Taldryan Consul Report December


Taldryan Consul Report December


Hello Gang

and welcome to my last report for 2014. It's been quite a long time since I have written a report for you but let it be said that the last 3 month have been nothing but hell for me at my RL work. Still live goes on for everyone of us, in and outside of the DB.


On the DB side of things, the Holiday Bash has come to an end, and I am proud of announcing the official Sithi Clause for this time, a true Sithi Clause and Proconsul of Clan Taldryan: Keirdagh Taldrya Cantor.

As for the rest of the results I will get into more details now.

Taldryan Holiday Bash 2014 – The Night of Sithis 'lil' helper

As I have said at the very beginning of the Holiday Bash, every placement will get you points and to simplify I have gone with the most basic pointing system:

  • 1st Place = 5 Points
  • 2nd Place = 4 Points
  • 3rd Place = 3 Points
  • 4th Place = 2 Points
  • 5th Place = 1 Points

Thus I ended up with the following Results:

1 st Place: Keirdagh Taldrya Cantor (17 Points) 2 nd Place: Serenla (11 Points) 3 rd Place: Catmatui (10 Points) 4 th Place: Omega Kira (9 Points) 5 th Place: Zoron Kenath (8 Points)

And now the rest of the Results:

  • He knows when you are sleeping. competition has been judged, with the following results:

1st place DJK Catmatui (Crescent with Sapphire Star) 2nd place DJK Omega Kira (Crescent with Emerald Star) 3rd place DJM Keirdagh Taldrya Cantor (Crescent with Topaz Star)

  • He knows when you're on the can. competition has been judged, with the following results:

1st place SW Kenath Zoron (Crescent with Amethyst Star) 2nd place KE Vodo Biask Taldrya (Crescent with Sapphire Star) 3rd place DJM Keirdagh Taldrya Cantor (Crescent with Emerald Star) DJK Serenla (4th place) DJM Howlader Taldrya (5th place)

  • He'll hunt you down and blast your ass from here to New Alderaan. competition has been judged, with the following results:

1st place DJK Omega Kira (Crescent with Amethyst Star) 2nd place KE Raistline Majere (Crescent with Sapphire Star) 3rd place SW Aiden Dru (Crescent with Emerald Star) DJM Keirdagh Taldrya Cantor (4th place) DJK Serenla (5th place)

  • Oh, you'd better not breathe, you'd better not move, competition has been judged, with the following results:

1st place DJK Serenla (Crescent with Sapphire Star) 2nd place DJM Keirdagh Taldrya Cantor (Crescent with Emerald Star) 3rd place SW Kenath Zoron (Crescent with Topaz Star) KE Raistline Majere (4th place) DJK Catmatui (5th place)

  • You'd better off dead, I'm telling you dude. competition has been judged, with the following results:

1st place DJM Keirdagh Taldrya Cantor (Crescent with Sapphire Star) 2nd place DJK Catmatui (Crescent with Emerald Star) 3rd place DJK Serenla (Crescent with Topaz Star)

  • Sadly there have been no submissions for the Sithis 'lil' helper is gunning you down! Event.

On a side note for the Trivia, the correct answers have been these, though I counted some answers differing as correct as far as they fitted the correct answer on a broader scale:

  1. Something green with needles to fire with my bazooka. - christmas tree
  2. Glittering threads of paper I use as countermeasures. - tinsel
  3. Colorful grenades of glass. - ornaments
  4. A pointy disc to throw. - Star/tree-topper
  5. Glowing ammunition made from wax for my railgun. - candles/fairylights
  6. Square mines decorated with ribbons. - Gifts/Presents
  7. My master. - Santa/Sithi Clause
  8. People were used to place some along a glass of Milk when they expect my Master to visit them. - cookies
  9. A song to be sung during these days. - A sithmas carol (every song title counts)
  10. Red-and-white sweets for stabbing nice people. - Candy Canes

Herald Style Hanukah

As with the annual ritual of the Holiday Bash, the Herald staff has run their very own event: Herald Style Hanukah, so far we have seen the six days of the HSH adding various new stuff to the Lightsaber and Robe Construction tools accessible through your Dossier administration:

Great Jedi War Plot Updates

Also of some importance, Sarin has posted some fictional updates leading to the events of the upcoming Great Jedi War starting early next year, thus I highly recommend to read all of the fictions:

All elements in one Folder can be found here:

Finally some more reports from the month of December


A big welcome goes to Kyber who has joined us in december and since then already earned himself promotions up to the rank of Acolyte and Warlockbravo who joined us in December as well and got promoted to Novice.

We also had a couple of major promotions since my last report:

  • Raistline Majere, promoted to Krath Epis
  • Aiden Dru, promoted to Sith Warrior
  • Kenath Zoron, promoted to Sith Warrior
  • Catmatui, promoted to Dark Jedi Knight
  • Omega Kira, promoted to Dark Jedi Knight
  • Serenla, promoted to Dark Jedi Knight

Congratz all on your well deserved promotions.


Christmas and the Holiday Bash is over and while we are at the brink of another Jedi War, why not get ready to pwn once more by entering some competitions, you can find them here: Competition page


In all honesty I would like to thank every member of Taldryan for the last year, each and everyone of you who helped Taldryan on its way has given more than one can expect from an average member and I hope that we all can continue on that way in the upcoming year. I am also thankful for everyone on my summit for keeping faith and trust in me, even during such dark times like the recent three month, where at times I was even not sure if I should remain your Consul, you guys are an inspiration to me. Taldryan, let's keep pwning 2015 like we did this year!

~Rian Aslar Consul of Clan Taldryan


  • Clan Website: Taldryan.net
  • Clan Forum: [Taldryan Forum]
  • Calendar of Events: Calendar
  • Consul Rian Aslar
  • ProConsul Keirdagh Taldrya Cantor
  • Rollmaster Howlader
  • Quaestor Rax Von-Klug
  • Aedile Armags
  • Quaestor Halcyon Rokir Taldrya
  • Aedile Aiden Dru
  • Summit E-mail [Log in to view e-mail addresses]

Hail Sithis? Love your banners, Rian.

Damnit Rian, I was coming home from work to write a report tonight! Time for some C&P!

Haha Rian I'm sorry to hear all the old biddies keep losing there dentures for you.

@Galleros: Thank you, they are edited from some ToR headers I keep using them for quite some time now in varying forms.

@Orion: Well, luckily I don't do full prostethic dentures but all kinds of full ceramic restorations, so the average age of our customers is more like 30-40.

There's a good CON, putting out a sexy report. We like it. Also, so many pretty promotions. I think some cookies are well deserved for those fine people. =D

And a Happy New Year to you, Ri-guy!

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