Battleteam Krennic Report #5


Battleteam Krennic Report #5


Hey guys, it’s that time again. Welcome to the fifth installment of reports from your friendly neighborhood BTL! Let’s see what there is to check out this time.


Brotherhood News

We’ve got a bunch of reports for you to check out, so take a moment to look them over when you’ve got the time.

Here’s some important info:

Headmaster Daniel “Seraphol” Stephens is looking for a new Professor for the Department of Writing. Check out the news post linked above for the details, or simply click here. Applications are due by Friday, July 27th.

Herald Selika is looking for a new Magistrate as well. The details can be found in the latest Herald report, or here. Applications are due by Saturday, July 28th.


Clan & House News

The most recent clan storyline event, Disruption on Mount Karbon, has now ended. Dek has made a news post about it, with a short bit of fiction to wrap things up, which you can find here. Congratulations to Kadrol Hauen on earning First Place, Krennic’s own James Malum for securing Second Place, and our Consul Elincia Rei for getting Third Place in the event!

Dek has released his fourth and final Quaestor Report. Dek mentioned to the Summit that following the end of Disruption on Mount Karbon, he would be stepping down as Quaestor of Imperium. While it is sad to see him go, it is always important to recognize that real life should come first, and that this is a volunteer club. I want to take a moment to say thank you to Dek for all the work that he has put in during his time on the summit, and I wish him luck with whatever comes next in life.

Taking over as the new Quaestor will be Korras/Darth Aeternus. He put out a quick introductory report that you should check out when you have a moment.

Raiju has posted a Proconsul Report. It talks about concerns regarding our community and how we should always strive to put our best foot forward and be an open and welcoming community for all, whether they be fellow members or visitors from other units. I urge you all to give it a read so that you can help to continue to make Scholae the great place that I know it can be.

Mune has a new Rollmaster Report in which he switches the format to using the site. No huge changes, but you should still give it a read and see what he has to say.

The new event, Words and War, is still going, and you should go check out the competitions and get those submissions in, maybe even earn something shiny! Go, do! You can find the list of competitions on this page here.

Battleteam News

Welcome to our newest member, Zeke Avignone!

We’re sad to say goodbye to some members that have been moved to the Rogues: Anyanka, Solarc, Dreigin, Jack Noscaj, Mogul, and Xenterius.

Kell Palpatine Dante

  • Joined the Shroud Syndicate (Art Society)
  • Shroud Syndicate rank elevation to Rank IV

James Malum

  • Inquisitorius elevation to Rank IV
  • Appointed to Social Media Staff Member
  • 1x Crescent w/ Ruby Star
  • 3x Crescent w/ Amethyst Star
  • 1x Crescent w/ Sapphire Star
  • 7x Clusters of Ice
  • 2x Clusters of Graphite

Reiden Palpatine Karr:

  • 2x Crescent w/ Amethyst Star
  • 1x Crescent w/ Sapphire Star
  • 1x Legion of the Scholar





I urge you to check out the other options available to you on the Comp Listings page and click on the Long-running/Series tab. I’ve given you links to a couple of the comps from that tab, but it’s always good to go check things out for yourself every now and then.


That’s it for this report, folks. Until next time.

For the Empire!

-- Reiden Palpatine Karr


Welcome Zeke!

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