Taldryan Consul Report August


Taldryan Consul Report August


Hello Taldryan,

it's report time again. I know it should have been out a week ago but I had a really stressful time recently at work and soon will be on vacation, but you can read more about that below in the News section


Gathering Darkness: Another Round of Gathering Darkness is well underway, you can find the plotline updates and the available competitions here:

As Yacks has mentioned in his most recent report earlier this week, we are heading right for the time where we are all the laziest, and just like he said that he takes this time to evaluate his work, I do so too. And while I am to some degree feel good with that, I have to agree here too with Yacks, as I am still some way away from what I wanted to achieve so far. Mostly this can be reasoned with my day-to-day work in my real life, as I haven't had as much time as I had expected to get at the beginning of the year with our technological upgrades at work.

Also summer means that soon or later all of us were either having holidays and/or were going onto vacation. For me this means I will spend half of the upcoming month at the beach with only little till no internet connection, so yeah I will be mostly unavailable from September 5 th till September 20 th.

Despite that a lot of action has happened as of late in Tal and you can find them all in detail linked below:

As well as with the Reports from within Taldryan there are some more Brotherhoodwide News and Reports you should pay attention to:

Reports from the Dark Council

The most latest reports from all over the Dark Council:

And now some important things in more detail:

Star Wars News

As the topic says here you can find News related to upcoming Star Wars Books and Movie related stuff:


Time to show the shinies that you guys have collected since my last report:


  • Promotions, Elevations and Transfers:

    • Gorn daa'murk has joined the Brotherhood and has since been a very busy man, already getting promoted to Acolyte and becoming part of the Shadow Academy Society
    • Igo Catarr got promoted to Novice
    • Armags elevated from GMRG:VI to GMRG:VII
    • Crudelis got promoted to Novice and joined the Shadow Academy Society
    • Kaz got elevated to Shadow Acaedmy Society Rank IX
  • Medals:

    • Aidan/Shadow earned himself Crescents with Diamond Star (1x) Ruby Star (1x) Sapphire Star (1x), Emerald Star (1x), Amethyst Star (1x) and Topaz Star (1x) as well as 4 Scrolls of Foundation, 109 Clusters of Fire, 1 Pendant of Blood and 9 Clusters of Ice
    • Kazmir/Arvalis earned himself Crescents with Emerald Star (1x) and Amethyst Star (1x), one Pendant of Blood and 22 Clusters of Ice
    • Kooks earned himself 5 Clusters of Fire
    • Gryffon earned himself a Steel Cross
    • Armags earned himself 84 Clusters of Fire
    • Mav earned himself 5 Scrolls of Foundation and 4 Clusters of Ice
    • Tarax earned himself a Sapphire Blade to add up to his Revelation sword


  • Promotions, Elevations and Transfers:

    • Kal Xehort got promoted to Novice and joined the Shadow Academy Society
    • Bendak got promoted to Protector
    • Crix returned from the Rogues and joined the Shadow Academy Society
    • As did Anubis and Draco
    • Lastly another Transfer, Slagar aka Selika Roh has become part of Taldryan again
  • Medals:

    • Jac earned himself an Anteian Cross
    • Halcyon earned himself a Crescent with Sapphire Star as well as 5 Scrolls of Foundation, 40 Clusters of Fire and 2 Clusters of Ice
    • Raistline earned himself a Crescent with Emerald Star, 16 Clusters of Fire and 1 Cluster of Ice
    • Vodo earned himself a Crescent with Emerald Star as well as 6 Cluster of Ice
    • Aiden earned himself Crescents with Sapphire Star and Emerald Star (1x each) as well as 66 Clusters of Fire and 11 Clusters of Ice
    • Zoron earned himself Crescents with Ruby and Emerald Star (1x each) as well as 6 Cluster of Ice and a Legion of the Scholar
    • Chaos earned himself 7 Clusters of Fire
    • Quejo earned himself a Grand Cross for his service as Aedile and 2 Scrolls of Foundation
    • Sid earned himself 10 Clusters of Fire
    • Slags earned himself a 52 Clusters of Fire

On the Summit part of things, our mighty ProConsul Yacks has earned himself Crescents with Amethyst Star (1 time), Emerald Star (1 time) and Topaz Star 1 time as well as 165 Clusters of Fire, a Pendant of Blood and 3 Scrolls of Foundation along an elevation to GMRG:VI, while Howie has earned himself an Anteian Cross, Crescents with Diamond Star (1 time), Sapphire Star (1 time) and Emerald Star (1 time) as well as 107 Clusters of Fire, a Pendant of Blood and 2 Clusters of Ice and a Legion of the Scholar, last but not least I have earned myself two Crescents (1x Amethyst and 1x Sapphire) as well as 7 Clusters of Fire and 4 Clusters of Ice.

Congrats on all your shinies, keep rockin' like that!


A lot of competitions from Taldryan were up running so take a look at them and participate in them: Competition page

Well this round of Gathering Darkness I am more involved into grading the events so I will mostly stuck with participating in the Cannons to the Left and to the Right events (which means you can feel free to challenge in the ACC), so if you see me changing my nick on IRC to Rian|pazaak there is a good chance I will do a match or two with you.


Alright, that's it Gang, remember to not only take a look at the Gathering Darkness Events but to participate in them, this time there is a fun and easy flash game available too where you have to defend your village by lifting stick figures into the air and throw them around (that really makes much fun) and that some of us will soon or later be on vacation.

~Rian Aslar Consul of Clan Taldryan


Nice report Rian!

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