Tyrant Sword Report #2 - The Woman is Always in Charge


Tyrant Sword Report #2 - The Woman is Always in Charge


Welcome to the “guest” report for Tyrant Sword for the month of October! Due to Mirus’ internet being unavailable due to Kangaroos, your Battleteam Sergeant (that’s me) is taking over for the month. I will admit I don’t have nearly the same writing prowess that Mirus does, but I hope I can at least be a good placeholder when it comes to him!

I mean, what kind of Sergeant would I be if I couldn’t do this? I gotta pull my weight around here sometimes! Hopefully my report will be informative just like normal and the fiction will be a fun read! Speaking of...


You Want Me To Do What?

Late Evening

Mess Hall, The Broken Blade

Dajorra System

“All crew please report to the mess hall to be updated on the current situation.”

The call over the intercom went out sometime in the evening much later after dinner had been finished and people had gone back to their duties… or had tried to. While traversing the system, the navigator had failed to notice they were about to head through an ion storm which had knocked out the ship’s computer systems, leaving the incapacitated ship floating uselessly in space.

The announcement was called out once more while the small crew made their way into the mess hall, taking seats around the hall in a scattered pattern. Mirus and Rhiann were standing near the kitchen’s counter looking over a datapad while telepathically discussing the situation. The only indications that they were communicating were the head nods and the Sephi’s fingers poking at the glass screen.

“You think they’ll get this thing going?” Adem asked as he sat down at the same table as Nashiro, wanting someone to talk to while they waited for information.

Nashiro looked up at Adem and shrugged. Of course they would… eventually. The people who knew what they were doing were trying to figure it out, so there was no point in even talking about it. Adem turned to one of the others sitting at the table, but noticed he was too distracted by the drink in front of him.

More of the crew trickled in through the half-open doors until everyone was present and accounted for. There was chatting between the crew as to what this was all about and when they would start moving again. They were sitting ducks to anyone who wanted to try and board their ship or even destroy it while they couldn’t fight back.

Clearing his throat, Mirus attempted to get the attention of those in the room. It took a few tries and some angry glares from the woman next to him, but soon everyone’s attention was centered upon the two in charge.

Looking to Rhiann, Mirus silently prompted her to speak on the situation.

“At present, there is much I need to do to get this ship going again,” Rhiann explained with a frown. “This will take time, as I am one person trying to get things running again.”

She paused.

“I managed to get the lights working, at least. I have a lot of systems to unscramble. So while I work this out, some…”

Rhiann sighed and air quoted.

“‘Team building exercises will be done.”

  • Want to read more? Well you’re going to have to wait! Consider this a teaser. The completed fiction will be out by October 10th. Need to keep you curious. (That and Rhiann really wants to work hard on this fiction and make sure it’s the greatest it can be.)


On Deck - Battleteam News

Things have been a little quiet as of late. College has started and people are trying to get settled into new schedules. It’s only natural that things in the Brotherhood would slow down, (unless you’re on the Dark Council. No rest for the wicked.) but there’s always plenty of things to do when you decide to poke your heads back into the website.

For the Journeymen on the team, don’t forget there’s promotions to be had! Are you stuck? Don’t be afraid to ask someone for help! I know things on the website can be overwhelming, but there’s plenty of us that have been around for some time that are always willing to help you climb up the ranking ladder. So don’t forget that.

Don’t forget that we’re a fiction driven battleteam! This means that if you want to participate in the majority of our competitons, you’ll need to have a character sheet. Having a rough time with it and need help? Ask! I didn’t figure out my sheet until I sat down and talked to people, so sometimes you just need a bit of a brainstorming session. It’s also important that you make sure your sheet is valid if you have one already. There has been a lot of changes to things and it has caused some sheets to become invalid. So make sure you take a look!

