Naga Sadow: Springing Into Action


Naga Sadow: Springing Into Action


Hey Naga Sadow. It has been a bit of a quiet month this February. This isn’t to say that things have come to a complete halt. Rather to the opposite. While we haven’t seen much in the way of heavy-hitting competitions, we have seen some notable personal activities from our members.

Things of this sort include how we saw Rosh Athan getting promoted from recruit to trainee, we have seen Kristeva earned a shiny new Dark Cross, Malik Sadow was appointed to BTL of the Disciples of Dakhan, our own Vosiri Lightcrest going from being a Major to our Clan's newest Commander, we got to recognize Quaestor Malisane Sadow for his contributions to the Clan and club at large and more. We also saw Rosh Athan get promoted again from Proselyte to Neophyte and saw Rhys Pwyll decide to join our numbers before jumping to Marka Ragnos. we notably got to recognize our very own Sanguinius Tsucyra Entar for his Sang-y-ness and...well, honestly you are better to click here so you can see the kind words from the Headmistress and members for just a few of the reasons we wanted to recognize that wonderful chap.

We have also seen a healthy mix of gaming from the Clan. A lot of that has been in Heroes of the Storm during those evenings when Sang speaks out asking folks if they are interested in gaming. There has also been some gaming with those folks over in Clan Odan-Urr on SWTOR for both clusters and funsies.

That brings us to another point. We will have an event starting super soon though. It is more of a prelude event to something we have cooking with those fine folks over in Taldryan than a hard kick into the sort of epic-ness that CNS has been known for in past, but we do have to deal a bit with in our own system. The dark and cold of those non-summer days can drag, and as such we will be kicking into Winter in Orian. This event deals with some of the repercussions of declaring yourselves as the lords and masters of a system publicly.


Independent Freighter Fires of Liberty
39 ABY

“You have been selected for random inspection! Come out with hands up!” The gruff voice of the security officer echoed through the small Corellian freighter, accompanied with the sound of boots on the metallic deck plates. The pair of human security officers were flanking a human in surprisingly casual-clothing given the sharp looks he kept shooting about the ill-kept vessel. A KX-series droid followed the slender, brown-haired fellow.

“A 1300 series ship. A filthy antique.” The man shook his head. “They are well-known for smuggling compartments. Make sure that you are thorough.” The Equite motioned toward the direction of the vessel’s cockpit. One of the officers turned, giving the barest glance of concern at the abnormally-dressed Loyalist and droid before saluting and stalking off with a worn E-11 blaster rifle raised to his shoulder.

“Commander Lightcrest,” the other security officer held back. There was concern in the eyes of this younger man. “What if there turns out to be no cargo?”

The Weapon Specialists’ blue eyes sparkled as he gave a haughty but thin smile. “Well, in that case, we may have to interrogate them upon the location of the contraband. This vessel was reported by a loyal citizen to be smuggling death sticks without licensing or tax. If the Sadow Empire is rule properly over the Orian system, we have to bring law and order to the system. I would be careful about questioning your superiors in the field, by the way. I don’t believe that the system’s Overlord or his constituents are going to smile at you making the Sadow look bad.”

“I meant nothing by it, sir.” The younger man straightened up as he spoke the words, drawing his own weapon closer, but not bringing it up at the ready. He took a tentative step backward. “Permission to continue duties as ordered?”

“Granted. Just try not make the Sith Empire look bad in front of the criminals.” Vosiri was calling the words into the back of the retreating security officer, but he still smiled to himself. He didn’t have long to enjoy his mirth. Both security officers came back more quickly, with the older holding a dirty-faced Zabrak by both arms in a crab-like grip and the younger with his blaster aimed sideways at the prisoner.

“We only found one on the vessel, sir. This one was found hiding in the cargo bay. You were right about the smuggling compartments. He was a bit clumsy and left the floor plate covering the opening was askew.” The older man pulled the Zabrak forward, causing the youth to give a sound of discomfort.

