The Mother of All Fridges - February COU PCON Report


The Mother of All Fridges - February COU PCON Report


The Mother of All Fridges - February COU PCON Report

Welcome to my first Proconsul report! For those of you who’ve read my RM reports, this will be a little different, but I want to stress that the focus is still the same. You, the Odanite, are who I keep in mind everytime I type up another report or ask myself ‘what should be done next?’. So, the Great Jedi War is finished. We’ve emerged victorious with heads held high. What’s our next adventure? Well, our journey is only at its beginning and we have a long, winding path ahead of us. With that said, I’ll be going over some cool events and projects in the pipeline as well as highlighting the awesome stuff you all have done. Some news will also find its way in there.

Let’s get started!


Finished Events

BT Tython Squadron Basic Flight Training

Tython Squadron finished its first main event at the end of December, the first test for a battle team specializing in flight combat. In short, they did an amazing job. Not only did they achieve full participation, but many of its members exceeded initial expectations by participating in every single event. For their superb efforts, they have earned a squadron of TIE Defenders, which should rattle our opponents quite nicely. For more details, check out Mauro Wynter’s report here and the competition details here. Thanks for putting this event together, Mauro!

I also highly suggest that you check out their wiki page here. Great care has been taken to keep it up to date. Give it a read!


Ongoing Events

BT Wildcards Run-on

Wildcards, House Hoth’s battleteam, has started an interesting run-on for its members concerning the origins of the unit itself. To quote the competition itself, “Every group has an origins story, and this is how the Wildcards began. A band of misfit NFUs and Force Users, determined to work outside of official channels and avoid the red tape.” You can check out its current progress here. I encourage each and every Wildcard to participate in this story if they haven’t already. It’s not often you get to be a part of the beginning of a unit’s fictional story. Ever wonder who those people are in some wiki pages from long ago? This is exactly how they got there. :) A big thank you to Edgar, Celevon, and Keiji for setting this up.

Give it a shot and show your true Wildcard! This ends on February 11th (7 days left).

BT Tython: Rendezvous of Destiny

Tython has been a roll lately, this time with a cooperative event with Arcona’s battleteam Nighthawk. Tython is investigating coded messages within Sky Breach Base, while Nighthawk is tracking opportunistic invasion forces to their base of operations. As the competition itself states, “The two teams are about to have a rendezvous with destiny.” For more details, check it out here.

Much mystery. Such Suspense. Wow.

In all seriousness though, this sounds like a really great opportunity to not only have some fun but get in some excellent character development. A big thank you to Mauro and Arcona’s Constantine for setting this up! Keep up the momentum, Tython!

Give it a shot and show just what Tython is made of! This ends on the 8th (4 days left).

Upcoming Events

House Events

Now that the Great Jedi War has passed it is time again for the Houses to shine. Starting mid-February, members of both Satele Shan and Hoth will once again get the chance to contribute to the development and future prosperity of their House. Along the way, you’ll get to embark on a whole new adventure that tests your character’s limits, allows them to interact with others in a more immersive setting, and hopefully gain some new friends along the way.

Whether this is your first House event or not, bring your best and have fun. Show off your character in its full glory. Things busy lately? Do what you can. Make your mark, no matter how small, and don’t throw away your shot— at extra fun! More details to follow soon by the House Summits themselves. :)

Clan Event

Once the House Events have completed, we already have a big Clan event on the horizon for sometime in March. This will be a cooperative interclan event with Arcona to celebrate our alliance's three year anniversary. We are still working out the details but you can be assured that it won’t be all business. We want to get some Clan development done but a big focus will be on a more lighthearted, fun side to this all. A tricky balance but just wait and see!

To both House and Clan events, I say the following:



Our biggest project right now is our upcoming House and Clan events but here are a few more standouts on the horizon, starting with the more immediate to further out.

Odan-Urr Holocron

Spurred by the wonderful idea from Ozosi Vym, one place was created to share all of our art and fiction. This could even eventually include gaming screenshots if you really want. Our Consul did a wonderful job talking this up already so if you’d like some additional information, I direct you to the latest Consul report. You can check out a direct link to the Holocron here if you’d like to get right to it.

