[CNS] Consul Report - March 2018


[CNS] Consul Report - March 2018


Welcome to the latest Consul report. My last one was some time ago. Apologies for this, peeps. I’ve been dealing with a lot of crap in real life involving my job and health and I’ve been putting off this report for a while. Sadly, that’s meant that I’ve neglected you all.

Anyhow, this report will give you the heads up on what’s happening next month, with our new Clan event due to start on 30th March. More on that below.


Brotherhood News

We’ll start off with the big news of the past month, with Mav replacing Sarin as Grand Master. Mav is known as the worst, which he reminds all of us at every opportunity. Jokes aside, Mav is a great guy and is eager to bring the club into new territory.

Vyr aka Morgan, has been selected as the Deputy Grand Master. Morgan was the former Herald and is extremely approachable. If you have questions, always feel free to pester him with gifs and other such stuff. :P

Mav is also looking for a Social Media Tribune, who will focus on the Brotherhood’s social media presence. Applications have been extended to 25th March. You can find details on what Mav wants in a candidate here.

Slagar aka Selika Roh, the Plagueis Consul, has been appointed Herald, replacing Morgan, who moved to become DGM. I look forward to seeing what goodies Slagar brings us from the Herald office.


Brotherhood Reports


Clan News

Time to announce the next Clan Event, entitled Inferno.

I include an excerpt from the Phase 1 fiction as a teaser. You’ll get the rest when we start the event on Friday 30th March.

Temple of Sorrow


Orian System

Sanguinius Tsucyra Entar Sadow stepped through the halls of the Temple of Sorrow, keeping a measured pace. His Proconsul, Bentre Stahoes, stayed right at his shoulder.

"The situation on Aeotheran is coming around…" Bentre was saying, reporting on current events in Sadow's domain. Sang listened with his ears as his eyes admired the Temple. It's corridors were lined with ancient artifacts from the time of the Sith. The most valuable would be in the vault deep below ground, but here vases, chalices, artwork, and other pieces of Naga Sadow's ancient legacy hung on the walls. The museums in the core worlds would give a fortune for such a collection, but these belonged to Sadow's legacy.

"Good," Sang said quietly, nodding for Bentre to continue. The pair came out into the Grand Hall of the Temple and he stopped in the middle, looking around. This chamber made it clear why the structure was often called the Sadow Palace: it's vaulted ceiling and massive columns that flanked the room made it an imposing chamber. It was made to empower whoever sat in it's throne, despite the fact that they sat below a huge bust of Naga Sadow himself.

"It's all going well then," Sang said, turning toward the exit of the Temple. "Good. And these dignitaries we are to meet…"

"Orian Assembly," Bentre said, a touch of apathy in his voice. Was he in another one of his moods?

"Ah," Sang said. "What a pleasant waste of time."

They stepped outside in silence, watching as the shuttle approached. Sang could just hear the whine of the ancient Imperial Shuttle's engines in the distance and see its' distinctive vertical wishbone shape.

Then a deafening roar blocked out everything else.

Time seemed to slow. Sang turned. Bentre's mouth was opening as if he was shouting, but no sound came. Sang looked over his shoulder, eyes widening at the sight beyond.

The Temple of Sorrow was in flames. Explosions rocked the towering structure, slowly working their way up the side, each blast barely audible, as if in the distance: boom-boom-boom-boom. Then there was a crack. The top half began to fall, slowly collapsing over their heads.

I’d like to thank Locke for his work on writing the Phase 1 fiction for Inferno. You can read the rest on the 30th March!

Inferno will run for the length of April, with several phases. As you might have noticed, someone has decided to blow the crap out of my beautiful office. Was it Koji and his evil shenanigans? Was it the Collective? Or even the Dominion? I guess you’ll have to wait and see!

Looking for Group

As you may have seen, I am currently looking for a new Quaestor and Aedile of House Shar Dakhan. Applications are open until Thursday 29th March. You can see what I’m looking for in this post

I am also looking for a Rollmaster. You can find the requirements in the above post too. Applications close on the 29th March.

Make sure that you send your applications to both Bentre and I. Any applications that fail to include Bentre will not be considered.

I’d like to thank Aul and Jurdan for their service to HSD.

Clan Reports

  • You can check out Koji’s latest Quaestor report here.
  • Aul’s last report as Quaestor is here.
  • Armad updates HMR on their activity since the GJW .
  • Tasha beats the drum for the Night Hawks in her latest BTL report.


Recognition and compliments

  • Bentre got a Ruby Scepter for his work as Proconsul, Wiki Staff member and Magistrate to the Headmaster. You can read the nice words said about him here.
  • I got an Emerald Dagger for being on my knees a lot.
  • Muz, Armad and Etah take the top 3 spots in HMR’s Exsanguination event.
  • Darkblade, Jurdan and Erik take the top 3 spots in HSD’s Veiled Origins event.



  • Kojiro asks: “Who would win in a straight out fight between the Traitor Sang and the Saviour Koji? Going by sheets. =P”

Clearly, I would win. I’d go easy on you though, I’m a nice guy really. :P

  • Kojiro asks: “What are the current plans for the Clan?”

As mentioned in the report, the next Clan event starts on the 30th March. I’m also focusing on hiring new leaders. Finally, I’m thinking about how I’m going to kill off Kojiro without pissing off Muz. It’s been pretty hard so far.

  • Locke asks: “When are you executing that rebellious Quaestor?”

When I can find a new Quaestor to replace him. Until then, I’m stuck with him. It will most likely be a long time yet until I get that chance. ;)

  • Locke asks: “Which CNS House is the best? We all know there's only one right answer. :D”

House Sang is the best. I have a soft spot for HMR though, as I lived there for a year.

  • Locke asks: “Is it your fault Teu tore a calf muscle?”

Yes. I arranged the whole thing. It took me months of planning and I had to bribe several members of the local law enforcement to do it.

  • Kojiro asks: “Does a calf muscle evolve into a cow muscle when enough experience is gained?”

It evolves the same way a pokemon does. However, if it doesn’t get enough experience, it turns into a veal muscle.

  • Locke asks: ”Are we going to have any more "civil war" style events in the future? What might the factions be?

Uhh...no comment, as it’ll reveal more of the Clan storyline. Interpret that as you wish.



Today is a fairly short report compared to some out there, however you won't have as long to wait until the next one. I have to do one on the 30th March to announce the new event! Until next time, all!




  • Clan event, Inferno, starts on Friday 30th March
  • I need a new Quaestor. Apps end 29th March.
  • I need a new Aedile. Apps end 29th March.
  • I need a new Rollmaster. Apps end 29th March.


Second. I wonder who is attacking us now??

Third. I bet it's someone in a super big AT-AT!

Yay fiction and reports!

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