Taldryan Aedile Report: You're All Clear Kid!


Taldryan Aedile Report: You're All Clear Kid!

Evenin' Folks,

Report time. Guess what? As seems to be a theme lately, I'm bloody exhausted. Since I started my new duties (heh, I said doodie) at work, I've been averaging very long days, and I'm staying up too late at night reading. Wanna know what that means? TIRED AND BRAIN NO WORK GOOD. Onto the report!

Headlines that You Need to Know!

  • Wardens Battle Team Leader Applications Open
  • AWOL Check!
  • New Herald, and Already at Work
  • Get to Know a Tally Delayed
  • Dark Crusades, Special Forces
  • Open Applications throughout the DB
  • Competitions (and RTFR Results)
  • RTFR: You're all Clear Kid!

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Wardens Battle Team Leader open for Application

The position of Battle Team Leader within the Wardens Battle Team has been opened for applications. This is coming on the verge of a change in the way Taldryan views and operates its regular Battle Teams. We're looking at creating a much more active, and involved stratum for the Battle Team and it's member, integrating it into the overall House command structure, and start using these units to help train and educate new members in Taldryan.

Suffice it to say, we're putting a lot of hope into these upcoming changes, and we're hoping that members of Taldryan will step up, and truly embrace the new way of things. As such, if you feel like you've got it in you to help make a difference in Taldryan, and start working with Rian and I to help mould Taldryan's future, email an application to us at [Log in to view e-mail addresses] and [Log in to view e-mail addresses]

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AWOL Check!

So, the DB is currently testing out a new AWOL Check system that measures activity by the last time someone has logged into the website. We had a recent string of emails go out to a few of our members warning them that they're soon to be sent to the rogues. I don't want to lose anyone from Taldryan, so if you got an email or even if you didn't, head on over to the website and login.

Being logged does give you some advantages, including (what I think is a new) Taldryan specific news box on the top right, as well as the ability to filter ongoing DB competitions that are only applicable to you.

So go login. NAO.

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We've Got a New Herald.. and Holy Crap he's Already Doing Stuff!

Muz recently announced the new Herald of the Dark Brotherhood. I'm sure you're all aware, but in case you're not, the appointee to the position is none other than Orv Dessex. Orv's an old hand in the DB, has been our faithful Wiki and Forums host for many years, and is responsible for many great pieces of art, including Howie's Dark Jedi Panda portrait on his dossier. We're looking forward to some great work, so head on over to the announcement page and shower him with love and praise and idle threats!

Also… holy crap the dude is fast. He announced today that he's officialised temporary forms to create custom lightsaber and warbanner requests until Jimmy works his SCL magic and hardcode them there. You can find that announcement here

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Get to Know a Tally: Talon Drear Edition

Yacks: So, tell us a little something about yourself. We're here to get to know Tally in this month's get to know a Tally. What makes Tally tick?

Tally: Hi! I'm not completely sure if I can define what makes me tick (within sane parameters, that is..) I think I'll opt for letting y'all know how and why I joined up and how I ended up in Taldryan of all places, with a little history and dusty name-dropping on the side. Here goes:

I think I joined up around '98/'99. I learned of the DB through the Emperor's Hammer, where - being an avid Star Wars nerd - I joined up as a TIE-fighter pilot in their TIE Corps. (Woot for the Battlegroups and Wing X, boo Sovereign and everyone else). I signed up with the EH because of an article in a popular UK games magazine at that time (PC-Zone). The article was mainly based around the Star Wars nerdiness of Kessler and as a sidenote mentioned the EH, which included interviews of a 15 year old Vice Admiral (Yes folks, the Yacks we all know and love) and my future squadron commander Callista. (Yay, Typhoon Squadron. Battlegroup Commander's escort squadron and winner of the 1999 Sovereign Squadron League!). At that time I was familiar with the concept of clans of 5 to 20 people who played online, but was in awe of an organisation that had hundreds, if not thousands of people competing and participating with eachother in an organised structure. At that time Jedi Knight: Dark Forces 2 was a very popular game to play online and I had just started playing it on my first proper internet connection (ISDN). It took me a while to figure out that it was a platform that was used within the EH as well, but in different subgroups. First I joined the Hammer's Fist, which was prety much dead before it got off the ground. After that I got acquainted with the DB and soon after joined up as a fresh recruit for Clan Aquillas, House Borealis. Back then the Star Wars gaming platforms were popular enough to have their own sections. The Sith were the pilots who played games like TIE-Figher and X-Wing vs. TIE-Figher. The Obelisk were the footsoldiers who played Dark Forces 1 and JK: Dark Forces 2 and the Krath did the fiction. I joined up around the time where I had gotten proficient in a certain gametype of Jedi Knight (saberdueling, without the use of forcepowers) and was looking for some serious competition in the DB, disappointed by the few games the members I knew in the EH had offered me. (I was quite arrogant :p) I didn't immediately find any stiff opposition. Aquillas died and people suggested I transfer to the newly found Clan Taldryan, which was apparently already a place for the cocky people to converge. I joined House Dinaari (The Obelisk chapter of the clan) and as a clan we pretty much owned all the others on every platform, every field and every DB-wide competition.

Oh and Tally is my nick, derived from my full EH/DB name Talon Drear. And I've had it before Taldryan was even born. So suck it.

Yacks: Something that many people may or may not know, is that you actively turned down promotions to Obelisk Warrior (shut up, I'm old) many times. Three at least, that I can remember. Why did you choose to stay a Dark Jedi Knight for so long?