We’re looking to update some wiki pages related to our team. Interested? Shout at us! We’re always open to help and we can tell you what we need done and we’ll work with you to make sure everything is perfect in the end! Interested in doing pages other than the ones for our battleteam? Arcia Cortel (aka Esca) is looking for people for his project. It involves revamping, updating and prettying up some wiki pages. Contact him if you’re interested.

Otherwise; activity, activity, activity! No matter what level it’s on, it’s always great to be active. Not only does it help the battleteam, it helps Qel Droma, Arcona and - first and foremost - it helps you. You never know what it’ll do for you in the future.


Through The Spyglass - The Brotherhood

And so the changes keep coming! Last month’s report covered all of what had come out at the time, but the updates and changes just aren’t stopping. The Brotherhood as we know it will keep getting overhauled until the end of the year, so keep your eyes out for all the changes. Some of the changes are revamping the old, but there’s been a slew of new things introduced into the the club at the same time.

  • While we’re all already members, there’s something new for those wishing to join the Brotherhood! Thanks to James’ coding and the ideas and discussion of many Dark Council leaders, the Trial of Identity is now live! This is the thing the member first sees upon making their account and throws them into the world of the DJB and helps them see just what they can create while here. Want to do it? Feel free to! If you’re over the INI rank, nothing will save to your dossier. Check it out!
  • There have been numerous updates to the Shadow Academy! Both the Mercenary Core and Loyalist Core exams are now live! These are two new orders that have been added lately, and it’s always worth doing the exams to learn all about them. The Inquisitorius History exam is also now live due to the new society being live. That will be touched on later.
  • The ACC has done some Shadow Academy things! Due to the character sheet changes, the ACC Qualification exam has been changed. It used to be two separate exams, but it has now been mushed into one! If you are already ACC:Q according to your dossier, you DO NOT have to re-qualify. The ACC Combat Studies exam is new though and very much worth your time if you plan to do a lot of ACC related activities.
  • Woo, Fiction Society! You’ll notice the new shiny society ranking on your dossiers. This is based off many things such as your ACC matches, your Cluster of Ice counts and so forth. The ACC is now part of the Fiction Society instead of its own thing. There’s a lot to touch on, so it’s worth reading Evant’s report. If you want to learn more, there’s also fiction from a while ago about the Undesirables.
  • Many wiki pages related to the ACC and dossiers have been updated with Character Sheet 2.0. Absolutely all of them are worth a look and are very fun to read! The Skills wiki page has some very witty things and some are worth a good chuckle or two. These wiki pages include: Species, Aspects, Skills, Disciplines and Force Powers. Feats are also listed on another page along with everything else in a very user friendly page for Character Sheet Reference.
  • My goodness, ranking tiers for the Journeymen have been split up! What does this mean for you? Consistency. Ooh. There’s 4 ranks per group now. I think it’s pretty neat regardless. Check out the shiny graphic for ease of understanding!
  • The #db Telegram channel is now an official channel for the Dark Brotherhood. There’s a few basic rules: No excess stickers, no porn, no nudity, watch your language/attitude and adjust if asked by a DC member. Oh. And use common sense and just be a good Human being over all.
  • Herald has done a lot of things. Like. A lot. The biggest in my opinion being the changes to the Lightsaber rankings. You want those dual sabers? You can get them earlier now! Along with many other things. Please read V’yr’s report for all the information. Oh, that and there’s a new request form for everything weapons! This applies to you if you’re eligible for something custom. You can find it here.

In other news:

  • The Star Wars Saga might and I mean might be coming to Netflix. Wouldn’t that be great?
  • Psst. Don’t forget Star Wars Battlefront’s beta is on the 8th.

Through The Spyglass - Arcona

Arcona seems to be a wee bit quiet lately. I blame college. But that doesn’t stop the gamers from having their fun. With the last bit Galares competition set out of the way (congratulations to the winners!) there’s a new month of October long gaming competition series out there.

