[COU] High Councillor Report #10: A Good Man Goes To War


[COU] High Councillor Report #10: A Good Man Goes To War



Today I bring you exciting news.

First, we are in the midst of our club’s biggest event of the year: a Great Jedi War. We are Mario and this is the ultimate race to the flag to see who can save princess Peach first. I’ll be covering some war materials to hopefully help you be the best mario you can be.

Second, I will be sharing the final results from our most recent clan event. There will be final standings, an art appreciation corner, and the points breakdown. Besides that I’ll have some general news and the usual shoutouts. Let’s dive in!



Great Jedi War XIV Speech

Do you want to play a game, the DB game of the year moreover? Because it's already here and every single one of you share one piece called Odan-Urr. We are on a multiplayer game board with 6 other Marios, all of whom are racing us to the finishing flag. More specifically the more points we earn the higher we jump, and if we jump the highest we win! And then you get that wonderful feeling of success, that sweet exhilaration that comes with beating a hard challenge.

But to get there we need each and every one of you. Every point you acquire not only helps us jump higher but it earns us extra points as well. Whether or not you consider yourself competitive, think of that special moment where you finally beat that one challenge you’ve tried so hard to pass. I am simply asking each and every one of you to get as many bins and points as you can so that together we can all feel the exhilaration of a challenge beaten. For Odan-Urr, for us, that challenge is to conquer the Great Jedi War.

How do I get points?

There are several challenges that we call bins and more than a few ways to beat them. You get points for passing each challenge and as a bonus you get extra points for beating all the bins in a phase. Sounds complicated but a picture will clear things up a lot.


So if you login and go to the GJW Page, you’ll see something very much like the above picture. Once you complete a challenge, you will see a green check mark that says “participated”. That means you beat that bin! This shows Phase 1 so if you get all three bins you get bonus points for Phase 1. There are two other parts to this big game of ours: Phase 2 and Event Longs. Both follow the same rules as Phase 1 but the Event Longs last the entirety of the Great Jedi War.

So that got a bit technical but I hoped that helps understand this event a bit more. I’ve covered competition guides ad nauseum already on our communication channels. So instead I’ll focus this report on a question: what’s at stake? What do you get for jumping the highest?

  • The fun of playing a game, which in my humble opinion is the reason we do DB stuff.
  • That satisfying feeling after you beat a challenge set before you. That feeling that makes you celebrate with high fives, a solid fist in the air, or perhaps some enthusiastic yelling.
  • The chance to do something great and fun together as a team.
  • That warm feeling knowing that you helped others on your team feel happy.
  • Lots of DB fictional credits
  • Specials Seals (awards for your profile)
  • Special weapon and clothing item if you place 1st-3rd. (These are quite cool and we can ask for new things)
  • The title of First Clan (If you don’t think it's a big deal that’s okay, but you’ll still have to hear about it from the winners even if you don’t care.)

Some or all of these may motivate you. I’ve been a part of Odan-Urr for ~3.5 years and seen a lot of different people. All I ask of each and every one of you is to try your very best to do as well at this Great Jedi War as you can. Give 100% and I’ll be exceedingly proud of you no matter what. Because in the end this is a game and I’d like to see you do your best, whatever that means personally for you so you give yourself a chance at that giddy high five/fist pump moment.

So give them hell and show the DB what you're made of. Odan-Urr is counting on you. As my proconsul likes to say a lot in emails “we all lift together.”

Now, let's kick some ass!

Some Great Jedi War XIV reminders/advice

  • Join our war chat! It’s the best place for news right now.
  • Consider joining our clan runon! It’s fun and only requires 250 words per post. You can even use war chat to ask for a proofread. :)
  • Phase 1 competitions end on 6/15/20, that’s 1 day from now. Get your last minute entries in!
  • If you need help finding a team for an event long competition, we are here to help.
  • Hit all the bins but remember to focus on what’s most fun to you.
  • Don’t be afraid to fail. This is a game so let’s just play, try our very best, and see where it takes us.

For Odan-Urr. May the Force be with us and our light shine through!

light versus dark

Toxic! - Clan Event Results

Our second peacekeeping event is officially in the books and graded. In this clan event, we again served as peacekeepers but in a much different way than a straight rescue. This event boasted an unique underwater venue, exotic creatures, and a variety of competitions to influence just how well our operation went. I’ll get to the details very shortly but suffice it to say we had an enthusiastic response. That said, let’s review the story crawl for this mission we did on Dorumaa:

Toxic! An addictive deadly new drug has hit the market and is spreading fast. Every man, woman, and child that consumes it dies wanting more. Concerned citizens, who find themselves targeted by dealers, cry out for help but their governments are unequipped or unwilling to take on lucrative blackmarkets. Moreover, the Perlemian Cartel, a powerful crime Syndicate, actively protects its distribution channels, silencing any who threatens the operation. But alas, one voice broke through, sending a coded message to Odan-Urr. It reads “Help. Found the source. Deep Sea Facility. Hurry” along with coordinates to a moon called Dorumaa. Intelligence has confirmed an industrial site that matches the description but local authorities, Dorumaa Investment Group won’t let anyone closer for safety precautions, afraid of what might happen if the Cartel makes good on their promise to release it into the planetwide ocean.