What is this for? Why should I do this? Simply put, sharing is caring. Sharing your work with others, especially ones that involve other characters is a great way to make new friends. You might also make their day in the process. So, I encourage everyone to share what they would like in the COU Holocron. A fiction snippet, a doodle, or even more complete works of either. Maybe a funny gaming screenshot. Express yourself with the rest of the Clan and learn more about your fellow Odanites. :)

Wiki Updates

Oh, the neverending wiki updates. Believe it or not, there have been a number of individual efforts to update sections of Odan-Urr lore. Satele Shan has made a concerted effort to update its content and Tython has a wonderful wiki page. (Mad props) Hoth has some updates in progress as well. Supporting pages such as the Velastari Temple and the Jedi Praxeum were created/updated and a few of the main Clan pages have even been hit with minor updates. Is this effort complete? No. Could we do a better job? Yes. For now, our attention is mostly on the upcoming events and what pages absolutely need immediate attention, but know that we are slowing chipping away at the beast known as updated wiki entries. A bigger effort is planned in the future once we have some time to catch our breath. Don’t worry. We’ll get there.

Till then, I just want to thank a few people who have helped out so far. Tamashi/Mord for his assistance on the Velastari Temple and any related edits that were required for any references. Shan Summit and Shan volunteers for their great work on keeping pages up to date. Hoth Summit and Hoth volunteers currently working to improve the Hoth pages. Maximus Alvinius for minor Clan page updates. I am confident more names will be added to this endeavour.

Art/Fiction Challenges

You’ve seen a version of this before while I was RM, but then it sadly went away. I blame myself really. I got very busy as a RM and some things fell to the wayside. That said, I’d like to correct that now that I’ve learned some things from the first iteration of this experiment. During the month of February, I will be putting together what I need to kick this back off again in March. Chiefly this involves planning out questions in advance, something I’ll need help with when it comes to art. Why add art? Well, its a key part of any good community and I want to make sure Odan-Urr shines in that department. Look for an update in my next report!

Now, at this point you might be asking why I haven’t mentioned some things: Jedi Praxeum, NFU School, etc. Simply put, I want us all to stay focused. Knock out one batch and then go after another. We appreciate your patience in the meanwhile and as always let us know if you wish to help out. Hope this was helpful. I’ll provide an update on all of these next report.


Breaking News

  • New GJW Fiction out! The update before the Finale fiction! Check it out here!
  • Another New GJW Fiction out! The Finale fiction! Check it out here!. Only the Epilogue remains. Woot! Stay tuned for more!
  • Latest Gaming news here.
  • New MAA report from the panda! Check out the news here!
  • Apparently Microsoft webmail services blocking DB emails. Check out the news here if you think you are affected.
  • For those wanting to get involved in creating some lovely NPCs, the voice has some competitions for you. Check out the info here!

Recent Reports

  • Odan-Urr Consul report out! Check it out here!
  • Odan-Urr Rollmaster report out! Check it out here!
  • Hoth Quaestor report out! Check out the news here!
  • Hoth Aedile report out! Check out the news here!
  • Hoth Wildcards report out! Check out the news here!
  • Satele Shan Joint Quaestor/Aedile report out! Check out the news here!
  • Satele Shan Tython Squadron report out! Check out the news here!


Member Spotlight

We do so much more than just the numbers that are tracked on the website. We are a community and I’d like to take this time to show off some awesome things we’ve done as a Clan that don’t quite fit anywhere else. Remember when your parents displayed your art on the fridge? This is kinda like that except this entire report is the fridge and this is the place with all the real estate. Thank you for your contributions!! You make Odan-Urr so much fun.

Graphics from the latest graphics competitions: (SO MANY O.o)

Winning Entries for ‘Tython’s Basic Training by the top 3 Odan-Urr artists. For descriptions and the rest of the great entries, look here.


Description: First place fighter by Chrome


Description: Second place fighter by Junazee


Description: Third place fighter by Ranarr

Entries for ‘Hoth: An Icy Blade’ by the top 3 Odan-Urr artists. Woo Swords! For the rest of the entries, check them out here.

Ozosi Vym

Description: First place entry by Ozosi Vym


Description: Second place entry by Tisto Kingang


Description: Third place entry by Ka Tarvitz

Festivus Artwork! I’ve picked some of the funnier ones but the rest can be found here. Festivus Poles to dance around.


Description: Porg Pole by Wade Droveth Vectivi


Description: Boba Fett Pole by Ethan Martes


Description: Resol’nare forbids decoration of the Festivus Pole by Alethia Archenksova

Pretty pictures of sleeping quarters I’ve only included a few but you can check the rest here.


Artist’s Description (Ozosi Vym): The room belongs to Ozosi Vym, a Togruta Knight. Her room has a few paintings of which she has done herself as a reminder of home. Two drawings exist currently of Zuka, the Great Beast of The Southern Waters and Zhiba, who is the Great Beast of the Northern Winds. Zuka is a large sea dragon while Zhiba is a large very feathered bird.


Description: Ranarr Kul-Tarentae’s room.

