[COU] High Councillor Report #3: A New Chapter


[COU] High Councillor Report #3: A New Chapter


Odanites, Allies, and those of the darker persuasion,

Change is here for Odan-Urr and most of this report will be dedicated to it. This includes no less then restructuring how the Clan operates both structurally and fictionally. It also involves Odan-Urr closing our latest fictional chapter with a brand new clan fic and stepping into a brand new chapter. Moreover, the GJW is swiftly coming upon us so I’ll also be explaining how we can use our fictional changes in the upcoming war as well as hyping it up. Allons-y!



Fiction Update

First, it’s my pleasure to release to everyone a new clan fiction that will bring to a close our engagement with the Vauzem Dominion and grant us something we have always wanted for a Clan since we arrived in the system. But enough of the teasing, please read the fiction below.

For those that might need it, here is the cast of characters for the new fiction and a quick recap of where we stand right now:

  • Kaltani Anasaye (Ruler of Kiast)
  • Vauzem Dominion (group fighting Kaltani for control of the Kiast system)
  • Alethia Archenksova (Councillor, Odanite, Code Name: Vixen)
  • Aura Ta’var (CON/High Councillor, Odanite)
  • Revak Kur (Odanite, Leader of S.P.E.A.R aka Strike Team Ooroo)
  • Tython Squadron (Clan Coalition)
  • Celevon Edraven Erinos (PCON/War Councillor, Odanite, Code Name: Reaper)
  • Peacekeepers (Clan Coalition)
  • Knights of Urr (Clan Coalition)
  • SeNet (Clan Coalition)
  • Suya Narya (NPC Odanite, Assigned Odan-Urr Diplomat to the Vatali Conclave)

Also, here is a picture of our current system to help understand the references. Green denotes we have a presence there.



Clan Odan-Urr prepares for war! Everyone feels the rising tensions, whether they are a Force User or not. Those members who have previously experienced or sensed the calm before the storm know what is coming and are preparing accordingly!

After the Collective went quiet following their financial backing being crippled, Clan Odan-Urr focused on their home system of Kiast. Alethia Archenksova, former High Councillor (Consul) of COU, was proven to have manipulated the Empress of the Vatali Empire into declaring war against the Collective. Since this point, Alethia was replaced as High Councillor by Aurora “Aura” Ta’var with Celevon Edraven Erinos filling the void left as the Councillor of War (Proconsul).

Tensions arose as the Quorahi got heavily involved with the Vauzem Dominion — those who left the Vatali Conclave, believing themselves to be the rightful government of the Kiast system — and members of the Clan decide which they should back. The Vatali Empire or the Quorahi? As a result of this, Empress Kaltani Anasaye of the Vatali Empire asked the Conclave to go to war against both the Collective and the Vauzem Dominion!

Dominion Headquarters Kiast System 37 ABY; 1938 Hours, Local time

All was calm within the confines of the auditorium that the Vauzem Dominion had deemed their ‘Conclave’. Numerous small groups had started discussions amongst themselves, despite the fact that it was all a hopeless endeavor. Despite their beliefs that they were the true ruling body of the Vatali Empire, very little of what was discussed made headway.

In the wake of the current Empress’ approved request through the Vatali Conclave, members of the Vauzem Dominion had been declared enemies of the Empire alongside some group known as ‘The Collective’. Anyone who associated with them was to be considered a traitor and dealt with as such, the punishment for which was death. Several of the Noble families who had been with the Dominion had withdrawn their support, cutting off all communications and any funding that had existed.

A young man (by Sephi standards, at least) was now their leader, the presumed heir of their former leader. Today, the rest had learned of his plans that would never see the light of day; to infiltrate the Vatali Empire and gain the trust of Kaltani Anasaye. However, with the announcement of war against the Dominion, that plan had shattered into billions of fragments.

They were unaware of the planning that had been put forth between Clan Odan-Urr and certain members of the Vatali. Most of said planning had been the result of intelligence gathering by the Sentinel Network (SeNet).

All of those weeks of planning came to fruition in a single instance.

