CNS Proconsul Report #5: Sadow Victoria!


CNS Proconsul Report #5: Sadow Victoria!


War still rocks the Brotherhood. I hope the battle has been as well for all of you as it has been for some. The last two weeks have seen some sweet things from Clan Naga Sadow and the Brotherhood at large, and I am here to highlight some of them.

Now we are heading into the end of a season of bone-chilling creeps and scares, but don’t let that unsettle you. Sanguinius, your House Summits and I are prepared to help you through the last few days of the season and the remainder of Phase One.

We saw some wonderful gaming activity from our members in both the JA tournament. Naga Sadow had a great showing with 12 Sadowans showing up in the brackets. What does this mean? This means that between Draelath Rahath, Tasha'Vel Versea, Armad, Sanguinius Tsucyra Entar, Aul Celsus, Koji Keibatsu, Evelynn Wyrm, Bentre Stahoes, Vosiri Lightcrest, Malik Sadow, Locke Sonjie and Erik Cato.

Now, what does this mean? This meant that for every five combatants in the tournament, you had a Sadowan in the mix. Evelynn/Aexod even took it up to the semi-finals and still has the chance to seize the Bronze Nova for the whole affair! Well done to him! Cheer on Erik as he shoots for a position between fifth and eighth for points. Meanwhile Drae'lath Rahath, Bentre Stahoes, and Locke Sonjie will be competing to secure ninth and tenth places for Naga Sadow.

Jedi Academy isn’t the only gaming platform we have seen Naga Sadow rocking, of course. We have also seen some great activity in the Heroes of the Storm tournament. This event has seen teams Kojiro/Sanguinius, Evelynn/Locke, and Jurdan/Bentre competing. We have seen one team eliminated, but I hope you will all join me in cheering on our remaining two teams as they fight for the gold.

We have seen a lot of general activity during the War but of particular note are the likes of Katarina Sadow, Bentre Stahoes, Kojiro Keibatsu, Tasha'Vel Versea, Armad, Varuk Kru, and Erik Cato who have been really trying to push activity. For your efforts, we salute you! I hope to see a lot more activity from everybody as we head into Phase Two. There is a lot of opportunities (and RO action *hint hint) to get involved in. I am probably getting tiresome at this point with this statement but it is no less true. I believe in you all!


Clan News


The Brotherhood At Large, aka lots of War updates

  • We have seen reports from Dracaryis about the Jedi Academy tournament, brackets, and of course kept us in the know when things didn't go as expected.

  • We have seen GJW Fiction updates in parts one, two, and three from the Voice/DC. Be sure to take a look at Vengeance, Impetus and War if you have not done so already.

  • The Consul of Odan-Urr took a quick break from the War to drop a report for his Clan.

  • Jac has given a quick reminder about fair gaming and how to avoid a visit to the Chamber of Justice

  • Event gives us a peek at some of the data about GJW award credits and some information on the Battle Plan competition.

  • Also, Mav has given yet another update for the 12th Great Jedi War, this time about placement points and Collective Strike. Click here to read up.


Keep Up the SADOWmentum (A Word from the Proconsul)

So far we have seen a lot of good work from the members of Naga Sadow. It warms my heart more than I can tell you lot to see that. We have seen lots of gaming excellence, our tracking sheet shows that folks have been kicking it and strongly representing our Clan.

Placement is not the only thing that plays into the results of the Great Jedi War. Participation has a greater part in this War than in the past, with a portion of points playing in toward final placements for the Clans. A few points could potentially be the difference between placements for the Clan, so I encourage you to take part in everything you like. If you don’t want to take part in everything, try to take part in enough to hit each of the bins. You will get bonus points if you take part in a competition in every bin!

Now, if you need some help with proofing or such to make your stories into reality, feel free to hit up myself, Sanguinius or any member of your House Summits. We will be glad to help.

Power rangers

I am of course totally the yellow ranger, yo...but I digress. This War is a chance for you lot to really shine. Everything I have seen up to this point has brought a smile to my face and I look forward to seeing even more. It also gives me a chance to fawn over you lot and potentially to rain some shinies down you- you know, beyond the ones that you earn through your sheer awesomeness and/or winning Novae. Either-or, you know? I have been enjoying every opportunity and I hope that you all are having lots of fun. Cheers and I hope to see you all kick rear in the second Phase of the Great Jedi War as well. Hopefully we will be able to throw a bit of a party when all is done to celebrate our performance in the war, aye?


A Word from the Consul

As we near the end of Phase 1, Naga Sadow has worked hard to show why we should not be ignored or ridiculed. Old members have returned, heeding the cry of their clanmates, to fight the good fight. We salute them, for coming back in our time of need. For those of you who never left and kept fighting, you have done myself and the Clan proud.

For so many of you, this is your first Great Jedi War, yet despite that, you’ve refused to be cowed. Instead, you’ve charged in guns blazing.

We know what we are fighting for in terms of rewards now, we know the storyline behind the new enemy, the Collective. They will be sticking around for awhile, even after this GJW. So don’t expect Pravus to walk into the fiction and slaughter them all.

Phase 1 ends on Monday 30th October, where you’ll get about 4-5 days break before Phase 2 starts.

And remember, if you need proofing services, just let me know.

Onwards for the glory of Sadow!

To shamelessly steal from my favourite sci-fi universe. “Iron within, iron without!”



So that is the good word from your Consul and Proconsul for now, lads and lasses. Phase Two is on the horizon soon enough, so I hope you will give your entries the final spit-shine to put your best work forward. More than that, we both hope you have had lots of fun. This was my first War, and I could not be more pleased at the moment. I hope that we will see some of this momentum carry through into some post-War festivities and that you all will continue to show everybody just how awesome I already know that Clan Naga Sadow is. See you all the next side of the war- though your House and Clan Summits will be alongside you on the fields. Cheers! Again, I say: Rock on CNS.


I have to confess, I am kind of looking forward to the post-War bit. I mean, seriously, you all have given me a lot to fawn over. ^^

In Darkness, In Service, in Sadow,


Proconsul of Clan Naga Sadow

Tracking sheet needs seriously updated, my master, I have done 6 different things.

I will go through and update things this afternoon. Sorry about that

Hey at least I was able to remember you were my master


should be updated now, my friend

well, parts of it anyhow. I am going to work on getting that updated completely after work tomorrow.

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