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Blank Title Hiding Promising Things

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Date: 38 ABY

Location: Celea (Planet), Celea (System), Freestanding Sub-sector

Xuner Holst stepped forward his head hung slightly lowered, pausing his almost slow animalistic stride at the front of a company of sixty fighters. All of the warriors that stood before him, in a manner that bordered near instinct, snapped to attention, their actions smooth, crisp, and uniform. Holst raised his forearm up, having it swing inward, bent at the elbow as a balled up fist slammed hard into his chest. Holst shot his arm out raised outward and angled slightly off to the side and above his head. His still balled fist appearing to tightly grip onto the imaginary hilt of a weapon.

Every soldier followed suit, their precise motions hinting largely at the notion of a training regiment instilled harshly into them.

Deafening silence suffocated the entire hall, oppressing the guests as they sat there, waiting.

"FIGHT! WIN! LIVE!" Xuner's augmented voice erupted coarsely from his voice modulator, shattering the silence and ushering in the war cries from the sixty warriors as they responded to his command. So loud they all were, the seats themselves seemed to quiver at the ferocity of their screams .

"Let war, fire, and fury, consume you all." Xuner's tone shifted into a soft yet stern order. Those words stirred the awoken feeling of blood lust in all the bowed heads of the company of warriors before the Sadowan Aedile.

"Show no mercy to any! Fight on, die well!" With his final words, the Sadowan turned away from the men, marching his way back towards his seat. Before he was able to take his third step, every warrior with the exception of a single pair threw themselves out of the pit. The pair that remained, turned to face the other.

"Fight on," spoke one.

"Die well," responded the other.

Xuner turned around, once more to the pair. They in turn, faced him. Each party gave a deep bow to the other.

The final word spoken before the carnage that would later traumatize nearly every off-worlder was a single guttural word spoken by the Aedile of House Shar Dakhan.


Aedile Report

Hello all! It's been a while since I've dropped a report. So lets just jump straight into this mess. Shall we?


This is one of a few new parts that I would like to put into my future reports highlighting anything that catches my interest from all the members of the club. Keep up the amazing work everyone, and keep an eye out for your chance to be featured in my later reports. :)

To compensate for my lack of monthly reports I have a lot to put up here.

From the Art Club chat:

Kano, BTL of Deathwatch made an awesome half mask for his own project. I can't wait for the entire final product to be shown. Keep up the great work Kano! We're glad you're back. (Yes I remembered the message your awesome wife made. :] )


Scarlet drew this some time ago and has been a really great piece of art. Outstanding work. :)


Vyr posted this amazing picture that is just extremely heretical, but is an absolutely amazing work of art. Here is the source link if anyone wants to see the other great works the artist has done.


Teu Drew this some time ago and is most likely the only Baby Yoda art that I'll ever love. Keep up the great work Teu, I want to see more of your work. :)


They say to save the best for last and I really did. Kojiro posted this kickass shirt design a while back and I've been keen on buying it ever since. Love the design, It's so awesome to look at. If you find any more Kojiro, send them to me. ;)


From the Fiction Chat:

Appius Wight has resurrected the #CharacterQuestion !! Yay!!!




Sup everyone! How are we all doing today?

So today's character question is fairly straightforward... Everybody has likes and dislikes. But those passions can often escalate into loves and hates.

So what does your character love the most, and what do they hate the most?

Feel free to think outside the box on this one. ;P

Again feel free to be as silly or serious as you like!


Xuner Holst doesn't really have much love for anything aside from Katrea ... and a maybe potential future love interest ;) ... #foreshadow #drama But yeah, in all seriousness, polygamy is an acceptable practice in Xuner's society so long as they are able to earn the right to have another spouse. Another thing would be anyone under his command. He has, on multiple accounts abused his authority to get his own people out of trouble, even out of serious criminal offenses.

Xuner Holst in contrast hates people who lie. Being a life long soldier, trust is often what keeps units together. This has often prevented him from working amicably with others as he has on a few occasions purposely failed to pass information onto key persons during an operation due they the fact that they were spies, even thought they were were on his own side.


Now usually I would post just a single picture here, but I want to get everyone's opinion on this. Would you prefer something as simple as the first picture? Or as diverse as the second picture? Let me know your thoughts about it down below in the comments.

Hades Malisane

CNS Report Links

Here are the latest reports.

House Marka Ragnos Quaestor

House Marka Ragnos Aedile - There is none, because there is none! House Marka Ragnos is looking for an Aedile since Xolarin cough*Traitor*cough has abandoned his position ascended to the position of Quaestor and is therefore in need of a slave hard working individual to aid him. Any whom are interested, please let him know and fill out those applications.

Thank you kindly to Muz, our resident Grand Master and all around master of both Sith alchemy and drink. Your service, once again, has been outstanding and all reaching. It was inspiring seeing you work. We are all saddened by your departure by we know your retirement is a well deserved reward.

House Shar Dakhan Quaestor

Clan Naga Sadow Rollmaster

Clan Naga Sadow Proconsul - CNS doesn't have a Procounsul! :(

We have been so honoured to have Lady Ashia serve as our Proconsul and her stepping down is a well earned respite from the duties of her office. Thank you for your time and your help. It has been the greatest privilege and honour to have served under you.

Clan Naga Sadow Consul

Dark Council Report Links

Here are the latest reports.

Grand Master

Deputy Grand Master

Master of Arms








Ever in the Service of Sadow,

Major Xuner Holst, Aedile of House Shar Dakhan, Clan Naga Sadow

Lord-Commander, 88th Celean Siege Army Group

Ever in the Service of Sadow

Long live the Overlord! Long live the Empire!

I like all the art in the report :)

Very Nice Sir, very nice!

Awesome report Xunny

Nice work, friend (even tho you call me a traitor and make me cry). ;)

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