To Seer or not to Seer (House Shar Dakhan Aedile Report)


To Seer or not to Seer (House Shar Dakhan Aedile Report)


Marcus Kiriyu

To Seer, or not to Seer



The shuttle maintained its flight path as the Reaper’s Call hangar doors opened. The shuttle entered the hangar with meticulous precision. The massive bay doors closed as the shuttle made its way down the tarmac.

The shuttle pilot hailed his lone passenger, “Sir I think you should come up here and see this..”

The tall man sat up from his seat and headed towards the flight deck. His dark robes and tunic flowed as he walked the shuttle’s narrow corridor. Marcus Kiriyu is an earnest man, he has always been. It is what has defined him over the years, and saved his life more than once. He carried no emotion as he entered the flight deck.

The pilot greeted Marcus and then gestured to the scene unfolding out the main viewport. As Marcus leaned in a bit, the Sadowan saw a formation of people directly in front of the shuttle’s landing zone.

As they arrival party moved in closer, Marcus could see that his entire House Shar Dakhan were present. Forming at the front of the House members, stood Clan Naga Sadow’s Consul Bentre Stahoes, its ProConsul Ashia Keibatsu, Shar Dakhan’s Quaestor Etah Bloodfyre and the House Aedile Takagari KogaRyu.

“What in the world are they doing?” Marcus murmured to himself.

The pilot rotated the shuttle around in its landing zone so that the crew ramp was directly in front of the formation. The crew door opened and Marcus walked toward’s his Summit members, he stopped short of them and dropped to one knee.

Consul Bentre Stahoes spoke next. “Marcus Kiriyu, it is with great honor that we gather here today. You have displayed exceptional dedication, both in and out of the House. You have represented yourself in the highest manner, setting the example for others to follow on a regular basis. Here before your Clan and your House, it is of great pleasure for this Summit in welcoming Marcus to the third grade of the Equite ranks. Congratulations on Seer, Marcus!”

The formation of members broke into a boisterous cheer celebrating their brother on his accomplishment. Each of the Summit members approached the newly appointed Seer and shook his hand. As the Aedile of House approached, a small smile broke across Marcus’s face, “I am never going to get you to stop calling me Sir now am I?” the Seer said sarcastically.

“No Sir, not a chance” replied Takagari.



Well folks, as you can tell by the above, a HUGE SHOUT OUT TO MARCUS!!!! It was pretty cool to see that! Well done Sir, well done indeed! And if you have not figured it out, Marcus was promoted to Seer!


(Never gets old!!!)

Now on to your regularly scheduled programming…


Some great things over the past few weeks, first let me point out and send another volley of congratulations out to welcoming back our brother Xuner Holst back from Army BMT!!! Congratulations on a huge accomplishment! The House is glad that your back!

Mac received big news and was informed that he procured himself an outstanding new job so congrats on that!

Jinius Took first place in Nemesis Series competition! Congrats Jinius!

Citadel was a pretty good hit and we all did a great job! I really enjoyed and more so, thoroughly impressed at everyone who participated contributions! Thank you so much for hammering away at it! Look forward to more of that! And we can with a GREAT R/O we have going!!!!!!

As you may have seen, I sent out an email in regards to our House Wiki-Project. I cannot wait to get this started with you all. I have been thumbing thru those pages and I have a few notes already. I will get them on a GDoc and share with you everyone so we can add to it as we identify our errors. Also regarding our wiki, I want to take a second and personally thank DarkBlade for going thru our Wiki and updating, as well as inputting the Discovery and Abomination events. So thank you, kind Sir, for taking the time and helping out your former Housemates! I also have to thank Malisane for bringing all of this to me. His attention to detail while bringing himself back up to speed on House history has opened my eyes to everything Wiki!

Our own Calenhad in conjunction with our Clan Summit has put together a pretty cool R/O storyline that everyone will have a blast taking part in that comp! You will find it in the link below with our other current comps. I have been seeing a lot of collaboration among our members with each other and outside of the House. Want every one of you to know that is pretty amazing to see. This process is how we come up with such great story/plot lines, cannot wait to see what comes to light of all your hard work.

If you have not seen already, I posted the Regent's report below. Make sure you check that out with all our new and updated content in possessions.

And now we break for a few words from our sponsors:

From the desk of the Consul, Clan Naga Sadow:

Well, fall runs on for the members of Clan Naga Sadow. Two events are being run from and for House Marka Ragnos by the Quaestor and BTL. The Heist, this months' Clan RO runs for about another two weeks! A Warframe gaming comp continues up through this time as well. Dark Flame has about another roughly four days to get your entries in, Ragnosians! Also, Quaestor Kojiro is running a comp to help name the Ragnosian House fleet assets.

There you are, four opportunities for writing, clusters, fun and crescents! I hope to see some sweet gaming/writing/names from Clan Naga Sadow. :D

And hey, while you are looking at competitions, there are of course the others being run for the club at large to check out.

For the glory of the Clan! :D


We now return you to your regularly scheduled programming…



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Final Thoughts

Well another great month! Next month will be looking down the barrel of a Vendetta so everyone needs to prep for that. We need our members involved! You WILL see mass pushed for the Vendetta so be ready! I am looking forward to seeing all the ideas we been discussing come to fruition. You guys/gals thoughts on House direction and the skirmishes we can get into are simply amazing and most of all NEEDED!

As always if I have forgot anything please let me know so I can correct it!


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