Ajunta Pall Aedile Report #6: Whatever the Weather


Ajunta Pall Aedile Report #6: Whatever the Weather



Welcome back from the Pro Bowl madness! Most of you did a great job in coming out and giving it your all and for that you've made me proud. I know this may have been a challenging time for some of you as school was starting back up and while the south was hit by a once in 500 year flood following a category 4 hurricane, the northwest was struck with wildfires of biblical proportion. I hope all of you and your families and friends are all safe.



News and Events

  • GJW XII is set to run from October 13th until November 19th (So close!!!)
  • 3 days to get your applications in to be an ACC Judge
  • TuQ'uan is now in TWO leadership/management positions as he was named magistrate to the VOICE!
  • DB fiction update part 1 of 2 to close out the arc before the GJW arc begins!


GMRG/INQ/SA Activities

Kelly Mendes -

  • Has been elevated to Inquisitorius XI: High Inquisitor
  • GMRG rank elevated to XII

Misium -

  • has been elevated to Inquisitorius IX: Chief Inquisitor

Teylas Ramar di Plagia -

  • has been elevated to Inquisitorius XI: High Inquisitor
  • Is still doing stuff even though he's, like, already a legend in Plagueis... A Plegendis... Di Plagia sounds better...


Aedile Moment

These last few weeks were pretty hectic for al of us and yet, many of you still came out and did the things. For those, I am very pleased and will allow you to pet Ozzy exactly 3 times (no more, no less) as per his requirements. In all seriousness, thank you. This was a big event and Plagueis having 6 more active participants looks gooood. Just what I expect from the Plagueis Powerhouse! For those that didn't participate... well, I have mixed feelings.

On one hand I know it can be hard to juggle everything RL throws at you and everyone needing this and that AND getting some submissions in, believe me I do. As you all have probably heard, Hurricane Harvey was a category 4 hurricane when it struck land over by Corpus Christi, Texas. Furios and I live in Houston, Texas (about a 3 hour drive from there). Harvey hit Corpus and made its way up to Houston, causing damage all along its path. While the winds did tear up a good chunk of the city, it was the constant rains that really hit us hard. We had been getting steady rain for about 2 days before Harvey struck us, effectively filling the ground before the heavy rains began. Our entire city was under water, there wasn't a single freeway that one could drive on. For over a week after the rains subsided, the widest freeway in the U.S. (I-10) remained blocked by high waters. Parts of Houston had water so high, people's homes were completely submerged. A Fire truck came to my grandparent's neighborhood to rescue people during the hurricane and it too, stalled out and had water over its top. This was a block away from my grandparent's who live about a 5 minute walk from me. Furios and I both had water inside our homes though we and our families and friends (and especially our pets) are all safe.

With all that going on (and the backbreaking cleanup that followed) we were still able to go 22/25 and 24/25 for the Pro Bowl. Now, I understand not everyone is as dedicated. We normally have valid submissions for all competitions, this once in 500 year flood can be viewed as our once in 500 year break from 100% participation. So those that did not participate, I'm not going to ask why or pressure you into anything. You have your reasons, be they solid or weak, and well leave it at that. All I want is a good show for the GJW staring October 13th and running through November 19th. There's literally every reason to do it. Promotions, clusters, crescents, medals, credits, society rank elevations... you name it, the GJW will help you make that happen and all you need to do is participate. Plagueis is a proud clan though one of the smaller ones. We strive to show we are worthy of being our own Clan through the efforts of our individual members. So come October, I expect to see everyone out there doing their part, if not for the clan then for their own personal gain ;).

This guy went 7/8


Useful Links



With that I'll bring this report to a close so I can get started on my intro to engineering project. Hope you all are staying safe and may good grades and project partners come your way! For those of you that don't do the school anymore, may your bosses take many days off! Looks like Arden will be hitting you all with a report in 5 days. See ya!



Another special shout out to Azmodius for what he did during the Pro Bowl as far as participation. I'm a pretty dedicated fellow, and I'm not sure I'd have been able to do as well!

Hoping everything will work out for you guys down there with the flooding. Awesome job on the Probowl!

So proud of HAP for our efforts in the Probowl

I'm just here for the Scotty gif, as well as making just another pass at the fact that holy moley you did the things in a mother of all that is holy hurricane. Right on!

I still can't believe you submitted as much as you did!! I can't wait to see this GJW everyone has been talking about!

Good show sir, and useful info.

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