Vosiri looked the man over. Dirty clothes, dirty face, no visible weapons and yet a fire in his eyes. He took two, slow steps forward to close the remaining space between Commander and arrested, looking into the alien’s brown eyes. The eyes seemed to challenge him to make the first move.

So Vosiri did just that. The Equite turned sideway and in one smooth motion, drove his elbow into the gut of the rebellious youth. The Zabrak’s eyes widened in surprise as he slumped in the hold of the older security officer.

“That,” the Commander leaned forward as he spoke, “is a mere taste of the fun we are going to have if you are not going to cooperate with us. If you prefer, you can give us some names, some locations and maybe you will be leaving our company today. If not, I am sure these fine officers will be happy to impound your ship.”

“This has never been the way that things were done.” The youth spat the words.

“The Overlord has pivoted to a new way of doing things. This is a Sith Empire. You don’t faff about in the Sadowan Empire. We are in charge, and if you want to keep operating in any capacity in this system you had best get used to it. You think that I am bad? Keep going down this path, and you will see how patient I am being.” He tilted his head in a mocking gesture, before driving another punch into the side of the Zabrak with a grunt of satisfaction. The alien doubled over in pain as the security officer released his shoulders. Vosiri peered down. “So you best give us names, now.”

“Do I need to activate my incendiary weaponry, or shall I remain on standby?” The droid stood rigidly, but there was an almost hungry intonation to the question.

“We will see, KX.” Vosiri leaned down and put a firm hand on the Zabrak’s arm. “Let’s see how cooperative our new friend will be, first.


39 ABY

“I am telling you,” an excited young Rodian waved a hand in the air, “it was an old ship of war! Seriously, we were skimming the Inos asteroids, and we saw a Carrack cruiser! I thought we were dead.” There were some general sounds of discontent and cajoling. “Seriously though, seriously!”

“Is that where you and Kodo go on the weekends?” A sweaty Gamorrean female leaned forward listening to the story.

“Yeah, that spot. You know that spot where we go racing between the edges of asteroids? I have been planning a race with some of the guys in a couple of weeks. Well, anyway we had taken a wide turn around one of the larger rocks, and like I said there it was, larger than life. So Kodo shrinks down in his seat with this kind of little squeak, and sure enough the thing started to turn. Now, what would you expect us to do but to start spinning up our hyperspace engines. If a ship that size decided to turn its guns on something like a UT-60D, we would be space dust.”

“So let me guess, you turned tail and ran? Or did you stand and fight?” The Gamorrean let out a guffaw before throwing her head back with her glass and drinking deeply from the container of intoxicants.

“Now, you see that is the really crazy part. I am sweating slugs and Kodo is freaking out. My life is flashing before my eyes and I am wondering what my mother will think if they don't recover my body and then suddenly, things went black."

"You passed out?" There was more laughter.

"No no not this time. I mean it was just gone. The ship just jumped out of sight. It was the most bizarre thing. No local fleet markings, plain gray siding. No idea where it had gone, but the weirdest thing was before we left. I could have sworn I saw and identical Carrack jumping back in right as we initiated our jump out."

There was more laughter and buying of drinks. The rowdy group became louder. However, Ashia was quietly sipping her drink. The whole conversation she had been sitting silent and watching from afar.

and of course, you can find the rest of the fiction here


News From The Club

There has been a bit that has been going on in the club-wide scene. For one, we saw the nomination of Evant, we saw our former-DGM open the floor to questions along-side a statement to the membership and then soon after the confirmation of our new Grand Master Evant. May his reign be fruitful! Following his stepping down, the Star Chamber presented our retiring Grand Master with a Golden Lightsaber as well. For those interested in the Old Republic MMO, the FIST has made a report in part announcing the soon-to-be-attempted relaunch/rebrand/kickstart of the Imperial-side guild. Now, I cannot speak for anybody else, but I do know that I plan to kick some gaming/activity/credits in toward the potential success of a DB-run Clan.

