[Arcona] Consul Report #12 The Sloth Watches the Sky


[Arcona] Consul Report #12 The Sloth Watches the Sky


Selen Orbit

They hovered like sparkling gems in the night, just out of range of Dusk Station’s powerful armament. Battlegroup Elysium, one of the Collective’s fleets, was organizing itself in full view of the Arconan defenses, a show of force to try and demoralize the DDF. Their dreadnaughts made an intimidating sight compared to the Golan II and MC75 Cruiser Wrath of the Dawn, set against the backdrop of Selen. While Elysium boasted a wall of durasteel ships, Dusk Station buzzed like an angry hive with dozens of patrol craft.

On the Golan’s bridge, surrounded by shouted reports and the flow of information, Uji Tameike leaned heavily on his cane. They had known this was coming for some time, they had prepared. He had prepared. His wife wasn’t pleased he’d been dispatched to lead the space defense, even less so when it became apparent he hadn’t been ordered to. No one on the deck of Dusk Station would say the man looked tired; he’d worked to organize their defenses ever since reports of Elysium being en route had been received. Unlike the arrogant forces arrayed against them, they’d prepared before the attacker's arrival.

“We will keep them from the surface,” he had stated. It was a matter of fact.

Selen, Citadel

“You called me here on the eve of battle, Shadow Lord. My shuttle had to take a rather circuitous route to even make it to Estle City, past the Collective forces. Might I inquire as to my purpose?” the red-eyed Chiss stared disconcertingly up at the throne sat Ryn.

Kordath Bleu stared down at the man who’d overseen operations on Ol’val the past year with eyes heavy with exhaustion.

“Yer here because Uji is up above, planning tha orbital defense, which means I need a number two in case things go pear-shaped.”

“I am to fill in as Proconsul? Redundancy during a situation such as this makes sense of course,” stated Rhylance, nodding. He arched an eyebrow when the Consul shifted in his seat.

“He’s tired, mate, more so than he lets on. It may be a bit more than….filling in, if ya catch my drift. Not that any o’ it matters if we do nae survive the next few days.”

The Chiss gave a short, formal bow, his eyes never leaving the throne-bound man.

“What is my first task, Shadow Lord?”


Clan News

First, a farewell to Uji, a man I respect and think of as a brother. Due to a multitude of reasons, Donny has stepped down from Proconsul and taken leave of the DB. This was done after much discussion and without ill will, so hopefully he returns to us one day. On that note, as you all know, Rhylance has moved up to Proconsul! This means Lucine has taken over as leader of Qel-Droma, and recently selected from a pool of applicants, Tali as her Aedile.

Qyreia has also elected to take a leadership break, putting in his papers for the time being. Expect an announcement on a new Galeres Quaestor very soon. Also, as you can see in her latest report, Leeadra has announced her intention to resign by the end of the month. Expect applications to open shortly.

We wish for all those leaving positions the best, none have earned anything but my respect and it is my hope that they do not stray too far. They have dedicated their time and effort to the betterment of Arcona and deserve nothing less than praise and goodwill.

As you can tell from this months fiction update, we are under assault. The Collective is retaliating, something to do with us raiding them. Defend Selen to help determine how the battle goes, as the winning entry will influence next months update!



Brotherhood News


Competition Spotlights



  • Alaisy asks,

    • What’s Kords favorite scarousal?
      • Zujenia has uhm, an outfit. A 'dark lady' type thing. Not at liberty to answer that further.
    • What’s the best place on Selen for a good party, a nice day out shopping and a wonderful time at the beach?
      • Probably Celeste city, it's meant for that sort of thing.
    • Your least favorite creature?
      • He's not overly fond of Hutts because of reasons. Aside from El Gordo, his pilot who's a bro.
    • If there would be an informal greeting most fitting to Arcona, what would it be? (Ex: Fingerguns, fist bump etc)
      • We hug, we're huggers, at least Kord is with uh, some folks. Cough.
  • Tech/Eilen asks,

    • You and Zuji seem to have some experience with this: What REALLY happens when the tails touch? ...Totally asking for a friend, who also has a tail.
      • Magic. Magic happens.
    • What's it like having the resident Chiss Doctor around every day?
      • Ah he's harmless. Mostly.
  • Atty/Satsi asks,

    • How's kord feeling about the events of the RP? Friends in hospital/home burned down, collective agents rearing their heads again, a slight forest fire...
      • All the more reason for us to purge the Collective. He ain't happen when things are exploding, we just put Estle out for cripes sake.
  • Lucine Asks,

    • Have there been any interesting attempts on your life recently?
      • Nothing unique, though someone keeps sending him photos of torn up clothes, which is weird.
    • Do you anticipate that the attempts on your life are about to get more interesting? Asking for a friend.
      • Probably.
    • Pants?
      • At a time like this!?
    • Any advice for people who are new to creating a battleplan?
      • Ask for help in clan chat! We've got plenty of people who've done 'em in the past. Also, look up past entries from the last War, lots of teams published.
    • What is your battle plan to keep yourself safe from being experimented on by your Proconsul?
      • I have many distractions for the Proconsul. Lots of work to be done.
    • Can Strong come out to play?
      • Usually I'd say sure, but now for some reason he's insistent on staying nearby. Something about the new guy.
  • Karran asks,

    • How does Kord feel if people try to pet him? If it's a positive reaction, does he prefer with, or against the flow of his fur?
      • With the fur. Scratchies are always nice. He prefers the gentle touch of the ladies, but once the nails start digging in it really doesn't matter who's doing it.
  • Zujenia asks,

    • Is there a slowly developing fear of scapels?
      • Developing?
    • What does Kord think of this Severian Principate?
      • They represent an opportunity, whether it be for good or ill is hard to say.
    • How is he handling the changes about him fictionally in leadership?
      • Hoo boy, that's a tough one. He's sobered up largely, though that was more for, well, Zuj, then for the Clan. It's still probably a good thing for everyone. Mostly it's just the trouble of never being able to get a good nights sleep with all the stress.
  • Tali asks,

    • Are you concerned about the recent shifts in House leadership? Do you fear the coup is about to begin? Will you take appropriate measures to ensure Galeres' compliance after all they've done to confound you?
      • The recent shifts are both good and bad. We have to change up leaders from time to time else we grow stale and fall into the same traps some of the other clans do, where the same people rotate through positions and nothing new ever happens. Also, wait, what did Galeres do?
    • Does the Ryn do spring cleaning? If so, how and where? And what was the most interesting find in the sediment?
      • Open the windows, let the sun in, enjoy the breeze on all the hairy bits.
    • What would you say is your best quality as a leader? (IC&OOC) and consequently which quality would you rather have someone else shore up on?
      • In character, Kord doesn't have a lot of great qualities, he's a people person? Sort of. He doesn't see any reason to risk lives on pointless power plays and vendettas at least. Out of character...I feel this becomes self-aggrandizing. I think, somehow, god only knows how I've got a handle on diplomacy. I'm able to empathize with multiple sides of a situation and view thing objectively when there's an issue with clashing personalities.
    • Does Zuji know about the big surprise you've been preparing for her? The one that will surely make her fall in love with you again, unless you blow it, or don't pull it off in time?
      • <_<


Final Thoughts

Arcona continues to change, and we continue to grow. We’ve seen a TON of new faces in the past two months and we’ve seen some folks step down, and some leave. At the end of the day, we’re still the Shadow Clan, and we still have War coming for us. I look forward to the next month and all the adventures that it brings.

Arcona Invicta, as they say.


Thanks for the report Kord, lovely as always!


Arcona Invicta!

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