Naga Sadow: Home at Last


Naga Sadow: Home at Last


“The sun rose on another day in the Orian system. The dust has begun to clear, and yet the final destiny of this system is not yet known. Like ghosts, they floated in…”


Welcome to this month’s Consul report, Sadowans. Life can sometimes throw one some fun curve balls, and in this case it came in the form of a little boy who couldn’t wait to pop his head out to say hello. This has put a wee bit of a damper on some things, like the grading of our Redemption and Honor competition. We thus had a bit before we could release the final results, and a not-so-final fiction to start wrapping things up.

What does this mean? Why is it not-so-final? Why is Bentre posing rhetorical questions like he isn’t going to answer them in this very report? Will he answer that in this report to your satisfaction!?

Okay, enough with the leading questions. Clearly, we are going to be touching on things a bit in this report.


Where Are We Now?

Well, there is good news, and there is bad news. Firstly, for the good news: our initial attacks on the Orian system have been largely successful.This is to say that the Clan has put our feet onto former Sadowan soil. So, for those who felt that a return home would feel good, I hope you have enjoyed it. Several Collective outposts have been wrecked, a number of key facilities have been seized by Sadowan forces, and the forces of the Sadowan Empire have hoisted our flag above the remains of the Temple of Sorrow.

The end is not the end. The Collective withdrew portions of their forces from our territory, but intelligence reports are already coming back and the news is not good. What will this mean for the Clan?

This is a bit of what we are going to be exploring in the weeks following the end of the Redemption and Honor event. Our initial victory may have been secured, but we have yet to see how all the events have played out. There have already been talks that the Collective are keeping a spattering of forces in our system to continue wreaking havoc. And when the enemy are a bunch of fanatics who want to end our existence? Well, let’s just say that we might not want to be picking out paint colors just yet.

After all, the Collective had greater influence in our system than most of us would ever like. We might have to do a bit of fixing things up. (hint hint)

The Clan Summit has already been chatting a bit with your respective House Summits about our plans moving forward, and we all hope to give our collective (no pun intended) story proper justice. This victory was not without cost, Sadowans

Actually, that part where I talked about needing to wrap up things before releasing final results? Scratch that. Let’s get to that.


To the Numbers

I saw some great entries over the course of the event. We got a number of interesting posts in the RO, we saw some enjoyable entries in the fiction and graphics competitions connected to the event, and it seems that folks enjoyed the puzzle in particular.

Over the course of the event, we saw some 81 unique entries over the course of the event- or 79 if you count co-op writing as one entry per team. To break this down further- and maybe I just like seeing how the numbers fall- we saw 53 of those entries coming from House Marka Ragnos and 28 coming from House Shar Dakhan. So well done to HMR on your performance in the event!

Now, I am a bit of a junkie for numbers and figures at times. I like to see how big a slice of the Clan or a sub-unit participates in an event. So, I also took a look at unique participants. With 20 people having participated in Redemption and Honor, that means we had a full third of the Clan taking part. Of that third, we had 9 unique participants from each Clan. So if we take those numbers from before, from that 33.33% of the Clan that took part, Marka Ragnos brought in 5.8 entries on average per unique participant. That means HMR brought about 65% of the entries for the competition entries in for the event.

I would be amiss if I did not give an honorable mention to the Battleteam Disciples of Dakhan, however. While House Marka Ragnos killed it in total entries, six of the disciples members took part in the event, meaning that of unique participants, the Battleteam comprised a full third of the participation from the Houses. So really, well done all around.


To The Results

Without further ado, I would like to announce our top five performers in the Redemption and Honor event, along with their point totals.

  • *Muz Ashen Keibatsu (129 points) - 1st place
    • *Ciara Tearnen Rothwell-Tarantae (99 points) - 2nd place
    • *Takagari “Darkhawk” KogaRyu (96 points) - 3rd place
    • *Xolarin (84 points) - 4th place
    • *Hilgrif (60 points) - 5th place

From those top five we saw a healthy spattering of points. A difference of 16 points separated Kojiro (in sixth place) and Hilgrif’s placements, and after that we saw a spattering of scores which differed in as many as six to as few as a single point.


News From Within the Clan

  • If you didn’t already check them out, look up above. We have the final results of Redemption and Honor.

  • Very recently, we saw Telos join the ranks of the Knights of Clan Naga Sadow. Much praise to our newest Knight! There is even a bit of fiction that you can find here that commemorates Telos’ Knighthood.

  • Sulxiros has been promoted to Neophyte

  • Malevek has been promoted to the rank of Novice

  • Aedile of House Marka Ragnos, Xolarin, has released a brief report for his House. Enclosed are some notes, some accomplishments, and some of Hades dinner!


Recent News From Across the Club

  • The Headmaster declared the recent audit completed while hinting at more to come

  • The Praetor to the Fist closed apps, announced releases, announced an Overwtach event and more.

  • The Voice gave an update on system changes following that Rise of Skywalker flick, among other little tidbits

  • A new Magistrate to the Fist was announced.

  • Arcona and Vizsla released their monthly Consul reports

  • The office of the Justicar has openings for Appeals Panelists and both Hands of Justice. I urge interested parties to apply!

  • Arch, our wonderful (now former) Combat Master released his final report. Check it out, give the man some kind words, and don't ask mechanics questions in the comments like I did. Otherwise you get Wally wagging fingers at you. :D


Competitions of Note

  • This month's GMRG competitions will include a brawling flash game, a competition where you figure out who can be the best heal bot in HOTS, a cutthroat race to see who can rack up the highest PVP score and of course the recently-reinstated Gorefest for the month.

  • Our own Kojiro will be running One Hundred Days- a comp that will have you writing the war journal of a well-prolonged conflict. Check it out, go participate, and support your fellow Sadowan!

  • Qyreia also has a comp about survival which has your writing about a story of "survival, isolation, and tribulations."

  • Atra is running another Pictures in the Sound competition.

  • Rhylance is running a "What If" competition series. Included are puzzles, graphics and fiction for everyone to sample and enjoy.

  • Also, Blade of Odan-Urr can maybe help some folks like Malik satiate that puzzle thirst...if that is your thing

  • And coming soon will be this year's Valentine's Day event, hosted by Tali and Qyreia for all to enjoy + Are these comps not to your enjoyment? Well, you can always run a competition that can scratch that itch for others, help generate activity, and give folks the chance to earn more shiny crescents.


Parting Words

"The end is not the end is not the end is not the..." --The Stanley Parable

The return to Orian is not the end of a journey. Well, is technically the end of a journey. It also serves as the beginning of another journey for the Clan. The path goes ever onward. The Orian system is not without surprises for the Clan, as the system we come home to has experienced some changes since our exile. We have room to grow in our identity as a Sith Empire, and there will be plenty to discover both within and without our home system.

It should prove fun. In any case, we will be moving forward together.

Oh! And as gifs and such seem to be in vogue for the club, I will hereby present you with Bentre's celebration dance:

more machine than man

Fiction will be incoming within the next week. There is a good bit to cover and I want to ensure we do all of you justice. Speaking of, recognition and commendations on the docket as well. So stay tuned.

I Remain Your Servant In Darkness,


Overlord of Naga Sadow

Nice report boss, and thanks to all the summit who ran the comps!

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