Consul Report: From Lyra With Love


Consul Report: From Lyra With Love


We are in the middle of a War, Clan Naga Sadow. Together, we have been tearing up competitions across the spectrum of activity. This report is going to be giving a brief overview of what is going on in the Great Jedi War and how you can get further involved! We have about a week left in Phase One, and about a month remaining in the overarching Event-Long competitions.


The War chat and emails have been flowing pretty freely late. Folks have been creating a flood of participation even in just the last few days. It has been really sweet to see from all of our Sadowans!

See, we have been seeing some encouraging activity so far, with on average folks having taken part in 1-3 of the four available bins. Things are just getting started of course, as we have folks both posting in our Run-On and plotting out how to shape their own part of the unfolding narrative. With a lot to do in Phase One, and about a week more to do so, folks have plenty of options to get full participation via the bins system.

I want you

Phase One Competitions

The sole competition in the Phase One Fiction bin is a Multiple Objective Fiction competition. For the Gaming bin you have a couple of options in the Fierce Twilight flash game, Rift running in Diablo 3 and the Hearthstone PVP ladder

For those with a more artistic bent, you can depict the false flag Collective attacks on the Sevarian Principate or design a calling card for your character. There is also an entertaining smattering of events in the Miscellanous bin by creating Mav memes, writing an ACC venue and solving a Sudoku puzzle.

Event-Long Competitions

Though, I would remind folks not to forget about the Event-Long bins.

For those who signed up before the start of the War, I am sure you have matches in Jedi Academy and Heroes of the Storm. Though these are not your only options for the Event-Long Gaming Bin. If you missed out on the initial sign up, or just like doing more gaming over the course of the War, you can group up with folks in other Clans for PVE/PVO in a good, old-fashioned Cluster Race.

There are also some classic events in the Event-Long Multimedia Bin in the form of a Battle Plan, Comic creation and gift crafting..

The Miscellaneous Bin contains a number of interesting opportunities. One of my favorite ‘fun’ comps has to be the chance to Create a CS for our Grand Master. You can also write Letters to home during the War or to create an audiobook presentation depicting one of a number of events of the War. For those who enjoy Ior at least bear with) work in the Wiki you can also create [a page for a person from the Collective or the Principate.

Historically a particular area of strength for Clan Naga Sadow, I did want to leave the Event-Long Fiction Bin to the last. The Discourse will host the Theaters of War competition. Our Clan-wide Run-On thread has generated a notable amount of discussion. It is great in that it is giving everyone a chance to shine, and to shape the narrative in their own way and I look forward to seeing the contributions you all bring to it! There is also the option to further explore the trouble that folks can get into with a Small-Team fiction competition which operates similar to the small-team ROs we have seen in past events.


War News Primer

  • The Justicar reminds people to play fair in the War

  • Great Jedi War XIII: Discord is still rolling forward.

  • The Voice’s office has released a Too-Long-Didn’t-Read for the Great Jedi War. Well, okay so Wally calls it a Fiction Recap. And it apparently according to his synopsis answers some questions and things. Probably a great thing to check out if you haven’t given it an eyeball already.

  • Ah yes, and the Aedile of House Marka Ragnos has released a short report chatting up the War as well.


Parting Words

We have started with a decent momentum so far. However, we have really only started. I took the time to list off the things we have to take part in above because really, with the Bins system we are in a great position to really shine in this War. We have a great group of members, with a variety of talent to tap in to. If we come together, it is together that we will ensure that this War is positively...


I remain, as ever, your Servant in Darkness,


Consul of Naga Sadow



Ha! Love it!!!! Starting to look like a carpet bombing campaign!!!

Great report Sir!

Lets Go CNS!

The graphics are just spot on! Awesome report!

Nice report, Bentre! Keep being awesome in the war!

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