Naga Sadow Rollmaster Report #5: Never gonna Lekku Down


Naga Sadow Rollmaster Report #5: Never gonna Lekku Down



Heya all, it is another fantastic report straight from your Rollmaster. As with the summer, time has flown and fall is approaching fast. A Clan Event has kicked off entitled Encounter at Citadel. Currently, it has reached into the second phase. We have had some nice participation and I hope to see more with this second phase. If you have not had a chance to participate, here is the link. Go get those shinies!

Also, I am pleased to announce that Jinius Griffith has reached the rank of Knighthood! Congratulations, I am very happy to see another one of our members reach knighthood. It is one of the first milestones here in the DJB for beginners and returning members that takes a bit of work and determination, but when the work is over, you can see all of your accomplishments and a new rank title. Plus, a very proud Rollmaster that loves to sing praises about her members.

Marcus gained a scroll of the Master.

Erik and Calenhad have also hit GMRG V.

For reports here are some local news articles of the day


As of right now I have seen an increase in gaming, awesome job all. I hope to continue this gaming setup. I have also been trying to offer myself as a partner in gaming if you all would like to play some Star conflict, HOTS, and JA. So if you would like an extra person to help out please feel free to send me a message. I would love to see more of those sweet clusters!

As for the Master Student program, I have seen some of the newer members who have participated in it, but I have not had anymore increase in new joins atm.

If you have any ideas or thoughts about what might be better or more helpful for the rollmaster please feel free to message me on telegram or email me. I am always looking for ways to help make transitioning into the clan and DJB a lot smoother for new joins and returning members and I am open to ideas.



Ashia asks:

What is the current status of our MSP and are newer members taking advantage of it?

The master student program so far has been still happening as I get new members and returning members, I try to direct them towards the Master/Student program. To my knowledge, most are taking advantage and using it. For those that have not, I try to direct them to participate via email if they are not on telegram.

Again, if you have any thoughts or ideas for me, please feel free to message me.


  • Our Members have been moving up the ranks and doing activities, yay!
  • If you got an idea for me or need anything let me know!
  • Competitions!
  • Contact me if you have anything else you might have a question on
  • You all are awesome!


Thank you for another great report, Tasha!

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