Week by week there is a cluster race and there is also competitions for the biggest gaming platforms of the DJB: Destiny, Diablo 3, Jedi Knight Academy, Star Conflict and Starcraft II. There’s something here for everyone! I won’t lie; I’m a tad surprised there isn’t one for Pazaak… but I’m sure we’ll get our fill of that later in the year during the next Great Jedi War. It always seems to come crawling back for that…

So pick up those controllers and get your fingers on the WASD keys and your mouse and get to gaming! Just don’t forget to have fun.

Arcona Gaming Dominance - October 2015


The Crewlist

I’m always glad to see activity and I know Mirus is too. I would love to see everyone in Tyrant Sword have those shiny things every month and to watch the list of shiny grow next month would make everyone in the team happy! Not to mention shiny things make dossiers great. Shoutouts to Nashiro absolutely rocking it. You’re amazing!

Adem Bol'era

  • 1x Emerald Crescent
  • 33x Clusters of Earth
  • Inquisitorius Rank V

Condar Sovar

  • Joined Tyrant Sword - Welcome to the team!
  • Inquisitorius Rank II

Dash Rowsdower

  • 12x Clusters of Earth

Dorn Alder'ax

Eringuard Edmons

  • 1x Topaz Crescent
  • 3x Clusters of Ice
  • Inquisitorius Rank I

Mirus Hi'ija

  • 1x Emerald Crescent
  • 1x Anteian Cross
  • Inquisitorius Rank X

Nashiro Kakos

  • 14x Clusters of Earth
  • 34x Clusters of Fire
  • 2x Amethyst Crescents
  • 2x Sapphire Crescents
  • 2x Emerald Crescents
  • 2x Pendants of Blood
  • 12x Clusters of Ice
  • Inquisitorius Rank IV

Rhiann Hi'ija

  • 1x Crescent with Quartz Star
  • 4x Clusters of Ice
  • Inquisitorius Rank VIII


From the First Mate’s Datapad

Watch for this again next month. We’ll pretend Mirus broke the datapad. He’s kind of really good at that. Damned backwards tribal.


Boarding Parties - Competitions

  • Strands of Fate - Ready For Battle - Part one of a fiction comp that runs every 2 weeks. 750 word max prompts based on your character!
  • Antei Contract Bureau - The Antei Contract Bureau is one of the best fiction activities in the DB. Ask for a mission based on what you want to write and at a difficulty of your choice, then write it! The feedback is incredible.
  • Jinkies! - You’ve been dared to spend a night in the scariest haunted mansion in the history of forever. What do you find and how do you react? Halloween comedy fiction at its finest.
  • Nightmares of Our Own Making - You slept in and when you arrive to do your daily duties you find everyone gone without a trace. What horrors await you and the emptiness? Halloween horror fiction at its finest.
  • Well Crap, This Is Going To Hurt - You’ve seen the future and how your life meets its end. How do you prepare? A good competition if you’re looking to write more for fun than trying your hardest to meet the Voice fiction rubric.
  • Diablo 3 S4 Greater Rift Ladder (Seasonal) and Diablo 3 S4 Greater Rift Ladder (Non-Seasonal) - Can you complete the highest level Greater Rift? Find out!
  • INQ - All In A Day’s Work - The first of the new Fiction Society’s competitions. Write about your character in service to the Inquisitorius or interacting with someone from it. A good intro to the new society.
  • INQ - Deep Pockets - The second of the new Fiction Society’s competitions. Time for your first real mission.


I hope I did Mirus some justice and made the report as entertaining and informative as he could have done for you guys! He’ll be back soon and ready to help get this team’s activity back up and going with his competitions! So look forward to it.

Don’t be afraid to keep in contact. You can always reach Mirus and I through email and we’re both on Telegram. You can find that information on both of our dossiers.

Thank you for reading and you guys rock.


#womeninpower :P

Lovely report, Rhi! Great stuff, Tyrant Sword!

Awesomesauce Rhi! Keep up the good work!

Truly excellent report. Very excited to watch Tyrant Sword continue to grow and develop as a team!

Great report Rhi! #teamtitan4lyfe



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