Quaestor Report #12: The Ultimate Chalupa


Quaestor Report #12: The Ultimate Chalupa



Greetings Qel-Dromans, Arconans, et al.

This marks the first House Qel-Droma report of 2018, the first post-GJW XII report, and likely my penultimate report as Quaestor. I'll have more on this later, both in this report, and in a few weeks, but I wanted to give everyone a heads up. I'd also like to thank Zuji for her huge contributions to this report. She actually contributes to all of them (normally she rounds up the News, Competitions, Awards, Promotions and Transfers), but I realized that I've never explicitly thanked her in one of these reports for all of that work. So thanks, Zuji! You're a star. And now, let's dive right in.

Table of Contents
  1. Introduction
  2. Projects
  3. News
  4. Competitions
  5. Awards
  6. Promotions
  7. Transfers
  8. Quiz the Quaestor
  9. TL;DR
  10. Crescent Leaderboard
  11. Closing Words



Port Ol'val Revamp

I think we have a pretty clear idea now of what Port Ol'val looks like in the wake of Episode III of Sins. It's a much smaller place. No ostentatious casinos, but plenty of back-alley gambling games and dingy taverns. No sprawling, fifteen-level secret bases, but a few small, secure warehouses and many grubby hidey-holes. And since most of the House's activity has moved aboard-ship with the advent of Voidbreaker, I think it's come along nicely, with the ship filling many of the niches that major establishments on Ol'val used to fill. That being said, I'm open to suggestions on ways to keep Ol'val fresh and interesting. Let me know your thoughts here.

Wiki Updates

Going hand-in-hand with the Ol'val revamp, the Clan is still working on updating all of its Wiki pages. This work has been progressing slowly but steadily, however we could really use more volunteers to help out the current, smaller crew that's been tackling this insanely huge job. If you have any interest in world-building and want to help out not just your current peers, but new members who might join in the future, please drop Zuji and myself a line. We'd love the assistance.

Recruitment Drive

The Recruitment Drive is still alive and kicking, but it needs your help. For those of you who are new to House Qel-Droma, we have an ongoing recruitment drive over various social media platforms. It's overseen by our lovely Aedile Zujenia. She uses Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms to post news about the Brotherhood in the hopes of attracting new members. She also shares works of art and fiction, submitted by all of you lovely people, to try and entice those same prospective members. If you have a fiction or a work of art you don't mind sharing, please contact her and let her know. And if you have a platform you use a lot, and feel like helping maintain our social media presence, let her know that as well. It's a team effort, and your contributions make it possible!

Sins of the Past

No, this isn't dead. We took what we assumed would be a brief hiatus with the upcoming War. Obviously that hiatus ended up being longer than anticipated, with the various delays (all of which went into providing us a much more robust event, so kudos to the DC for that). We're still waiting on the final wrap-up fiction so we know how we need to segueway from that back into events in the Dajorra system. But once we have that, we'll be ready to release the next Episode of Sins. Currently we have some V-Day comps lined up and a co-op event with COU planned for March (more on that, I'm sure, in the monthly Consul report). So we're tentatively planning Sins IV for April. As always, we'll let you know if that changes.



We've had a lot of news happen since our last report. Buckle down and speed through this with us.


Grand Master

Pravus reminded us of who the Star Chamber is as the temporary year long position changed hands. We gained a new Tradition for our Mandalorian fiends.


The jumping fantastic James has deployed a series of code changes: Introduced Container Items, Cold Storage Container, NPC Armory, auto-aging, skill tier tooltips, factions, various GJW-related changes, blind grading for comps, dossier activity notes, ability to import cs’ into the editor by ID, and more. Oh, and a lot of Redacted. Mystery!


Star Wars Battlefront 2 hits the gate and joins the accepted games in our DJB repertoire, gains Pendant of Blood awards as well. The Fist ‘n’ co. are working on developing a Brotherhood Gaming League and are testing interest in this competition format with a JA Bracket! Pazaak kicked the bucket which has instilled mix feelings of “aww” and “huzzah!” in our ranks. It has been replaced with another free, multi-platform game, Hearthstone. In the same report, Drac has has announced that Overwatch and Battlefront platform queues have been combined to only one queue for each of these respective games. If you match with someone who is not using the same platform, it is okay to report failure and try again. Starcraft 2 PvE mode has been added!


The Voice office has updated the CS physical description requirements in order to shift details into possessions, so your weapon locations, armor and clothing details. A new exam has been added, the Fiction Studies, as well as a new species, Shistavanen. Additionally, the Voice released a pre-war fiction illustrating Marick Tyris’ infiltration. This was to hype up the series of competitions geared towards creating npcs for the Collective (Go do them, it'll be fun. Link is down with the other comps).


Many of our combat writing enthusiasts have already noticed the new judgement style for the ACC, checkout more info here. The ACC team has added, removed, and rewritten several feats, skills, and powers. They also gave us some new venues. These changes can be read here. The CM had outlined the various projects his team are working on, such as the Scenario Hall, armor implementations, and ACC Clan Reps.


Galeres is looking for an Aedile! Details here.


