Consul Report February 2020 (the final one)


Consul Report February 2020 (the final one)


Hello Taldryan, and welcome to my final report as Consul of Taldryan. The last two years have been a real rollercoaster ride for me and the Clan. When I took up the position of Consul in 2018, the Clan was broken and defeated. But over time we recovered and now after two years, I have the feeling that its time to give way to someone with new ideas to lead the Clan into the future. So take your time and enjoy my last report as Consul of Clan Taldryan.



Clan news

The first Clan event of 2020 is over and the results can be found following the link above.

Brotherhood news

There have been several News and Reports posted by various positions of the Dark Council, you can find them listed below under the respective positions:

from the Office of the Fist:

From the Office of the Voice:

From the Office of the Combat Master:

From the Office of the Regent:

From the Office of the Wiki Tribune:

From the Office of the Headmaster:


Honorable Mentions

This is probably going to be the largest section of the report. First let's start with the new and returning members that have joined Taldryan since my last Report:

Next, we have a group of members those who have paid attention to the Taldryan chat over on Telegram are already aware of and who have been rewarded for their hard work over the last months:

  • Joe Durham Joe has been awarded a Dark Cross.
  • Catmatui Cat has been awarded a Dark Cross as well.
  • Ala'ar Rinn Ala'ar has been rewarded with a long-overdue Anteian Cross.
  • Raistline Taldrya Majere One more Anteian Cross for Raistline for his continued work for Taldryan.
  • Cymbre Kall For her dedicated service in Taldryan, Cymbre has been awarded a Steel Cross.
  • Omega Kira Omega too has been rewarded with a Steel Cross.
  • Aarush Solaar Same as Aarush, who has been rewarded with a Steel Cross as well.
  • Zentru'la Eli too has rocked the DB over the last few months that has been rewarded with a Steel Cross.
  • Morax Darkblade Stepping up and beyond, Morax has been rewarded with a Grand Cross.
  • Zxyl Venzos Last but not least, serving both as Aedile of Ektrosis and Praetor to the Regent, Noobis has been promoted to the rank of Seer or Equite 3.

There is one more Reward in the queue so stay tuned for an update to be announced in the Taldryan Clan Chat.

Congrats everyone, you really earned it!



Clan wide

Taldryan: New Pursuits

Brotherhood wide




Multi Competition Events



So, that's it. I want to thank everyone for the last two years, Justinios, Aarush, Noobis, Cym and Erinyes, I couldn't have done it without anyone of you. Another thank you goes to Mav and Vyr who allowed me to take a second shot at being the Consul of this awesome Clan. And of course a big thank you to all members of Taldryan, you are the life and soul of the Clan and without any of you, this place would have been dead and gone for a long time.

For the future of the Clan, until a new Consul is announced, Erinyes will be in full charge of the Clan and keep in mind that there is already a new Clan competition about to start.

As for myself, I won't be gone as I am still part of the Clan and the Herald staff but for all other things, I will take it slow and catch up with all the side projects and personal stuff I have put aside.

Again thank you for everyone and see you around in Tal.

~Rian Taldrya (former) Consul of Clan Taldryan Son of Taldrya

Welcome back to the ex-CON club. Enjoy your hard-earned rest

Classy exit, Ri-guy. Thanks for doing the Lord's work and keeping Taldryan grounded.

good report

It's been an honour and a pleasure, boss. o7

Also, HI SID!

Thanks for everything Rian.

Relax your feet in Spanky's Too any day Rian. You earned it.

And the final adds on the rewards that didn't made it into the report were now out. Congrats Bale on your Amethyst Kukri, and congrats Erinyes on your Grand Cross, it was a pleasure working with you.

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