Consul Report May 2019


Consul Report May 2019


Hello Taldryan, and welcome to Taldryan's Consul Report for the month of May.



Clan news

  • In a bold move of action, members of Archanis have secured a Relic of Taldryan from the Collective that has been stored in a secret Stronghold within an abandoned system that formerly belonged to the Clan. Further, this led to the discovery of another relic of the Clan that had gone missing when Taldryan was forced to leave its old home in the Kr'Tal System. The Orthanc has, since it went missing, tried to find other survivors of Taldryan but was unable to, until yet. Now is your chance to help the Orthanc find its way home.
  • Most recently, Justinios and I have been approached by Nihlus Vexrii who sadly informed us about his decision to resign from his position as Quaestor of House Ektrosis due to a change of pace in his Real Life situation. As such, the position of Quaestor of Ektrosis will be opened to applications from the entire Brotherhood, so everyone can apply. Applications are open until the 9th of June, while we reserve the right to close applications earlier in case we receive an outstanding application at an earlier date.

What we're looking for: + Reasonably activity and turnaround time for both Telegram and email (24 hours or less preferred for replying to messages). + Willingness to lead by example. + Willingness to work closely in a team. + Previous leadership experience is a plus, but not required.

As far as applications go, these are the things you should focus on in your application: + What aspects about you (either IRL or in the DB) would make you the best choice. * If applicable past examples of leadership (either IRL or in the DB) and what you have learned from it. + Your application should detail any ideas for the fictional direction of the House and how you would approach it. + Any long term projects you want to achieve.

Again, the deadline is the 9th with a possibility of closing the application period earlier, so don't wait on sending your application to Justinios and myself.

Brotherhood news

A lot of things have happened since my last Report. We saw the introduction of Creatures as part of the Possessions System, a new Faction to interact with for the members of the Brotherhood and most recently the resignation of a member who had a great impact on all members of the Brotherhood, first as Herald of the Brotherhood and later as Deputy Grandmaster. For more you should hit up the respective Reports listed below:

Reports published by the various members of the Dark Council over the course of April and May:


Honorable Mentions

First off, a big welcoming shout out to our new and returning members; welcome (back) Guys:

Next we have a few members I would like to highlight for having received a Seal of Loyalty on May, 4 th:

Coming next, I'd like to honor our Gatekeeper and Lorekeeper who excelled in their respective field in the first quarter of 2019:

And now last but not least, I want to honor Nihlus Vexrii. Nihlus has taken up the mantle of House Ektrosis Quaestor when Justinios had stepped up to become my right hand and Proconsul. It is only now that Real Life has caught up with Nihlus, forcing him to step down from his position as leader of Ektrosis. However while Nihlus will step down, he informed me that he will stay as a member of Ektrosis to help the new Quaestor and aid the House to increase the overall activity.

If you are interested in applying for the position of Quaestor of Ektrosis, the details what Justinios and I are looking for can be found in the news section of this report.



Clan wide

Brotherhood wide

  • In Memory of Mayhew A series of five-part caption competition in memory of Peter Mayhew. Ends on May, 20th
  • DJB Debate Club: Proof of Concept A debate type competition run by Justinios. Ends on May, 21st
  • Worst-Case Scenario You are to face your a scenario in which all odds are against you and all your skills. Ends on May, 23rd
  • Brotherhood Rising: The Severian Principate A new Faction has been introduced recently by the Dark Council, yet many things about the Principate is still unknown, this is your chance to unravel more details about this new faction (4 Sub-competitions). Ends on May, 26th
  • The Collective Flashbang A series of Flashgame competition, with 2 currently running and 2 more to come soon. Ends on May, 28th
  • Character Limericks You are to write a limerick about your or any´other character of the Brotherhood, for all who are into poetry competitions.Ends on May, 31st
  • Star Wars Festival of Giving In the wake of May the 4th be with you, its time to turn our attention to that favorite time of year that needs no set date. Gifts! You are only required to list three other characters, not your own, along with the gift your character would give them. Ends on May, 31st
  • Main/Alt Another Poetry type competition this time you are to write a Haiku about either your main or alt character. Ends on June, 1st
  • One Epic Year Of Trivia Ongoing Trivia Competitions, check them out, there are new ones regularily. Ends on May, 31st
  • FIST: Q2 GMRG Competitions Gaming competitions from the Fist Office for the second quarter of the year. Ends on June, 30th
  • Cryptogram Extravaganza Series Cryptograhy competitions, there will be a new one each week.
  • Shadow Academy Decathlon - 2019 Knowledge is power in this Shadow Academy based Competition series.



That’s it for this time. A lot of infos has been posted in this report and both, Justinios and I are looking forward to your applications for Ektrosis Quaestor. Also, don’t forget about the competitions currently run.

~Rian Taldrya

Consul of Clan Taldryan

Son of Taldrya

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