Lucine is running a VB development series of comps! Check out the link below and help build the Voidbreaker and battleteam.




Additional competitions can be found in the Competition Center.









  • A Seal of Wrath



  • 14 Seals of Wrath



  • 2 Seals of Wrath


  • 10 Seals of Wrath



  • 4 Seals of Wrath




Qel-Dromans work their tails off! Just as that activity and contribution has earned members shiny awards, it has equally granted them advancement among the DJB ranks! Congratulations once more, guys!


  • Caol Iudex promoted to Novitiate1!
  • Efvy and Canderous both elevated to Journeymen1!
  • Luka has leveled up to Journeymen 2!
  • Juli and Grot have succeeded into the Journeymen 4 ranks!
  • Lee has ‘tier-ed up’ over her Equite 1 promotion!



We have had quite some foot traffic entering our little House. Please give another welcome to Lucifer Scorpio Romanov, Caol Iudex, Malfrost Xeon, Magik, and Efvy Marques! Our space House is your House!


Quiz the Quaestor

  • Donny asks: what would it mean for a member of Arcona to visit Ol'Val? what does that look like fictionally? any tips or tricks for writing the environment?
    • Unless they're there for a meeting, or other official business, I imagine it looks much like anyone else visiting Port Ol'val. It's a shadowport, so there's no exactly Customs or DSA to worry about. You dock, you offload cargo, you visit the local watering hole for a drink. For those who are there specifically to meet with a member of the HQD Summit, they'd probably do the exact same thing. Then a member of the House would meet them at the tavern and guide them back to the ramshackle offices of the Summiter in question. Alternately, they could meet up with the Voidbreaker in space and dock with them. While this isn't set in stone, in my own head I imagine Port Ol'val has a handful of private docking ports that can be leased out, and HQD leases out one with more direct, hidden access to the offices of the Summit.
  • Jon asks: what does Voidbringer do fictionally?
    • Find a crew, find a job, keep flying.
  • Donny asks: what does Jon do fictionally?
    • I'm fairly certain his writing process is 90% alcohol, 5% revision, and 15% talent. But that's 10% more talent than in mine.
  • Tali asks: what does this button do fictionally?
    • Imgur
  • Xenna asks: what is your stance on the cult that worship the elevator?
    • They're antithetical to everything she stood for. And given Terran's reaction to her loss, that's something for which he would never stand.
  • Kord asks: is Bleu's Cluses Investigations office still standing on Ol'val, or did it get blowed up too?
    • You tell me, Mr. Bleu.
  • Atty asks: how was Terran during the war/what was he up to? How's he feeling now? His thoughts on the current IC summit and situation?
    • Right now, he's pretty frakked up. You can see the fiction linked in my answer to Xenna's question, but he's suffering from some serious PTSD and Survivor's Guilt at the moment. Everything else is pretty secondary to that, at the moment.
  • Atty asks: house goals for 2018? your goals for 2018?
    • I'll actually be discussing this in a lot more depth in my next (and final) QUA report, so stay tuned. Same Bat time, same Bat channel.
  • Lucine asks: With all of the indications that the Collective will remain around, what is HQD's plan for dealing with the new threat?
    • Honestly, I suspect HQD will be pretty busy with issues within Dajorra for the next several months. I don't foresee them venturing out to deal with the Collective until things are more stable at home.
  • Lucine asks: Also, may I have an increased stipend for clothing? I need it for... reasons.
    • Fine, but it's coming out of Kelviin's salary.



Honestly, I'm not even sure where to start here. We had a Great Jedi War, so that happened. You all did frakking phenomenal in it, and I'm proud of every one of you. We came in second place, and while that's lower than we have the last few years, we did it with just over half the members of the Clan that took first place. Take a moment and let that sink in, if you haven't already.

Seriously, you guys were amazing, and I'm so damned proud.

Beyond the war, we have a number of projects which are seeing steady progress. These aren't quick, easy tasks, and they'll continue long after I'm no longer Quaestor, but I'm proud of the work we've done together, as a House and Team. I'll talk more about that progress in my next report (which will be a sort of retrospective on my time as Quaestor), but I just wanted to briefly shout out to everyone who has sunk time, effort and tears into these over the last couple years. Thank you.


Crescent Leaderboard

Below you will find the numbers used to determine the scoring and the leaderboard itself.

  • Diamond: 7
  • Ruby: 6
  • Amethyst: 5
  • Sapphire: 4
  • Emerald: 3
  • Topaz: 2
  • Quartz: 1
Member   Points
Grot 94
Zujenia 45
Lucine 45
Tali 44
Koliss 25
Kelviin 18
Lee 18
Luka 8
Malfrost 7


Closing Words

There you have it, boys and girls. I'll be stepping down from Quaestor soon, so make sure to dust off your applications. We've had a lot going on the last few months in the DB, and even more on the Horizon for Arcona's future. In the meantime, keep kicking ass and taking names.

Arcona Invicta!

Augur Terran Koul
Quaestor, House Qel-Droma

Poor Terran. Cool to hear more about Ol'Val though. Keep kicking ass, HQD!

Always welcome, Terran. Thank you for these awesome reports!


I like the report digests. Nicely done.

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