The rest of the story can be found here.

Did you give it read? Here is a tl;dr just in case:

  • The combined forces of Odan-Urr and the Vatali Empire commence Operation: Vanguard, taking out the leadership and financial backing of the Vauzem Dominion in one fell swoop. They are on the run now, no longer as large a problem as they had been for decades.
  • Alethia Archenksova is revealed to have gone to work within the Sentinel Network in her forced retirement from leading the Clan.
  • High Councillor Aurora Ta’var is revealed to be blunt and unrefined when it comes to diplomacy; however, Empress Kaltani Anasaye agrees to talk terms in making Odan-Urr a Noble House within the Vatali Conclave for a few concessions.
  • Pantoran female Suya Narya is appointed the representative of Clan Odan-Urr within the Conclave.
  • A capital ship’s reactor went critical within the asteroid field, managing to blow a hole in our defenses, evidence points to the Collective; Our enemies are getting more creative and are currently hiding amongst the indigenous pirates.
  • With the Vauzem Dominion crippled, it’s time to turn our eyes upon the Collective. The new flagship, VSD Sunrider is revealed as being completed and ready for action.

The focus of our first chapter in the Strife arc has always been to gain citizenship and now we can finally close this initial chapter. Yes. We are now FINALLY citizens of the Vatali Empire. All of our hard work to help protect the Kiast system has paid off and now we get to reap both the rewards and the extra responsibility that comes with citizenship. Since the Vauzem Dominion has met its end, we’ll be moving on to other troublemakers from here on out like those mysterious people who punched their way into our system, those pesky pirates operating in and around the system, and anyone causing problems outside the system. Let’s see where we stand right now.

political landscape

There are a few key points here.

  • First, Odan-Urr is now a member of the Vatali Empire.
  • Second, we have a new House called Sunrider. More details below.
  • Third, we will be engaging with the pirates in our system and they will not be friendly.
  • Fourth, we have something called Clan Coalitions now and they do not have to be under the same sub-unit. More details below. Many are but that is not a strict rule and they can move around. For example, Wildcards are not under any and that’s ok.
  • Lastly, this diagram is a living document so keep an eye on it from time to time because things might change over time as we refine our ideas. :)

Opening up the second chapter of the Strife arc, our new focus will be on fixing problems in the galaxy regardless of borders. It’s time to look outward again and make the galaxy a better place to be in, much like the Jedi Order did long long ago. This includes stuff like taking down smuggling operations (hello Hutts) and slavery rings, taking on galactic oppressors, and visiting iconic Star Wars planets on special recovery missions. It’s time we took our light and spread it amongst the stars, whether something wants to be illuminated or not.

Clan Coalitions and the Clashing of Philosophies

Alright, so we are going to fix problems in the galaxy from now on. Does this mean we all have to be prototypical good guys?


As the Rebellion and Rebels have taught us, there are many ways to fight for good and Odan-Urr is no different. We are a collection of Star Wars fans with characters that each go about doing that in different ways. Sometimes there are fundamental differences and sometimes these are minor but the end goal has always been the same: fighting for good. Put another way, we are going after the same target but how we do it is decided per character. Different hows but same end goal. Let’s look at some pictures to help things make more sense.

First, let’s talk about some big Clan philosophies that have proven themselves time and time again.


There are a few key points I want to draw from this picture.

  • First, being good doesn’t lock you into one way of doing it.
  • Second, the philosophies will rub against each other at times but that’s a good thing. Character tension gives us interesting things to write about.
  • Third, this is a personal choice per character and isn’t set by any of our units.

We then took Clan Philosophies to another level and created what we are calling Clan Coalitions. A coalition is defined as an alliance for combined action. Each Coalition must have a unique ‘why do I get up and do this everyday’. These Coalitions are more tangible fictional pieces that everyone can play with on a per-character basis. For example, my main character can belong to the Peacekeepers, my alt can belong to SeNet, and my NPC can belong to Strike Team Ooroo.

To make sure its super clear, people belong to one House but their characters are assigned to a Clan Coalition so they can write more than one fictional angle and find a group of like-minded characters to write with. Many Coalitions, One House.

