a new CNS only chat during the GJW, which you can join by asking in the main CNS channel or via email or pm'ing myself or Bentre.

Transfer Ban

If you’re not already aware, the transfer ban is now in effect, which means you can’t change Clans. You can still come into CNS from the Rogues though! You can see Howie’s post about it here.


Brotherhood Reports

There are plenty of DC reports to read as well. * Drac marks one year as FIST.


Clan News

If you haven’t read Chapter 5 of the previous Brotherhood Storyline, then do so!


Sang sends unmarked ships to help the Lotus attack the Iron Throne in an attempt to earn brownie points with Arcona and Odan Urr. We scratch their back, they scratch ours. Unfortunately, Koji, an Iron Throne loyalist, hears about my cunning plan and gets angry that I’m being so sneaky. Koji arrives in system with the HMR fleet and attacks, almost destroying an Arconan carrier. Just as things were about to get interesting, the new enemy, The Collective, arrive with suicide bombers and we lose one of our Raider I Class Corvettes, the Iron Fist. RIP, brave men and women of the Warhost.

This sets the scene for a divided CNS going into the Great Jedi War. Our new enemy forces us to work together, but the divide between the Clan leadership and the headstrong nature of Marka Ragnos’ Summit will be a smouldering issue that could erupt into an inferno if something exacerbated the situation. See this storyline continue after the Great Jedi War, as we tie it in with Aexod’s brilliantly suggested ideas.

This also creates a bit of an issue for your fiction and RO entries. Who do you trust? Who do you support? Will you be a loyalist to the Clan as led by Sanguinius? Or will you be a loyalist to Kojiro, who fights for what he believes Naga Sadow should be. Will there be a third faction that “pulls a Marcus?” Who knows? Yes, that’s right. I’ve made “pulling a Marcus” a new saying.


This is what these traitors drive me to...smoking.

Clan Reports

  • Bentre goes a little Dr Who mad in his Proconsul Report.

  • Koji tries to explain why he’s a filthy traitor to CNS in his latest Quaestor Report. Unfortunately, he fails, but it’s okay. I forgive him for betraying me.

  • Night Hawks BTL Report. Tasha gets the GJW hype train rolling in her latest report.


Recognition and compliments

  • Well done to Muz Ashen and Kojiro on reaching Rank XII in the SA Society.

  • Congrats also to Locke for breaking my heart.

  • Syn has returned from the boondocks.

  • Kojiro, Malik, Darkblade and Bentre all got new Mavens/Savants/Sages due to the SA Degree changes.

  • Drae’lath got promoted to Acolyte, thanks to kicking butt.



As usual, I take a few questions from the floor.

Armad asks: “Sang vs. Kojiro. Who wins?”


Kojiro asks: “Now with the Collective and a rogue House/Quaestor going into a War. How does Sanguinius feel? And what would be his collective response/plan of action for going forward. Please serious answer. Not just kill everyone :P”


Jokes aside, I’d send Kojiro to the front and let him get killed.


Bentre asks: "Do you have words of encouragement for those new to Wars?"

We're a team when it comes to Wars. Trust your Clanmates, ask them for advice if you're stuck. Need a proofer? Ask for one on email or say something in the Naga Sadow chat. Don't be afraid to go for it 100%. Each entry you do is points in the bank for your own placement and for the Clan. Each of you is important to our cause. Each of you can help us win 1st place by doing as much as possible. The Great Jedi War is won by those who care, those who give a damn. Be like me, be like Evelynn, be like so many of your fellow Clan mates and give a damn!

In short?


Bentre asks: "What would Sang do for a Klondike Bar?"

Wtf is a Klondike Bar?

Koji asks: "What stories are going to unfold for CNS after the war?"

I have a basic premise that is being bandied about at the moment. I've been waiting to see what these new enemies are for the DB. Now that I know and with the GJW imminent, I can prep the future storyline and actually get pieces solidified. I've got a couple of members who will be helping with this.

Expect a CNS civil war, a Battlestar Galactica-esque storyline where we lose the Orian System. Don't worry, Tarthos won't get bombed again. Also, expect the end of the Dominion. Sadly, the membership didn't enjoy them, despite being a good idea. I did note that our members really enjoyed the horror aspect of Ashes Fall, so there will be another horror themed event.

We will also be having events with other units, such as co-op and competitive events. I'll be pestering my fellow Consuls to book some time into their busy unit schedules for 2018.



Well, we’ve come to the end of another report. We’ve talked about the upcoming Great Jedi War. I’ve given you some advice and I’ll be rooting for you to take first place. However, I’ll be aiming to add to my collection of Novae, so if you want to beat me to them, good luck!!!




HYPErdrive engaged!

Tasha had a bit of a change that will prove interesting for the GJW. Let's get this going!


Tasha turned into a bat?

I suppose I need to he added to the CNS only chat.

"I wish you'd just tell me rather trying to engage my enthusiasm, because I haven't got one."

we have to HYPEnotize our members to do all the things

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