News for 3/2018

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Date Title Author Context
03/20/2018 [HMR] Chapter 1: Exsanguination Finale Adept Kojiro Keibatsu Sadow Quaestor (Marka Ragnos)
03/19/2018 [GM] The New Herald, And Other Updates Grand Master Telaris "Mav" Cantor Grand Master (Dark Council)
03/18/2018 Wildcards New Leader Report #1 Seer Leíf Fern'gulli Battleteam Leader (Wildcards)
03/18/2018 Plagueis Rollmaster Report #17 - Spring is Coming Warlord Arden Karn di Plagia Rollmaster (Plagueis)
03/17/2018 [GM] Update: Social Media Tribune Application Extension Grand Master Telaris "Mav" Cantor Grand Master (Dark Council)
03/16/2018 [Imperium] Dek's Fifth Aedile Report! Battlelord Dek Iron'yikut Aedile (Imperium)
03/16/2018 Fist Supplemental #17.2: BGL Update (HotS and OW) Adept Dracaryis Fist of the Brotherhood (Dark Council)
03/16/2018 Hoth Quaestor Report #1: Changing of the Guard Colonel Samael "The Raven" Sörinje Quaestor (Hoth)
03/15/2018 [COU] High Councillor Report #3 - We Are Why Rich People Can't Have Nice Things General Alethia Archenksova Consul (Odan-Urr)
03/14/2018 [CNS] House Shar Dakhan Quaestor & Aedile required! Clan Naga Sadow Rollmaster required too! Adept Sanguinius Tsucyra Entar Consul (Naga Sadow)
03/14/2018 HSD Quaestor Report 6 - Veiled Origins Results and Farewell Savant Aul Celsus Quaestor (Shar Dakhan)
03/14/2018 Hoth QUA Report #15 - Omega Protocol Activiated Augur Edgar Drachen Quaestor (Hoth)
03/12/2018 [Taldryan] Consul Report 3.1 Adept Rian Taldrya Consul (Taldryan)
03/12/2018 The End of the Kesaret Reaver Mauro Wynter Aedile (Satele Shan)
03/12/2018 Imperium Quaestor - Open to applications Warden Rhys Pwyll Proconsul (Scholae Palatinae)
03/11/2018 [Arcona] Consul Report #1 The Shadow Sloth Wakes From His Nap General Stres'tron'garmis Consul (Arcona)
03/11/2018 NightHawks Battleteam Leader Report #4 Be Prepared! Warlord Tasha'Vel Versea Battleteam Leader (Night Hawks)
03/11/2018 House Karness Muur Aedile Report The Fourth: You're An All Star Reaver TuQ’uan Varick di Plagia Aedile (Karness Muur)
03/11/2018 Voice Report #13: Da Wey Master Marick Tyris Arconae Voice of the Brotherhood (Dark Council)
03/11/2018 [Galeres] BTL Applications Open Reaver Qyreia Arronen Quaestor (Galeres)