Read the above and see where you character(s) might fit. Get together with those people and do things together, whether that be writing, roleplay, run-ons, group art, or anything else you come up with. If a particular Clan Coalition builds up steam we may even be able to make a battle team for it. In any case, I will be making competitions that utilize these Clan Coalitions to help encourage you all to use them so start thinking about them now. In addition, they will be very handy when writing things for the upcoming GJW. Lastly, this is a living document so keep an eye on it from time to time, especially as more people figure out where their characters might fall.

New Clan Structure - House Sunrider Rises!

As you saw in the diagram above, there are two Houses of note missing, both Shan and Hoth. They have merged to become one, with Tython becoming its battle team, and by majority vote a new name was chosen: Sunrider. I know that the loss of our old Houses is sad to some of you, especially those that poured so much of their heart and soul into them. When I first joined the clan as its RM back in 2017, I remember the energy of both Houses and its members. Since then, a lot of work has been done to both Houses and their planets and I just wanted to thank each and every current or past Odanite who helped make that happen. In particular, I wanted to call out Nathan, Liam, Esca, Edgar, Celevon, Moro, Ji, Solari, Mar, Seridan, Mako, Korroth, Mauro, Maximus, and Len. There is likely more names to list so I’ll just say to those that dedicated their time and energy, thank you for your service.

That said, Odan-Urr is again restructuring itself, except this time we are keeping all our planets and all the excellent work poured into them. Solyiat and Daleem are now Clan assets, which can be continued to be built by anyone. Sunrider and the Clan Coalitions that support it are purpose-built to make Odan-Urr more flexible to a constantly changing fictional landscape. Simply put, we need to be able to pursue more options and engage with the outside world more.

To that end, we are fundamentally shifting how Odan-Urr structurally grows moving forward and how it engages with our fictional elements. Structurally, we will continue to use one House and will grow the clan using Clan level battle teams, which are easier to pivot from than larger Houses since they don’t have a lot of overhead. Fictionally, Sunrider is unique in that it has no set boundaries for its operations nor does it own any celestial body. Sunrider simply commands a fleet and its home is the Kiast system itself. Moreover, Sunrider is expected to go outside our system and make the galaxy a better place or you could call it fixing problems.

It’s time we spread our light to the rest of the galaxy and Sunrider is equipped to do just that. Explore the depths of the Kiast system, tangle with some pirates, visit our existing planets (Solyiat, Daleem, Kiast), investigate problems in other systems, say “hello there” to other clans, do the Kessel run for fun, etc… With Sunrider the only limitation is our imaginations and your Summit will be making sure that we exercise them. :)

So I’ll summarize the above by laying out two high level themes that Odan-Urr and by extension Sunrider will be using:

  • We fix problems in the galaxy, in whatever form we can, regardless of boundaries.
  • Help protect the peace and prosperity of the Kiast system (offense and defense)

This is the start of a new chapter for us, one that doesn’t forget what we accomplished in the past but rather uses our past accomplishments as springboards to build future chapters. I’m incredibly excited to develop this new House and this new direction for the Clan and I hope you are too. To help visualize Sunrider’s first mission, here are some really cool propaganda posters for Sunrider, artwork provided by Vyr aka Morgen Sorenn. We’ll be making some more for my next report as well. :)




GJW Hype

The GJW is starting up soon, specifically July 20th, so we need to all get ready! A recent fiction update was released and you can read it here, or read the tldr here. This might be confusing to some of you though so here is a shortened tldr for you all from Odan-Urr’s point of view:

  • The Brotherhood and the Principate have discovered each other, subsequently sending diplomatic envoys.

So how do we engage with this and why? Well, first I want you to remember what Odan-Urr stands for:

  • We fix problems in the galaxy, in whatever form we can, regardless of boundaries.
  • Help protect the peace and prosperity of the Kiast system (offense and defense)

The Collective wants to wipe out all force users and anyone who supports their continued existence. If you aren’t helping them commit murder, you are on the to murder list. This firmly fits as an enemy that is causing a lot of problems in the galaxy as well as their constant interruptions in our own space. Empress Kaltani has given Sunrider a mission to play offense against them and hit them hard. Let’s show them who they are messing with, not only for ourselves but for the sake of life itself.

