Consul Report December 2019


Consul Report December 2019



Clan news

  • More new faces on the Summit:

Within the last two weeks, we were able to fill up the last open spots on the Taldryan Summit. First off and most recently Nihlus Vexrii has returned as Aedile of Ektrosis after a tight race with two other applicants whom I will get into contact for Clan related developments soon so maybe to those expect to hear from me soon.

Next, we saw Quejo return as Rollmaster of Taldryan. Quejo too is no unknown for the Taldryan Summit and has made it pretty clear as to what he wants to achieve as Rollmaster so I am looking forward on how his efforts will play out.

Welcome back to both of you.

Brotherhood news

  • As I said in my opening, the Rise of Skywalker is only days ahead. I know most of us are hyped about that and many of us will watch it within the first few days of its release and of course we want to talk about it. But please keep in mind that some of us might not have the chance to watch the movie early on and to not kill the anticipation and fun for them the DC has enacted a spoiler ban in all official Brotherhood and Clan chats. I can't emphasize the importance of this as sadly this has happened in our chat in the past and I am not that much into seeing one of us getting CoJ'ed for this. You can find the official DB Newspost regarding the Spoiler Ban here: Spoiler Ban: Rise of Skywalker

  • Additionally, the Justicar has announced changes to the Brotherhoods Covenant as how real-world incentives as a reward for the members of the Brotherhood will be handled, if you haven't read it yet, take a look at it here: Real World Incentives Policy

  • A new Fist has risen: One of our own, Justinios Taldrya Drake has ascended onto the Dark Council and succeeds Drag as the new Fist of the Brotherhood. Congrats Justinios. There are also a set of reports he has released:

  • Fist Supplemental 1.1

  • Fist Report 2.0

  • Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Spoiler-Free Review (On a personal note, I scooped up the game too right after its release and really love it)

  • Pulsefeed News Aggregator 4: In the fourth update, the Voice showcased more on the fictional state of the Clans based on updates provided by the Clan Summits, you can find it here: PulseFeed News Aggregator: Clan Updates #4

There are even more Reports from the Dark Council that you can find here:


Unsteady Ground Phase 1

In the first phase of Unsteady Ground, Clan Taldryan must prevent the Collective from consolidating their hold over the Caelus government after the removal of their ally, Chancellor Ceyra Ky'Lian, from the highest office in the system. Unfortunately, word of Taldryan's brutal execution of their enemies has leaked out through the HoloNet, giving the Collective-aligned Acting Chancellor Kain Eriston ammunition in his publicity war against the Clan. Now, the Clan must both prepare for war and expose the Collective's scheme to manipulate the Caelus Council, while maintaining enough of a "good guy" image that the people of the Caelus System don't turn against them.

All Competitions can be accessed using the link above or directly in the Competition Section of this report. (Ends on the 16th)


Honorable Mentions

Over the course of the last month we saw several new arrivals in the Clan so please join me in welcoming the following members:

Also, let’s congratulate our dear Dev'err Malren on his promotion to Lieutenant, only one last step to reaching the equivalent of Knighthood.



Clan wide

Unsteady Ground Phase 1

Brotherhood wide




Sithmas Special


Before I am closing this report, earlier this week I have been approached by Horus. He has put some efforts to promote some interclub gaming events with the Emperors Hammer and the Rebel Squadrons. So for all of you interested, you can join them on the Neutral Ground Discord here: Neutral Ground Discord Server

Anyways, if you plan on gaming for Clusters, please keep the Rites of Combat in mind and have at least one more member of the DB in your gaming party.

Alright, seems like that's it for now. Another big welcome to all new members and again congrats to Dev on his promotion. Unlike in previous reports, I am going to post a link to a youtube video to end my report as this piano cover from the last Rise of Skywalker Trailer really strikes me and has made it easily into the playlist I mentioned in the opening: Star Wars - The Rise of Skywalker | Final Trailer (Piano Cover)

Until next time.

~Rian Taldrya

Consul of Clan Taldryan

Son of Taldrya

Nice Report, Rian.

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