[HMR] August Update report


[HMR] August Update report



Update for August

Really need a new HMR Report header. If anyone wants to volunteer?

So this month's report is really an update report over a full-blown one. Reasonings for this are twofold; I am on holiday and travelling a lot and don’t have a lot of time currently. Also, my last report was later last month due to the end of the event and not much has really happened since then!

Now obviously the biggest thing to happen since that last report is the CNS Octoberfest! Or well a nice quiet drink at the bar upon the Citadel station. I’d suggest everyone goes and takes part.

The comp link can be found Here

We did receive some feedback in regards to the idea of CNS drinking and being painted with that brush. Don’t worry it was discussed and passed to the Upper Summit. Just remember that regardless if you are a fan of the idea, participation allows the DC to see the Clan is active and doing things outside of major events. We can only do so much in regards to providing you things to do, if you don’t wish to do them then that’s fine but we also need that feedback so we can understand why you have no desire too.

On a more positive note, I’m away to sit and drink in a field for a week and listen to extreme heavy music. Why is this a positive note? Well now you get Muz and Locke in charge for the week and I get music. Huzzah!

House Stuff and Reports


The Upper summit is currently discussing possible paths for the Clan to take. Whilst I won’t go into any details until things are decided I will say the future looks good for a closer-knit clan. One of the issues we’ve seem to have fallen into in recent years is a very Us mindset. Each House was keeping to themselves and doing their own things. Whilst it builds up House unity it also breeds the inability to work properly together. I mean we all know HMR is the best House going, but we kinda need to let HSD borrow some of that greatness ya know?

Keep an eye out from upper summit announcements in the future!

I have a few wiki projects I need to be done now that Sanctuary is complete. These include pages updated: HMR history and our Military Forces. Pages to be created - Rixad’s Criminals, the Sanctuary and its Crew. Battlegroup Damnation and its ships and crew.

Get in contact with a member of the summit if you wish to contribute to the House!


Locke, Stock and two smoking blasters put out his report for the Night Hawks Here

Ash recently put out her report which can be found Here

Benny has his report Here

Our awesome DGM, Vyr, Reported

Atra put out his report, he is looking for a new ACC Judge

The Herald put out his report and is looking for new staff Here

And likewise, the Fist Staff are recruiting Here



Just a short update report today given I am not really around for much of August. Have a good end to the summer and enjoy the event!

One thing I would like to point out is the new Positions Vacant tab in the Administration panel. If you have a look in the bottom right of admin you will see all the positions in the Club that are currently open. Go take a look!


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