The Severian Principate is currently unknown but we will be investigating them further to see if there is anything we need to fix in their corner of the galaxy or if we could trade with them. We also need to know if they are a threat to the Kiast system. Explore and acquire intel so we know if they are friend or foe.

Both of these will allow us to use Sunrider, its attached unit Tython Squadron, and OEF Fleet. In addition, I encourage everyone to take advantage of the Clan Coalitions while you are engaging with these fictional elements. They not only help provide motivation to why a character might act in a particular way but they also help inform group dynamics when you are writing with your fellow Odanites. For example, a member of the Knights of Urr and a member of the Peacekeepers would both want to engage with the Collective for the same goal but why they would do it is very different. The why might also predispose some of its characters on how they carry that out...

Hopefully that helps you see how Odan-Urr relates to this big event coming up but your Summit wants to make sure you are ready for the war. I’d like to encourage everyone to help if you are already ready and just waiting for it to kick off. You should be hearing from someone on your summit about the below:

  • Is your gaming all set up properly?
  • Are your character sheets all ready?
  • Any questions on the story for the war?
  • Do you know which Clan Coalition you’d like to join?
  • Any questions about how the war works?
  • etc..

So get ready for the war and we will be reaching out to you soon! Join the Hype train!!


Dark Council Updates

  • Firstly, the Grand Master recognized excellence and passed the torch of Deputy Grand Master from Vyr to Evant (poor guy... all that paperwork). Additionally, Mav announced the birth of Clan Vizsla, announced a WAR and a few smaller things... not limited to a shakeup in Dark Councillors. Be sure to check it out!
  • The Office of the FIST has been a busy, busy one since our last report. To avoid any confusion, this and this are Drac’s last two reports as FIST of the Brotherhood... before he became Mav’s Praetor, since the previous one became Regent. Junazee, Praetor to the FIST, released her tenth report in that position. Alaris Jinn, our new FIST (go and give him some congrats/condolences when you get a chance) released his introductory report and an update.
  • The Headmaster of the Shadow Academy released a SASsy Report detailing a few changes and upcoming things. Read to find out more!
  • The Herald released an update, revealing that the second Shroud War has come to an end.
  • The Panda At Arms released his twelfth report covering things that go on with the MAA Staff, how transfers work before and during the upcoming GJW and more!
  • Before becoming Deputy Grand Master, Evant released his final report as Regent, covering the release of Creatures and a few changes to the possessions system along the way. For full details, have a read.
  • The Office of the VOICE was equally busy, and there will be another little shakeup later. As far as fictions go, we have an interlude and Chapter II of the Brotherhood Rising Fiction Arc. Additionally, Wally released his Twenty-Second Report, announcing that he will be retiring as Voice at the conclusion of GJW XIII. Make sure to give him thanks for all the hard work.
  • Finally, the Wiki Tribune released a report that covers wiki-related things, creatures... and that our very own Ka Tarvitz was named Wikipedian of the Month for June!



Most are put on hold so I’ll have a bigger list after the war but I’ve mentioned a few just to get them out there.

Wiki Development/Updates

Wiki updates seem to be never-ending and we always need helpers to wiki-code things, especially now that we have launched a new House. As such, it also tends to get you some nice shinies. Help us record our history.

  • New wiki page creation
  • Historical wiki page updates

Community Events

Yes they are back in a limited capacity but I do want to expand these again once the GJW is over. These not only help you meet more of your clanmates but they are also a lot of fun. If you want to do more with your clan and help bring people together, this is a great way to do it.

  • Classic Battlefront 2 on Saturdays - In Progress
  • Considering additional gaming platforms to rotate in for gaming
  • General hangouts


Odan-Urr is going to implement a massive recruitment drive after the GJW finishes and we will need some help. Want to help us get new members?