SOME Great Jedi War Art I’ve only included a few but you can check the rest here and here and here.


Description: Just a few words here. Han Solo is wearing a batman cape and pretending to be a Sith Lord and no one knows! I think SeNet should look into this technology/tactic. Also, that person on the throne could be Alethia Archenksova in disguise. Just saying.


Description: Edgar versus CC Crimson. Such red hair. Wow.


Artist’s Description (Maximus Alvinius): My image is depicting a scene of my character Maximus Alvinius fighting Sencara A'theri one of Ghafa's most trusted agents from Captial Enterprises. They are fighting each other in one of the barren deserts on Nancora.


Description: The Battle of Nancora by Maximus Alvinius

Fiction: Feast your eyes on some of the latest ACC/fictions from your fellow Odanites!

Other: For competitions that don’t fit in one neat bucket

Additional Recognition

  • Gaming stars bringing home a boatload of clusters! Great work!

    • Arcia Cortel
    • Luna Okami
    • Edgar Drachen
    • Jafits Skrumm
  • The Shadow Academy (SA) can be tough work and a lot of perseverance. A big congratulations to our biggest SA stars.

    • Tex
    • Nijalah
    • Ozosi Vym
    • Zeline Nemesis



Sword and Shield: Delivering telegram’s hottest issues

PCON (Shield): For those that know me, I don’t always like a serious tone. Moreover, I love to share the latest news from our Clan telegram channel. Lately, we’d have a discussion on a topic winging its way across the galaxy and even the Dark Brotherhood — porgs. Love them or hate them, they’ve made a mark on Star Wars since the release of Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Even our birbtastic Consul recently ran a puzzle series dedicated to their visage. Now lately, there has been a fierce debate as to whether porgs are friends or food, a conundrum faced by none other than Chewbacca himself. Arch, where do you stand on this divisive topic? And do you own a porg?


CON (Sword): Of course I have a porg! And it would be absolutely barbaric to eat one.

PCON (Shield): I do not own a porg myself, but I must say that I fully support the #PorgLivesMatter movement. I recently posted a “Porgs are friends not food” t-shirt in our discord group but vandals quickly photoshopped the image to say “Porgs are food not friends”. You know who you are. -.- In addition, the internet has already even made a “Porg Prime Cuts and Chops” guide, which I believe many of our members would buy. This saddens me deeply. What do you think of such antics?

CON (Sword): With the except of certain deviants, we don’t eat the cool species. I wonder how these monsters would feel if I wrote cookbooks about their species. Ranarr is a space lion—maybe he’d be willing the help dispose of anti-porg dissidents through appropriate means.

PCON (Shield): Now I’m imagining a space lion with an army of loyal porgs. This kind of sounds like angry birds. I think we should make a porg army as a diversionary force. Kind of like this.


CON (Sword): I’m not sure if the beakless ones have the true will of the warrior, but if want to join us in the fight against a genocidal oppressor, I welcome them. But moving forward, I think we need a unit of avian supersoldiers.

PCON (Shield): I’d love to see these warriors in action. But anyways, what does everyone else think? Porgs — friends or food?

Useful Resources

Some useful links for everyone:


A lot of exciting stuff is coming soon: House Events, Clan Events, and even some more projects. It will be a fun journey, one I hope brings us all a lot closer not only as a Clan but as friends as well. It’s an absolute privilege to serve this Clan and everyone in it no matter what the role. (PCON does have some nice money perks though. Sushi is expensive.) As PCON, I am both exceedingly thrilled and reminded of the weight of its responsibility. I promise you this, I’ll always try to help you and this wonderful Clan you call home, even if you refuse PCON/Zeltron hugs and cute doggos. Let’s do some awesome stuff together. ^^

Lastly, a few reminders moving forward:

  • Continue to take care of each other. Odan-Urr is a team and we play that way as well. Treat each other well and give each other a hand.

  • When the big events come, try to participate in as many group competitions as possible. They are a lot of fun and we can help you find teammates.

  • Update your character sheets!!! I can’t stress this enough. When going into big events, everyone will want to know about your character and what they can do. Don’t leave them with nothing. Give them something to grab onto and really write/draw well.

To an even brighter future, good work everyone! Let’s all dive in together!


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COU Chat


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  • Projects

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  • Member Spotlight

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  • Useful Resources

  • Final Thoughts

~Signed with Pheromones


Great report! Porgs are life and love <3

Update your Character Sheet! If you need help pm me on telegram or email me. I would love to help.

Great report! lots of info here

Lots of coo stuff coming up over the next couple of months and awesome to see the contributions of everyone.

Good report! Thanks for the info

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