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2024/02/17 [GAL] Event Ending and Other Wibbly Wobbly Things Aedile Zosi'val'ria Aedile (Galeres)
2024/01/16 [ GAL report - Aedile ] Apps and Week 2 Fic Update Aedile Zosi'val'ria Aedile (Galeres)
2023/12/25 Ohey, A Christmas Report! Aedile Zosi'val'ria Aedile (Galeres)
2023/11/17 A New Aedile, A New Dawn for Galeres Aedile Zosi'val'ria Aedile (Galeres)
2023/06/05 Velekciraptors Archian Aedile (Qel-Droma)
2023/02/23 Deathwatch Aedile Report #1 Unknown Aedile (Deathwatch)
2023/01/22 [HSD] January Aedile Report - Anarchy Reaver Kojiro Keibatsu Sadow Aedile (Shar Dakhan)
2023/01/08 New Paw's Celekrations Archian Aedile (Qel-Droma)
2022/11/24 November Report: Christmas is coming Elyon de Neverse Aedile (Consular Conclave)
2022/11/12 Aedile House Wren Report #2 Corsair Chrome Aedile (Wren )
2022/10/02 Galeres October 2022 Report: Games and Announcement Vorran Shadowfeather Aedile (Galeres)
2022/09/29 We are back! Elyon de Neverse Aedile (Consular Conclave)
2022/09/04 [HQD Summit Report]: Hoolekgangs Avery Watson Aedile (Qel-Droma)
2022/08/18 Galeres August 2022 Report: Awards and Recognition! Vorran Shadowfeather Aedile (Galeres)
2022/07/17 Guardian Corps Report #4 - The One Without a Quaestor Essik Lyccane Aedile (Guardian Corps)
2022/05/26 May Report is here! Elyon de Neverse Aedile (Consular Conclave)
2022/05/24 New Aedile House Wren Report #1 Corsair Chrome Aedile (Wren )
2022/03/26 Aedile of Wren Report 3.0 Blade Master Brimstone aka Seabr'imsto'nedansr Aedile (Wren )
2022/03/10 House Galeres March 2022 Report: Of Command and Cloudy Skies Sera Kaern Aedile (Galeres)
2022/03/07 [HQD Summit Report]: Lekku Marching On Avery Watson Aedile (Qel-Droma)