House Mortis Aedile First and Last report


House Mortis Aedile First and Last report

We are Family.

Hi everyone, I wanted to do my very first, and I guess only and last, report as your Aedile of House Mortis. I had been planning on putting some fiction in my reports, however with the closure of Tarentum, I will be keeping this short and sweet, especially sweet. :) I know how everyone is still probably feeling with Tarentum’s closure, but even as we chart new courses, we must keep in mind and heart that we are still a family, and will always be here for each other. We are all a part of Tarentum. I wanted to give credit and show off some of the things our wonderful House members have done, who have really filled up my inbox with ooohh sooo many emails of their accomplishments. sniff I am in awe of all the work that has been done by the members of this House over my short term. I am honored to be your Aedile. And don’t forget, I, along with the rest of the clans’ leaders (which would be Sith, Thanadd, Kromtal, Etah and Xolarin) are free if anyone wants to talk about where they wish to go after Tarentum closes.

Now this is my plans for this report:

  1. News
  2. Recognition
  3. Competitions
  4. Closing



Well I guess I kinda already addressed some of that in my intro, so lets carry on shall we. Although here is our wonderful Consul Sith’s address to the clan, our Faithful Rollmaster Kromtal’s words of encouragement, and our brother Quaester of House Liath Etah’s words of companionship. And if you don’t know the full details, and want to know the why and what, here is the GM Pravus’s address.

Other reports

For those who are thinking of wanting to possibly try their hand at leadership or want to get back into it. Clan Taldryn is looking for a new Consul, so I encourage you to go forth and apply. Applications close the 24th.


Okay now to get down to the really fun part and the rewarding exhausting part of this report for me. Stick with me, as I’m going to start from when my term started. Also I’m not going to count all of the numerous crescents everyone has gotten, in all fairness that would make this report really long.

  • Warrior Thanadd Mawgath was awarded 3 Scrolls of Foundation for his service in the Shadow Academy and a Steel Cross for being a great Quaester and in doing so much for House and Clan.
  • Warlord Saitou Tarentae was awarded an Anteian Cross for his commitment and work in Tarentum.
  • Warrior Solas Night-Thorn was awarded an Anteian Cross for his leadership and work with the clan and brotherhood itself, and also a Seal of Retribution for participation in the ACC combat bracket for the GJW. Congrats Master!!
  • Warrior Magik was awarded an Anteian Cross for his great work in hosting comps and for all of his hard work.
  • Savant Kromtal Bloodfyre Stormfyld was awarded Scroll of the Master for mentoring Fadas to Knighthood.
  • Warrior Tahiri Drakon Night-Thorn was awarded a Seal of Retribution for participation in the ACC combat bracket for the GJW.

  • A big Congratulations to everyone who submitted and participated in the war and was awarded Seals of Wrath.

  • Mystic Kromtal Bloodfyre Stormfyld was promoted to Savant Equite 2! Wooo Congrats pal, you deserve it!!
  • Warrior Tahiri Drakon Night-Thorn was promoted to Battlemaster Equite 2. Thank You Sith!! Darn it these promotions always make me cry a bit. :)
  • Knight Magik has been a Shadow Acacdemy extraordinaire. Taking retaking, and fully passing a total of OMG 10 exam!!! Including both ACC exams!!! Congrats Magik. He also earned 2 Dark Maven degrees, one in Writing and the other in Galactic History; 1 Dark Savant in Legends; and 1 Dark Sage in History and Lore. Keep up the great work Magik! Magik also elevated in SA society rank from VII: Graduate to VIII: Graduate (cum laude).

  • Savant Kromtal Bloodfyre Stormfyld has taken 4 exams, and retaken 7 other exams, earning 100% in all. He has also earned a Dark Savant degree in Legends and a Dark Sage in History and Lore!! Great job man!! Kromtal also elevated in SA society rank from X: Graduate (maxima cum laude) to XI: Graduate (summa cum laude).

  • Warrior Thanadd Mawgath has taken and passed 1 exam. Also earning his Dark Savant degree in Legends and a Dark Sage degree in History and Lore!! Awesome job! Thanadd also elevated in SA society rank from VIII: Graduate (cum laude) to IX: Graduate (magna cum laude).

  • Battlemaster Tahiri Drakon Night-Thorn has taken and passed 1 exam.


There are some awesome competitions going on right now, and they are super fun. Including some fun gaming and graphics

The last Clan Tarentum competition, ends 12/23
* A Penny for Your Poem

Help decide Tarentum’s fate 12/29
* Tarentum: Endgame

Want to make a movie out of the GJW XII? Here’s this fun comp, ends 12/23
* Great Jedi War 12 : The Movie


I hope everyone knows that I love them, this House and this Clan. We are all family, and we are here for each other. If anyone wants to talk or anything else, feel free to contact me either by email [Log in to view e-mail addresses] or on Telegram @tahiri_drakon.Keep doing great work everyone and don’t forget, we are here for each other as a family. I, myself, have decided to head over to Clan Plagueis. Hopefully they will have me.

Battlemaster Tahiri Drakon Night-Thorn
Aedile of House Mortis of Clan Tarentum

An excellent report, Tahiri, and great work everyone in House Mortis. Best of luck to you all.

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