Odan-Urr has volunteered to help shut down the operation for good, without harming the ecosystem. A team has been sent and the deep sea awaits. Will they make it in time?

Odan-Urr made a good impression during our last clan event but this one promises us a lot more future friends. We had 17 Odanites answer the call for what was a very daring and dangerous mission. Alas, here are a variety of final numerical results along with some submission highlights I’d like to call out.

Toxic! Comp link

Final Winners!

  • 1st place: Agate Gua’lara with 14 points
  • 2nd place: Jafits Skrumm with 13 points
  • 3rd place: Lu’aisha Gresee with 10 points
  • 4th place: Essik Lyccane, Vez Hirundo with 9 points
  • 5th place: Elyon de Neverse with 8 points

This event had three sub-competitions, calling on you to work on an underwater battleplan, game to combat drugs, and draw what it might look like to descend into the depths. I’d like to highlight a few excellent entries below for your enjoyment.


In this competition, the more you gamed the more Odan-Urr “borrowed” from a rich warlord to donate to an aggressive anti-drug campaign. I’d like to say we were a pretty good robin hood. Well done to all who participated and in particular to our top 3 placements! Great work.

  • 1st place: Jafits Skrumm
  • 2nd place: Gui Sol
  • 3rd place: Agate Gua’lara


In this competition, we asked you to depict what it looked like as Odan-Urr travels down to the Deep Sea Facility. (There is an astonishing lack of underwater art on the subject.) There were a number of wonderful submissions and even better I was allowed to share them. Well done to all who participated and in particular to our top 3 placements! Great work.

  • 1st place: Agate Gua’lara


  • 2nd place: Lu’aisha Gresee


  • 3rd place: Jafits Skrumm


  • Honorable mention: Elyon de Neverse


Just beautiful and creative artworks. I loved the fresh take on the prompt each of you displayed.


In this competition, we asked you to create a battle plan for a very unique environment, an underwater one. Moreover, the base you were asked to protect had a number of themed defenses such as coral and sharks with lasers. Yes, I did just say sharks with lasers attached to their heads. There were a number of wonderful submissions but sadly most are hidden from view. As an alternative I will attempt to call out some highlights in each of their plans as I remember them. Well done to all who participated and in particular to our top 3 placements! Great work.

  • 1st place: Essik Lyccane, Vez Hirundo, Elyon de Neverse, Yud

This team approached the objective with a great deal of detail, all the way down to how to relocate and recover the firaxan sharks. They successfully engaged the multitude of defenses with limited casualties to the wildlife, while a saboteur made life easier for their fellow Odanites. The station was then safely taken over, efforts were made to ensure no amount of the toxin escaped, and we stayed on the station until local authorities had it under control. They even rescued the laser sharks, who are now just regular sharks on manaan called left and right shark. Just kidding on the names but the rest is true.

  • 2nd place: Revak Kur, Agate Gua’lara, Yuki Suoh

This team approached the objective from a creature control perspective and had some amazing custom art. They chronicled how they found their way to the moon and once there did some advance recon on the target using high orbital scans. They then tracked a herd of Nus whales and helped guide them to Leviathan nesting grounds near the facility. While the research facility dealt with the impending catastrophe, the Odanites infiltrated the base and took it over. The production of the drug was sabotaged.

  • 3rd place: Jafits Skrumm, Lu’aisha Gresee, Edgar Drachen

This team approached the objective in a wonderfully named plan called Trident. The research station’s forces and our own faced off in a classic frontal assault shaped like a trident. They then sent some units to attack from behind after they broke through enemy lines. The rest of the forces were then quickly dealt with and in the meanwhile our Odanites stealth infiltrated the facility and knocked some heads together until it was ours.

In closing and as promised, I will be taking all these entries and incorporating them as best makes sense into a clan fiction. At this point, I would like to congratulate our overall winners for their well earned victories. Congratulations! I also want to thank those who participated. I hope you all had a lot of fun with what was a very unique setting. As a bonus, your entries will be most useful in crafting my post-Toxic fiction. I hope you had fun and keep your characters ready for the next one. It will be a trip!

