House Ajunta Pall Report #2. Hot Vacation spot!


House Ajunta Pall Report #2. Hot Vacation spot!



Do or do not

Hi peeps, we hope that you are all having fun with the Vacation on Mustafar. Now I know it’s not the sort you would think of as a vacation spot, but it’s got it’s own perks and place’s of interest. And believe me when I say this, Dagobah was fun, but personally I, and Wrathus, prefer Mustafar over that swamp. :) Love you Furios, you picked well really well this time. Any who, we know that you all have to get back to give Reg a bad day, and all the other fun activities that Furios and his co-pilot Wrathovi have planned you. Let’s get this report finished quickly, and apologies for it's lateness.

  • Shinies
  • Shout out!
  • SA awards
  • Competitions
  • News
  • Conclusion




Alright everyone, with the VoM comps going and only half way done I’ll be expecting many shinies to show up for my next report. So peeps, I want you all to keep up on submitting entries and filling up Wrathus’ and mine’s inboxes with all those submissions. Ok? Deal? Let’s get to it!

  • Scudi (Kelly) - 1 Crescents with Ruby star, 2 Crescent with Sapphire star, 1 Seal of Loyalty, 35 Clusters of Fire, 6 Clusters of Ice.
  • Ranarr Kul-Tarentae - 1 Crescent with Diamond star, 1 Crescent with Ruby star, 3 Crescents with Amethyst star, 2 Crescent with Sapphire star, 1 Crescent with Emerald star, 2 Clusters of Fire, 9 Clusters of Graphite, 2 Pendants of Blood.
  • Sato Tarentae - 1 Crescents with Amethyst star.
  • Khryso Mallus - 2 Crescents with Amethyst star, 1 Crescent with Sapphire star, 8 Clusters of Ice.
  • Tahiri Thorn Morte Tarentae - 1 Crescent with Ruby star, 1 Crescent with Amethyst Star, 2 Crescents with Sapphire Star, 1 Seal of Loyalty, 12 Clusters of Graphite, 2 Legion of the Scholar.


SA awards.

Now there have been quite a few Shadow Academy achievements hitting our inbox’s as of late, along with the shinies!!

  • Khryso Mallus has taken several Combat courses. Including Lightsaber and Weapons studies, along with both 101 and 102 Combat Tactics, thus earning himself yet another Dark Maven, in Combat this time. Keep up the great work!
  • Oric Ral has taken and succesfully passed Galactic History 101. Great job, keep it up!
  • Ranarr Kul-Tarentae has taken and passed the ACC Combat studies course. Wooo!



Ok, now on to the part where you can participate, earn crescents, grab credits and society points. Lets get out there, have fun, play with your fellow Brotherhood members, and earn those shinies I love so much.

As always there are some great competitions running in the Brotherhood, both at a club wide level as well as a few designed specifically for you!

Plagueis Competitions

  • [PLA] Vacation on Mustafar - Ends 6/3 - Furios has found the clan yet another vacation spot. This time its on Mustafar, and we’re already halfway through. Have fun peeps. *Special note here: Our Wrathovi wants 200 submissions. And as far as I know we are really close, but we need your help to get there. It would end up being more entries than even the Antiquities event. Also, let’s make her and Furios work for it :)

DJB-wide Competitions

  • Character Limericks - Ends 5/31 - Tasha has a fun limericks comp up to describe your main character, alt or even someone else’s character. Super fun, check it out! She’s even given an example limerick describing our clan’s elusterious Conseal!

  • Star Wars Festival of Giving - Ends 5/31 - It’s the season for gifts, well I mean, any season is really the season for gifts. Now, this one however, is the Brotherhood edition of gift giving. Go make a list of your friends and what gifts you would give them. Have fun, the gifts can be as sincere or as silly aas you want it to be.

  • [Fist] Drac's Aloha Double Cluster Week! - Ends 5/31 - Upon the eve of Drac retiring from his humble position as FIst of the Brotherhood, he has given us all a gift. DOUBLE CLUSTER COMP!!

  • What's My Fandom Again? Round II - Ends 5/13 - Round two and this time here is your chance to depict you character in the shoes of a Overwatch hero or villain. Whichever you think fits your character best. ;) Have fun.

  • One Epic Year Of Trivia - Ends 5/31 - Last one ends the 31st!!

As always, this is just a sample of the competitions available to you right now, you can find more here





Alright peeps, let's get out there and do the things. If you need any help, or need someone to proof a fiction, or anything else like that, feel free to ask. If Wrathus, any of the summit or I am available, we are more than happy to help you. Also this Survey is still a thing. If you’ve already sent in your answers, Thank you! If not, it would be greatly appreciated if you could could give our house and whole summit a bit of feedback on competitions.

As always, if anyone wants to reach either of us with questions or just want to talk, Wrathus and I can be found on [Telegram - Log in to view join link] (if your not on Telegram yet, I’d highly recommend it. It’s free and the DJB’s primary form of communication.) and of course by email. We’re always open to chat with, and easy to get a hold of!

Until next time,

Tahiri and Wrathus

Great work from HAP so far! Love what y'all doing on the summit.

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