Ajunta Pall Aedile Report #7: Make War, Not Love


Ajunta Pall Aedile Report #7: Make War, Not Love



War is upon us! At this point we are about a week into GJW XII and I'm sure most of you have already begun doing the things, go you! In a nutshell, (In case you haven't gotten into the story revolving these events) this GJW is centered around a man, Rath Oligard, a former fleet admiral of the DB who's grown to despise Force users and seeks to eliminate us. This is the first major event I've been present for since my leave and looks to be quite a good one! So strap in, this month is going to be exciting!



News and Events

  • GJW XII is in full swing. Starting from October 13th until November 19th
  • COJ wants to make sure you all remember: If it feels kinda sketchy, don't do it.
  • GJW XII Wiki will have all your need to knows. If you need any more info, this is the first place I'd look.
  • COJ Case 58 has been concluded


GMRG/INQ/SA Activities

Kelly Mendes -

  • Gained Savant in Legends
  • Gained Savant in Leadership and Communication
  • Gained Sage in History and Lore
  • SA rank elevated Twice to X: Graduate (maxima cum laude)
  • Passed Debate 101 and 102
  • Passed Capital Starships
  • Passed Advanced Warfare
  • Passed Fiction Studies
  • Placed 3rd in the GMRG Quarterly Leaderboard

Best Quaestor EVER!

Dacien Victae di Plagia -

  • Gained Sage in Law (Holy Crap! You are AWESOME!!!)
  • Gained Savant in Legends
  • SA rank elevated to XII: Graduate (egregia cum laude)

Azmodius Equesinfernum -

  • Gained Savant in Leadership and Communication
  • SA rank elevated to VIII: Graduate (cum laude)
  • Passed Debate 101 and 102

You two are incredible! So happy to have y'all in my house!



Aedile Moment

Some of you are pretty familiar with these major DB wide events and for you, these constant updates from us all over in the summit are just annoying reminders to 'participate and you gets good stuff'. Others have only been around for our clan events, or for a few of you, this is your first event. Regardless of your status, this GJW is not like the others and features several newly introduced mechanics. The competitions have been organized into sub-categories,or "bins". This means the old "Do All the Things" catchphrase need no longer apply as by doing one of the competitions within a bin will credit your clan your participation points. While you still can, and I encourage you all to try doing all the things, participation in more than one competition within a bin will only raise your chances of placing in more competitions and will not further contribute to your clan's participation score.

Another new addition (at least from what I've seen) is the Comic. Members form teams of 2-4 and create a comic of at least 5 pages based on the war's updates. The Maker requires that members make a 3 dimensional representation of the war and snap a photo. This can be any material you choose and a written explanation is encouraged. Those of you who still have their big boxes of legos, bust 'em out and relive those childhood memories! Finally, In a World, asks for an audio submission of any part of the war. This can be a reading of your fiction from another competition or a portion of the fiction updates. The important thing here is to act it out. Really give it life. You want the judges to be able to envision these character's faces and actions as you portray them.

All in all, these competitions really level the playing field as whether you're new to the war or a former hero, were all doing these for the first time so get out there and give it your all! Who knows, maybe YOU will be the next Plaguian Demon!



Useful Links



With that I'll bring this report to a close so I can get into some of these competitions myself. Go out there and show everyone we mean Bins-ness!



Good report, now back to doing the tings :p

Indeed, thing doing is important and the weekend is a good time

Look at you three getting all learned!

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