  • Help develop original DB content to post
  • Reach out to existing Star Wars communities and fans
  • more to come…

Jedi Codes

Wiki page to reset expectations on Jedi and Force Users

  • Undergoing Final Review

Odan-Urr Loyalist Academy

New academy for our Loyalist characters, much like the Jedi have the Jedi Praxeum

  • Undergoing Final Review for version 1

If you would like to volunteer your help for any of the above, please pm either myself or Celevon. We don’t have all the good ideas and you get cool shinies for helping.

Competition Highlights

Our lovely Aedile of House Sunrider has two competitions running for House Sunrider for you to sink your teeth into, with more to come! In I Christen This Fleet, you are being asked to provide names for vessels within Odan-Urr’s Naval Fleet. You don’t have to provide ways for all, but it’s an easy competition and a chance for a shiny thing... and we LOVE shiny things, don’t we?

In a similar style as the last, Build Us An Army Worthy Of Odan-Urr asks that you have a glance at the Military Academy store for ground units (Atrophos Military Academy) and vehicles (Arx Armor Workshop) to build what YOU think is a good lineup for Odan-Urr.

Lastly, I remind each and every one of you that WAR is coming to the Brotherhood! Launch date is planned for Saturday, the 20th of July. Until then, I urge each and every one of you to hit up the Competitions Page, find something that whets your appetite and MAKE OUR PRESENCE KNOWN!

Still awake? Here is some calamari as incentive to keep reading.




Sa Asks: “What is the state that our planets are in?”

Aura: Well, Kiast is pretty much back to a peaceful state. Solyiat is going well atm. No disturbances to note besides a kaiju uprising. Daleem is undergoing some severe weather and tremors. The air is on fire. I would let that settle down first before visiting anytime soon. Unless you want to don some hazardous gear. It needs some help making it safe again. Might see that come up again at some point.

Cel: The Kiast System, under the rule of the Vatali Empire. :P

Tarvitz Asks: “Apologies, but may I ask in terms of stories if we will be seeing more short episodic arcs or will we be focusing on long-form running events?”

Aura: I imagine both working together. We haven’t done enough short, episodic arcs in the past and I want to do more of those. That said, I also want to make sure we are driving to an overall fictional goal in the end.

Cel: It all depends on what we’re writing at the time. I like the short, episodic arcs, but some could require the long-form.

Tisto Asks: “Why did you make Tisto write 'I will not assault clan mates to make them stronger' nine hundred times? And ‘I won't be a pedantic [Expletive Deleted]’ seven hundred times?”

Aura: For the former, Tisto was beating shayna like a piñata. For the latter, you know why.

Cel: Clearly, he deserved it... and I’m assuming that Blade assigned those. Celevon encourages it; helps to hone their reflexes instead of just dying.

Arch Asks: “What are we calling the members of House Sunrider? Subsequently, if we're calling them Sunriders, are former members going to be Ghostriders? What number am I thinking of? Do I have to be nice to Tisto? How is the summit preparing for the immense task of cheerleading and herding cats for a solid month during the war?”

Aura: In order, Sunriders. Ghostriders sounds pretty darn cool as well. Number? 42. As to being nice to Tisto, the magic 8 ball says maybe. As to the last question, there will be a concerted effort by the full summit to reach out to everyone to make sure they are all ready for the war. During the war it will be all hands on deck and I’ll be asking my summit to be the best helpers they can be along with encouraging everyone to help each other out. We have a lot of veterans and several canewavers who can give very good advice. :) It will be hard work but well worth it. ^^

Cel: In order? Ash. According to Tarvitz, “Only those played by Nicholas Cage, I assure you.” Thirteen. It’s your decision if you’re nice to Tisto. We bought lots of pom-poms... sadly, they were being stored on Daleem. Thankfully, we stored the catnip elsewhere.


Thanks for your patience while reading this report. I hope you found it informative and are just as excited about the new things in Odan-Urr as I am. As always, feel free to ask me any questions. Let’s get ready for the war!!!!


~Signed with Pheromones [And Silver sharpie!]



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