House Shar Dakhan Aedile: Mini report


House Shar Dakhan Aedile: Mini report



I apologize for the tardiness of this report, but I had a slight issue over the last few weeks that put me in the VA Hospital. So now that I am home, and recovering a bit, I get to drag this stupid machine around the house with me for another week....JOY! Any way enough about that....

I wanted to get a little something out for all of us just to formally and publically tell all of you guys how extremely proud I am of you. First I will start off by saying that there has been some amazing talk going on in our chat rooms with story(s) and plotline(s) development. It is truely great to see all the cross talk and idea sorting that we are doing to further our House along. If you have n ot partaken as of yet, I am tell you guys/gals jump in on it, things are starting to formulate and come together!

Secondly, I want to thank all of you that are/have been knocking out the current Clan event of Encounter at Citadel. very nice to see all you guys hitting that up.

I want to extend a congrads to Cal as he heads off to college. I want to thank Erik, Vosiri, Malisane, Malik, Jinius, Cal and last but definately not least our Quaestor for all your inputs to our discussions. I would like to really keep this going with EVERYONE as we still need to hear inputs from a few more folks.

I am looking forward to our future comps that are planned for the Clan, the ones planned for the House and furthering our development ideas for down the road. The hard work is much appreciated.


Clan Plagueis Report:

Nighthawks Report (Locke):

Fist Report:

HMR Aedile report (Grand Master Muz):

CNS PCON Report (Augur Ashia):

CNS RM Report (Battlemaster Tasha):


[CNS] encounter at Citadel:


Clan Plagueis Pro Bowl:

FIST] 2018 Monthly Gaming - August:

Warrior Magik - Quatrain:

[FIST] Gaming Test - Warframe:

Final Thoughts

I will second the words of the Immortal Augur Locke: "I hope you all have fun with this event. I just want to note that there's been some good-natured ribbing with our brothers and sisters over in HSD and I love some good-natured ribbing." It has been fun, indeed solid words from a SOLID member of OUR CLAN!

If I have forgotten something please let me know and I will make corrections, I just want to re-iterrate how extrememly proud I am of all of you, and thick or thin we are progressing, we are growing and we are getting better! Keep it up, and oh yeah...............



Boooooooooooom! Love the new graphics! Well said DH. Hope you recover fast buddy.

Nicely done, Darkhawk!

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