P.S: Though each event is separate, the results from each impact our relationship with the wider galaxy. It’s essentially like a syndicated show but with a bigger objective we are trying to obtain. Your choices in the previous events will play a role in future ones. ^^

Next Mission & Post Toxic! fiction

So what’s next for us? Well, the galaxy is still asking us for help but...they are getting a busy signal for now because we have a Great Jedi War. The Sith came a calling and they messed up, and per usual the innocents are left to fend for themselves. Well, not all of them are innocents but we have our mission. We are also taking this opportunity to “borrow” things the Sith really shouldn’t have, much like kids who insist on playing with fire even though it burns the house down. Jedi making sure people are taking care of after the Sith treat them badly, very Star Wars indeed.

After we deal with the mess the Sith caused, we will return back to another mission, another story crawl, and more lives on the line. No dates yet but till then I have a few things I want to do. First, I owe you all a clan fiction and I ask for your patience. We are in the middle of a huge club-wide event and I have one-hand to type with for a few more weeks. That said it will be written but give me till after this Great Jedi War. Second, I want to make a list of allies and enemies we have made so far so we can get a good feel for where we stand with the wider galaxy after the war overall. I’ll have more updates after the Great Jedi War!

Group Writing Opportunities

  • Great Jedi War Clan runon Runon: Odan-Urr is on a civilian rescue and artifact retrieval mission on a rapidly failing platform. Help us accomplish both before we fall out of the sky!

  • Co-op fiction: In two to three man groups, infiltrate an enemy ship and capture or kill a key enemy combatant. Doing so will save a lot of lives. Try not to bring the whole ship down on you though.

Activity Shoutouts

Several Odanites did exemplary work during this last month, whether it be competitions, Shadow Academy or something else. As such, I’ve dedicated this section to their excellent efforts for the Clan. Please take a moment to look over the triumphs of Odan-Urr and congratulate your fellow Odanites.

Gaming Stars:

  • Jafits Skrumm
  • Gui Sol
  • Agate Gua’lara

Graphic Stars:

  • Agate Gua’lara
  • Elyon de Neverse
  • Revak Kur

Fiction Stars:

  • Essik Lyccane
  • Revak Kur
  • Gui Sol

Shadow Academy Stars:

  • Tassk Adroc
  • Elyon de Neverse
  • Gui Sol

Miscellaneous Stars (think puzzles/flash gaming and stuff):

  • Vez Hirundo
  • Agate Gua’lara
  • Revak Kur

Event Hoster Stars:

  • Sa Ool
  • Vyr Vorsa
  • Essik Lyccane

Great work to all that participated and placed. Thanks for all the energy and effort you put into the club. You make Odan-Urr a great place to be. :)

Merits Medals, Sacramental Awards & Promotions

It is my absolute pleasure to announce the following promotions and merit medals. Please congratulate your fellow Odanites and their recent accomplishments!!!

* Gui Sol promoted to EQ1! (Welcome to the Equites!!!)
* Agate Gua’lara promoted to EQ1! (Welcome to the Equites!!!)
* Shayna Phantom promoted to JM4! (Welcome to Knighthood!)
* Gwowk promoted to NOV4!
* Ruti Tar promoted to JM2!
* Elyon de Neverse promoted to JM3!
* Elyon de Neverse promoted to JM2!
* Irhan Lo’Vex promoted to JM3!
* Yud promoted to JM2!
* Yud promoted to JM1!
* Yud promoted to NOV4!
* Yud promoted to NOV3!
* Yud promoted to NOV2!
* Atlas Ryder promoted to NOV2!
* Atlas Ryder to NOV3!
* Vuxox Doveo promoted to NOV4!
* Tassk Adroc promoted to JM1!
* Tassk Adroc promoted to NOV4!
* Tassk Adroc promoted to NOV3!
* Tassk Adroc promoted to NOV2!

* Celevon Erinos received a Sapphire Blade!
* Tisto received his first Grand Cross!
* Jafits Skrumm received a Steel Cross!



Club News

DB News

Clan News


Competition Highlights

For the full list check out here

By the Clan

  • Go do the Great Jedi War!



< On Hold till Great Jedi War ends>


That’s it for today’s report. I appreciate your patience as a hen-pecked this report out. We did some great work. I particularly wanted to give a shout to those who participated in our most recent clan event and to those knocking out their Great Jedi War competitions. Every point counts! Just remember that the Great Jedi War is one big game, so don't be afraid to try a new level or do something out of your usual comfort zone. There is nothing to lose and lots of fun to be gained. Now get out there and show the DB what we’ve got! Charge!

Some GJW music

#forOdanUrr #lightsideRepresent


Credit: Arch, watercolor 2020

~Signed with Pheromones


Thank you so much for this report and for my honorable mention. I am honored.

Also i like title of report (A good man goes to War -11th Doctor Who, S06xE07) Fantastic!!

Well, this was a nice surprise on the whole, I wasn't expecting any kind of update at all until the current event was over. Thank you for covering this in such immense detail given all that is going on at the moment.

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