News for 9/2007

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Date Title Author Context
09/20/2007 Master At Arms Report Warlord Kraval Taldrya Master At Arms (Dark Council)
09/19/2007 Gaming Tribune Report Master Aidan Kincaid Gaming Tribune (Tribunes)
09/19/2007 Clone Amnesty - 2 days left! Prophet Kir Taldrya Katarn Unknown
09/19/2007 Request Mail Standards, Upcoming changes *UPDATED* Grand Master Jac Cotelin Unknown
09/19/2007 Combat Master Report Prophet Halcyon Rokir Taldrya Combat Master (Society Leaders)
09/19/2007 Removing the Surname field *UPDATED* Grand Master Jac Cotelin Unknown
09/19/2007 Krath Tetrarch Report Master V'yr Vorsa Battleteam Leader (Night Hawks)
09/18/2007 Rollmaster Report Warrior Ayden Dane Rollmaster (Tridens)
09/18/2007 Facebook Recruiting Drive Acolyte Lucien Unknown
09/18/2007 Sith Commander Report Knight Daar Kareth Battleteam Leader (Crimson Vanguard)
09/18/2007 Aedile Report Warlord Vodo Biask Taldrya Aedile (Ektrosis)
09/18/2007 Aedile Report Unknown Aedile (Dinaari)
09/18/2007 Two quick tips: Autocomplete and Linking to tabs Grand Master Jac Cotelin Unknown
09/18/2007 Dark Brotherhood Meets Halo 3 Master Aidan Kincaid Unknown
09/17/2007 Site upgrades successful: New Dossiers and Roster Tools Grand Master Jac Cotelin Unknown
09/16/2007 Aedile Report Reaver Frosty Romanae Tarentae Aedile (Gladius)
09/16/2007 Krath Tetrarch Report Battlemaster Dranik Tarentae Battleteam Leader (The Keepers of the Night)
09/16/2007 Aedile Report Corsair Eli Denan Aedile (Oriens Obscurum)
09/16/2007 Quaestor Report Warlord Andan Taldrya Marshall Quaestor (Archanis)
09/16/2007 Allegiance Removed as an Official Brotherhood Platform Master Aidan Kincaid Unknown