News for 7/2017

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Date Title Author Context
07/31/2017 Liath Event Announcement Battlelord Ranarr Kul-Tarentae Quaestor (Liath)
07/31/2017 Fist Report #11 Adept Dracaryis Fist of the Brotherhood (Dark Council)
07/31/2017 Mortis Quaestor Report #1 Savant Morfra Gul Quaestor (Mortis)
07/30/2017 July Report - 2017 - Keeping It Simple Corsair Jax Bendal Aedile (Marka Ragnos)
07/26/2017 Quaestor Applications Open - House Shar Dakhan Adept Bentre Sadow Proconsul (Naga Sadow)
07/25/2017 DGM on leave for the next ten days Grand Master Telaris "Mav" Cantor Deputy Grand Master (Dark Council)
07/24/2017 CNS Proconsul Report #2: ....A Superman to Sweep Me Off My Feet Adept Bentre Sadow Proconsul (Naga Sadow)
07/24/2017 July Voidbreaker Report: WHAT'S GOING ON AND WHY ARE WE YELLING? Savant Leeadra Halcyon Battleteam Leader (Voidbreaker)
07/23/2017 Nighthawk Report #1 Warden Ira Ojiman Battleteam Leader (Nighthawk)
07/21/2017 Taldryan Proconsul Report #4 Augur Alaris Jinn di Plagia Proconsul (Taldryan)
07/21/2017 Fist Supplemental #10.1: Competitions and DB Gaming Rules Adept Dracaryis Fist of the Brotherhood (Dark Council)
07/21/2017 Ajunta Pall Aedile Report #4: The Messenger Battlelord Azmodius Equesinfernum Aedile (Ajunta Pall)
07/20/2017 House Karness Muur Quaestor Report #6 Warlord Furios Morega di Plagia Quaestor (Karness Muur)
07/20/2017 Headmaster's Report #14 - Praetor Edition Unknown Praetor to the Headmaster (Assistants)
07/20/2017 HMR QUA Report - Winter is Coming Warlord Kojiro Keibatsu Sadow Quaestor (Marka Ragnos)
07/20/2017 Plagueis Update #1: War Game and sundries Master Selika Roh di Plagia Consul (Plagueis)
07/19/2017 G Hang with the GM Grand Master Darth Pravus Grand Master (Dark Council)
07/19/2017 Grand Master Report #49 Grand Master Darth Pravus Grand Master (Dark Council)
07/17/2017 Nekros Coven July Bulletin Battlelord Aleister Mavros Battleteam Leader (Nekros Coven)
07/17/2017 House Shar Dakhan Aedile Report #4 Corsair Kanal O'neill Aedile (Shar Dakhan)