House Karness Muur Quaestor Report #15


House Karness Muur Quaestor Report #15



My report is running a little late by DB site standards. It’s the 21st, and that means it’s time for that chance to contribute to the clan lore that you definitely read about in the last couple of my reports. Arden’s got the clan exploring Aliso’s vast landscapes for areas of intrigue and possibly mystery. As is Clan Plagueis Policy, we’re serving these competitions up in a two week event so that there’s something for everyone in the clan to take stabs at.


News and Events

Clan Plagueis just started the Mysteries of Aliso event today. It’s going to run two weeks and features work from all the summit. It represents the first in a series of steps to help get Clan Plagueis back in order fictionally so that we can continue to develop it as a unit. There are seven competitions each week, starting with an NPC development comp, a location development comp, a puzzle, cryptogram, flash game, poem, and trivia. You can choose how long your entries take. Get those participations in for the comps you don’t care for and enjoy the ones you want to complete. That’s the big topic right now for clan news. Since my last report, the rest of the Brotherhood has also been working tirelessly.

Quaestor’s Words

All skills just need to be practiced in order to develop ability. Maybe some need more than others, but anyone can accomplish anything with enough hard work, discipline, and dedication. This club is a good avenue for practicing a few through a Star Wars themed vehicle. Maybe you aren’t great at drawing, but the more detail you put into a Post-It Note or Napkin drawing, the closer you get to being able to do it with a complete product. The same goes for writing, gaming, anything in this club, anything in the world really. So just keep striving to accomplish your goals and learn to learn. There are many out there who’ve already done the things you want to do and those individuals can give you advice and assistance if you ask nicely. I know I will.

Furios’ Fantastic Feature

This month, I’m going to feature some members of the House that helped represent Clan Plagueis in the recent May the 4th Celebration event. Shout-outs and (50 Furios Points) to Gaius Julius Caesar, Brimstone, Ra’gnar, and Tahiri for their participation. Also a big thank you to them and the rest of the members of the clan who participated. You guys rock!


In Conclusion

Short report, but a busy Brotherhood. Get those entries in for the Mysteries of Aliso and have fun with what the Summit offers you over the next month or two. All our effort is for naught if you don’t like the event and you can’t like it unless you participate in it first.

See you next month!

Furios Morega

#DBSitestandardsmatter But a good report nonetheless

No, you rock! Now everyone, do the things!

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