Consul Report July 2019


Consul Report July 2019


Hello Taldryan, and welcome to Taldryan's Pre-GJW Consul Report.



Clan news

  • We are entering the final phase before the Great Jedi War, for this reason, there are a few more updates for you from the Clan Summit: For once as it was teased by Wally in his last Fiction Update, there will be a meeting between a delegation from the Severian Principate and an assorted group representing the Dark Council and the seven Clans of the Brotherhood. For this reason, the Dark Council has asked all Clan Summits to set up an NPC that will be representing their Clan instead of naming one of its members. Please let me introduce you to Amari Ana

Amari is the first official NPC of Clan Taldryan but we will be releasing more over time so you guys know who is filling which fictional role within the Clan, like Fleet Commanders or other important figures within our Clan and its Dominion.

  • Justinios and I (mainly Justinios) are working on the events that will catch up with the Caelus Chronicles once we returned from the Great Jedi War. When the Caelus Chronicles closed, we were appointed the official Peacekeepers of the Caelus System, while the local Government announced democratic elections to define its successors so be prepared for some different sort of events that will let us face completely new challenges.

  • We also had a shift in our Summit two months ago, while sad to see our dear Noobis step down due to him experiencing a great shift in his Real Life, we are glad to announce his Aedile Morax Darkblade to step up as new Quaestor. Since his appointment, Morax has posted two Reports and announced an Aedile of his own: Cymbre Kall

You can find his Reports here: + Report 1: Call to Action + Report 2: The important One

  • Last but not least, I know this report is quite overdue, this is for one reason in particular and for as much as I would want to move this topic ahead of me, I can't do this forever. Over the course of the last few months, the activity within the Houses of Taldryan has ceased to a dramatic level. For this reason and in consultation with both Evant and Mav, we will move all members over to one house while putting the other House on probation for at least until after the Great Jedi War.

Based on it currently being without a Summit, the House on we put on probation will be Archanis. I know you guys worked hard for getting House Archanis and now is your chance to prove that you aren't just a one-hit-wonder. After the Great Jedi War, we will review the situation again and will make a decision whether or not to bring back the other House to life or not.

There will also be more reviews on our House(s) after the Great Jedi War, mainly its fictional development since as far as activity feedback goes, it appeared that the Intelligence/Spy like identity Justinios and I aimed at introducing during our times as Quaestors hasn't drawn much interest from you.

Brotherhood news

In terms of Brotherhood wide news, there too has a lot happened. Mainly we saw some retirements and new appointments within the Dark Council as well as the final installment of the major Brotherhood plotline that finished off the Brotherhood Rising Story Arc.

  • Starting first with the latter, you can find the final part of the Brotherhood Rising Story Arc in this news post by Wally here: Brotherhood Rising - Epilogue
  • Like I said above we also saw several changes within the Dark Council, first off, Vyr stepped down as Deputy Grand Master, seeing no one but our former Regent Evant Taelyn being appointed as new Deputy Grandmaster. Of course, this meant we also saw the rise of a new Regent, for this Atra Ventus, has become the new Regent of the Brotherhood. Last but not least, Drac stepped down as Fist. After applications have been reviewed, Alaris Jinn has been appointed as the new Fist.

You can read the Grandmasters news posts on each of the appointments here: + A new Regent + An upcoming War, a new Fist and a Praetor

While Alaris released two reports and a newspost since his appointment: + Fist Report #1: An Introduction + Fist Update #1.1 + Fist Report #2

There have also been reports from Wally and Evant on the fictional state of the Brotherhood: + Voice Report #22: Road to Ruin + Brotherhood Rising - Chapter 2: Shifting Gears + PulseFeed News Aggregator: Clan Updates #3

The first one is another fiction update that leads into the epilogue fiction linked above while the Pulsefeed gives an insight into the dealings of the other Clans of the Brotherhood.

More reports from the Headmaster, Wiki Tribune and Praetor to the Fist can be found here: + A SASsy report + Wiki Tribune Report: The Creatures, the Credits, the Glory + P:Fist Report # 11 - Off to WAR

Great Jedi War News

  • We are five days out from the Thirteenth Great Jedi War, and we’re all excited for our exploration of the new Faction, the Severian Principate. But would a War be a War without a few brackets?

With that, we will be running two Tournament Brackets: Jedi Academy and Heroes of the Storm. If you wish to participate in either of those Brackets, Sign Up Here. I will be accepting sign-ups until the end of July 19th at bot reset. Once the new day has started, as announced by FistBot, sign-ups will be closed, with ZERO exceptions. I will set the bracket and then it will go live with the launch of the War.

Round One matches will be subject to a scheduling deadline: they must be completed by the end of the day on July 27th. If you fail to start your match by that deadline, you will be DQ’d. Subsequent rounds may have deadlines imposed if we start feeling a time crunch. Make sure your communication with your opponent starts as soon as you know who your opponent is.

I highly recommend you to check it out as it gives away a decent amount of information about the Lyra 3K-A System.


Honorable Mentions

A lot of things have happened in the last couple of weeks, while I don't want to put many words into it, Andrelious had been sentenced by the Chamber of Justice and sadly with that came some restrictions that forced him to step down from his position as Quaestor and eventually saw him leaving the Clan looking for a fresh start. None the less Andrelious is a real powerhouse and a big thank you goes out to him for what he has done for the Clan and good luck to you in Plagueis.

We also saw two members joining Taldryan, first Cymbre Kall who has been appointed as Aedile of Ektrosis and Battlemaster Kalon Tsucyra Entar. Let's ring some cowbells.



Clan wide

There are currently no active Clan wide Competitions due to the Great Jedi War starting in just one week.

Brotherhood wide

  • Speaking Beyond the Veil Closing just before the GJW, this fiction is about a loss everyone may have experienced: Oftentimes, there is that one final conversation that was never had. What would you say to someone if you had the chance? Want to learn more about it, click the link, ends on the 18th
  • Week 10 of the Cryptogram Extravaganza Series Cipher Competitions is up, who can solve the puzzle? It ends today on the 15th.
  • SA Decathlon 2019 - July is also up and ends on August 1 st.


Ok, we are at the brink of the Great Jedi War and if you have read the plot updates so far you will see that there are a lot of opportunities for us to show that we are still a force to reckon with and can still score some heavy hits. To all of you out there reading this, this is your time to shine and those of you who are part of Taldryan but unfortunately rogued out for not logging in to their dossiers as of late: This is the moment of truth, if you want to fight for us, for Taldryan, go, log in and transfer back to Taldryan so we know you are there and with us.

~Rian Taldrya Consul of Clan Taldryan Son of Taldrya

Great report Rian. Seeing a lot of good people come and go. Pulls out a cowbell Lets make some noise!

Very informative report! Welcome to the new people, bye bye to the ones that left.

I hope we pick up activity during and well after the GJW to reopen House Archanis!

good report and good luck in the GJQ Talys

err GJW

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