Tally: DJK sounds cool. OW doesn't. Come on, who wants to be an OW. or worse an OWL.. In all seriousness though, I was primarily a guy who just wanted to stick his saber in people. When later on in my career I got confronted with responsibilities (Battle Team Leader, Aedile, training others) I pretty much choked and went AWOL whilst holding a House summit position. Definitely not my finest moment. I pretty much denied every promotion that got thrown my way around that time. After rejoining Taldryan and having a really cool student (Woot, Nero) I decided that it was finally time to move on. I still miss being DJK though.. ;)

Yacks: What is your favourite thing about the DB, and why the hell have you stayed in the DB for so long?

Tally: My favourite thing in the DB is Taldryan of course. Followed closely by Shad's table. I used to think I stuck around and came back again and again because of pure nostalgia. Now that the DB has transformed into something else I know that that's not the case. It's the people that make this place and I realise now that it's the people that I came back for. Friendly nerds and nerdettes, willing to up the ante when needed and work towards a common goal, like winning a Vendetta. Crusade. Whatever. People who you can have serious talks with and just shoot the breeze with. People like Tarax who ambush others with porn, Sid with his abundant enthousiasm, Shadow with spurts of superhuman activity (BGJ NF, come at me bro), Yacks and Jac who can be both down to earth and way up there, inspiring the entire clan. House, whatever. Rian who is constant source of guidance, Howlader, who has.. fur. That's why I'm still here. Some of these guys may not have been around as long as I have, but their spirit is the same nonetheless. And that goes for a lot of the newcomers as well.

Yacks: So... you're apparently Dutch. What's that all about? Do you have an unnatural fascination with tulips, wooden shoes and windmills? The colonies wish to know!

Tally: Yup, born and raised. I have nothing with tulips, wooden shoes or windmills. But here are some of my favourite typical dutch things to put in my mouth:

Yacks: OK, a Ninja walks into a bar, and there's a Navy SEAL there. The SEAL insults the Ninja's honour, and all of a sudden, boom, it's a fight. Who wins?

Tally: That's easy, I would kick the shit out of them both and have time to spare to take a sip of my rootbeer.

Yacks: Jac Cotelin, a Great Grand Master, or the Greatest Grand Master?

Tally: He is without a doubt the great grandaddy of all Grand Masters. I bow to him.

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Dark Crusades Are Approaching, Special Forces Selections Imminent

As you're all aware, because I keep bloody well telling you in these reports, the Dark Crusades are once again around the corner. We're coming into the final phase next Friday, and Taldryan's going to finish strong on this one. This round, I believe, will continue in the divided forces milieu as Phase 2 was. So with that in mind, Rian and I will begin writing to members of Taldryan who we would like to see placed on our rosters, and see if they'd like to represent Taldryan in the coming conflict.

All members of Taldryan will be needed to step up and perform their utmost, as it's possible (however unlikely… man I'm quoting a lot of original trilogy tonight) that the ultimate decider of who wins these Crusades comes down to participation ratios.

So gear up folks; we're off to war.

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There Be Jobs in them there Hills!

Occasionally, when positions throughout the DB open, I like to mention them to you guys in case you'd be interested in applying for them. Beyond the Warden's BTL position, there are also 3 positions to make note of that are currently open for applications, or just recently closed.

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The Red Panda is the Best Panda, and Other Competition Details

And now for the weekly round-up of what competitions are currently running in the DB for you to take a punt at. This is also where I'm going to announce the winner of the last round of the RTFR. The spoils in this competition go to the one and only, Nero Inferni, for suggesting that I call Howlader a Red Panda. Since there is no better way to ensure that Howie gets all miffed and whiney (with the exception of messing with his medals) than to remind him that Red Pandas are in every way superior to the poor dumb creatures he loves so much, Nero takes home the gold. Credit goes to Halc and Sena for placing second and third.

NOW! Onto DB Wide competitions!

  • The Art of Propaganda In what is sure to be the first of many themed competitions from our newest Tribune, Xantros asks that you stir the loins and hearts of your followers! Ends Nov 7th
  • Pazaak Party Competition Ends December 31st, You're Running out of Time to get Entries!
  • TOR Flying Based Competition Competition Ends December 31st, You're Running out of Time to get Entries!
  • Mobile Gaming Turkey Blast Reloaded Ends Nov 7th

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RTFR2.0, Episode 6: You're all Clear Kid!

So many Star Wars quotes! Anyways, this RTFR has almost nothing to do with reading the report, but what it is, is a flash game. Everyone loves flash games! Especially Star Wars based galaga-esque games! Anyways, basically this is a star wars themed recreation of the arcade classic Galaga. Find full details on how you can join up here

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I Love that Word Repoooooooooooooort!

Lots of movement from our resident Dark Councillors this week, with 4 Notable reports for you guys to read up on.

So Fucking Easy

And that folks, is how we end the report. Oh, also, there's been some cool Star Wars news and stuff filtering out onto the great interwebs recently, some of which have also been posted to the news page. My personal belief is that there's something coming up. We've heard whispers of maybe a very early first cut trailer for the new trilogy coming out soon, or something. Personally, the conspiracy theorist in me says that Disney is finding news and fun little historical things like the previously unseen RotJ Footage out there to tease up interest, and get people salivating before they drop the awesomesauce hammer on us. But maybe that's just wishful thinking.

If you're going out for Halloween tomorrow, stay safe, avoid houses that hand out apples, and for the more adult revelers amongst us, remember… if you happen to find yourself on a walk of shame after Halloween? At least you're in disguise.

Oh so Sexy

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