Oh, there has been a recent change I am certain that everyone has noticed. With some skill changes to the character sheet system we have seen piloting- once flavored in small, and large varieties- being split into multiple skills to better reflect how members might specialize among a few other things. I highly suggest if anyone hasn’t read up that they do so.

The office of the Herald also dropped some accolades and some new graphics for the Brotherhood at large. For those who can put a pencil to paper, you might also consider applying to join the Herald’s staff- there is an opening!

And of course I highly suggest folks take a look at the first “Evanty reports” for a word from our new Grand Master and even an opening. The clock ticks, so I hope that interested parties will be sure to put their piece in.


News From The Clan

  • Quaestor Malisane dropped a report recognizing member activity and including some fiction and a bit about the development of the House

  • Tasha’Vel (besides stealing my play on the seasons apparently reading the title) has put up a report in which she briefly touched on Clan member activity and answered some burning questions


Competitions of Note

  • Hades, you know that Quaestor of Marka Ragnos, has put out a competition for the fine folks of the Clan. He is calling for the assistance of the Clan in checking out some of the less-traveled parts of Tarthos. I encourage everyone to check it out! I know I will be putting in an entry!

  • Our Corvo has a chance for CNS to NAME THAT SHIP for the Battleteam Night Hawks. Though the ship will be the assigned vessel of the Battle Team, the competition is open to the whole Clan.

  • As has been his way, Atra has released another pictures in the sound competition where you artistic types will have the opportunity to stretch your creative muscles. I participated recently in one of the rounds of the competition and had a bit of fun thinking through what I wanted to convey. I would suggest it to anyone who wants to get creative (and who would like to score some clusters of graphite while doing it).

  • Qyreia over in Arcona has put up a competition that you could say is ‘soaked in blood’. For those who want to get their Vampire the Masquerade (or whatever flavor of creature of the night catches your fancy!) on I would like to point out that Q’s Brotherhood in Blood will give you the chance to do so in a Star-Wars-flavored tale of fantasy or fright

  • Meanwhile, Malisane will be running a DB-wide fiction competition about what happens when leaders encounter assassins!

  • Don’t decline to take a look at the GMRG’s Monthly Competitions to see if any of them will strike your fancy

  • Going to toot my own horn with a kind of fun little tidbit for those who are so inclined. A series of trivia competitions will be ran by your friendly, neighborhood Consul. If you want to check it out, reach into a Big Bowl of Star Wars trivia and show off all that “nerd stuff” you have picked up over the years about that galaxy far, far away. This competition will stretch on for three months, and will allow the top placing individuals to score some Crescents for knowing the most movie/SWs trivia

  • none of these to your liking? Well, you can always look at the competitions page to find something that does! And if you don’t like some of the options and have some great ideas of your own? Well, I invite you to reach out to the Summit or go ahead and run some competitions of your own design!


Parting Words

We will be going into a tangle with Clan Taldryan in later March, but there is plenty of time for us to kick it as a Clan until then. You can join folks in gaming or write some fiction for some competitions. Yeah, you have the Winter in Orian competitions you can also take part in, or you can wait until our bit with TAL to show off on the bigger stage. Either way, I hope to see more from the whole Clan.

We will be working on creating some fun experiences/arcs for folks as we come out of our event with Taldryan. But in any case, your Consul and Summits look forward to seeing what sorts of things that our fellow Sadowans will be accomplishing in the weeks, months and the year to come. Hopefully you didn’t fill up too much on Valentine’s candy, because we have a lot of ground we will be covering in the coming months!

Also of note, before I forget, I am looking for a group of people who might be willing to volunteer time on things like Wiki-update related projects or some other projects for the Clan as a whole. The exact details on this are still a bit up in the air, but if you are interested, feel free to send an email or a Telegram PM to the Consul to express your interest.

For Orian, For the Clan,

And don’t forget: Conquest is our destiny; we shall not fail.


Overlord of Naga Sadow

Awesome report, love the fiction!

Well done. And BRING IT! ;)


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