[Taldryan] Consul Report 10.1 - A call to Arms


[Taldryan] Consul Report 10.1 - A call to Arms


Hello Taldryan, this is going to be one of the rather large reports from me as there has a lot of things happened since my last report. Spoiling, there will be informations for the upcoming Rite of Supremacy as well as the future of the Clan and some of the changes the Summit will enact over the months after the Rite of Supremacy. But now lets head right into it.



Clan news

A Legend rises

Starting with the most exciting news from within the Clan; we have been able to re-open House Archanis to the membership of the Clan. While the initial, yet outstanding proposal came from Justinios and Mark, we were able to do so only because of the steadily growing level of activity of you, the Members of Clan Taldryan. Now again with two Houses available to our members, we made a big step towards what I was looking for when I became Consul of Clan Taldryan again: Moving the Clan from a Summit driven development to a member driven development where every actions will have a direct impact on the Clan's fictional story.

Changes in Ektrosis

As Justinios has stated in his recent report, there will be some changes in Ektrosis following the events of the Rite of Supremacy. First and foremost the Morality level system the House has based its actions on in the past will be ceased in favor of a similar decision model as in House Archanis where members can choose between two fictional paths that will give its members some advantages for any House or Clan wide run competition based on their advancement on their chosen path. For more details you should check this document Houses and Institutions of Clan Taldryan and Justinios most recent Quaestor Report here: Ektrosis Quaestor Report #7: Guts and Glory

With its Houses the Clan changes too

As spoiled above the changes in House Ektrosis and the way the resurgent House Archanis is designed these two will likewise have their impact on the fictional development of Taldryan. First off Ektrosis Morality System will be modified and then brought to you on a Clan base with Dark and Light decisions leaving it open to the members of the Clan as in which direction the Clan moves, this even may result in Rian getting killed during the events (though be sure that I will haunt you and your children eternally if you decide to do so )

Another impact will be what I call Activity Points or AP. A Clan can be alive only if their members are alive. For this reason, every valid submission to a House Competition will create AP for the House and every AP is valued a certain amount of Credits the Clan Summit will grant the House leaders to buy possessions for the House.

Wait, did I just say the Quaestors can buy stuff for our Houses? Yes and no, while it remains that only the Consul and Proconsul can buy stuff for Units, the Quaestors can request items for your House based on the Credits the House has earned so far and we will buy it for them.

With the above being one way to get some nice military units for your House, the more practicable will be House feuds where members from each House will compeed agains the members of the other House for picking rites for one of two military possessions the Summit will offer to the winner of the feud. Of course for the events of the feuds members of each house can bring in the advantages of the path they had chosen in within their respective House.

Changes to our Fleet

Just in time for the upcoming Rite of Supremacy, we have made some alterations to our Clan's naval fleet. In exchange for our three EF76 Nebulon-B class frigates, we bought an Acclamator-class and two Strike-class cruisers to make up for a lack in heavy fire power, we also bought four brand new Raider I-class Corvettes to fill the lack of Anti-starfighter support from the missing Nebulon-B's. Overall this rounds up both our home-defense and main flotilla. There are also new Shuttle flights, Expedition and Skybolt meant to be used by the members of Taldryan to be used if they don't want or can't bring in their own starships for fiction competitions.

Clan Reports

Dark Jedi Brotherhood news

Rite of Supremacy: Meridian

The next big DB-wide event is right upon us, Rite of Supremacy: Meridian. After the events on Nancora, the Rite of Supremacy gives us an opportunity to strike against the Collective and while not many details have been made public yet, there have been some fiction updates from the Dark Council that I am highly recommending you to look over in order to be up to date when the Rite of Supremacy starts:

More reports from the Dark Council since the last Consul Report


Honorable Mentions

Some members of Taldryan who deserve being mentioned for their outstanding work over the last couple weeks:

  • Congratulations to Aden Karas for passing his Knightening Trials and becoming the most recent Knight of Clan Taldryan
  • Justinios Drake and Andrelious Mimosa-Inahj for being the winners of the most recent Caelus Chronicles event (more on these in my next report)
  • Omega Kira, Raistline Majere Taldrya, Catmatui and Aiden Dru for placing in the Top10 Royal Guard Leaderboard
  • A big welcome goes to Ric "Tater" Hunter and Volksven who joined the Clan over the last couple days



Rite of Supremacy: Meridian

Again the events of the RoS haven't been made public except a brief statement from the Voice that there will be three multi-objective prompt fiction competitions and a run-on competition over the course of the event. Also as usual with large Brotherhood-wide events, your Summit will post a general head up on the events of the RoS with tips and guidelines on the event competitions. There will also be a special telegram chat exclusivly for the members of Taldryan to discuss the event and its competitions. (A joining link for the chat will be supplied via e-mail once the room goes life.)



Taldryan, once more our Clan will be at war against the Collective, let's show them and all other Clans that we are a force to be reckoned with. I know you can do that. For Taldryan!

~Rian Taldrya

Son of Taldrya

Consul of Taldryan

Thank you, I look forward to participating with this clan!

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