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04/26/2019 House Shan Quaestor Report #1- April 2019 Seer Tisto Kingang Quaestor (Satele Shan)
04/22/2019 House Shar Dakhan Report #9: New Alliances Battlelord Takagari "DarkHawk" KogaRyu Quaestor (Shar Dakhan)
04/21/2019 Rise of The Julie: A Spectre Cell Report Extravaganza! Knight Scarlett Battleteam Leader (Spectre Cell)
04/21/2019 Plagueis Consul Report #11 - No Taxation Without a Vacation Warlord Arden Karn di Plagia Consul (Plagueis)
04/20/2019 [Shroud War II] Round 1 Start! Eminent Idris Adenn Praetor to the Herald (Assistants)
04/20/2019 Combat Master #3 - Arch is Risen Seer Archenksov Combat Master (Society Leaders)
04/19/2019 CNS Rollmaster Report #13: Welcome New Members! Battlemaster Tasha'Vel Versea Rollmaster (Naga Sadow)
04/16/2019 P:Fist Report # 9 Seer Junazee Praetor to the Fist (Assistants)
04/15/2019 [Arcona] Consul Report #11 The Sloth Readies the Gate Augur Kordath Bleu Consul (Arcona)
04/15/2019 House Karness Muur Quaestor Report #9: It's Time For A Celebration Raider TuQ'uan Varick Quaestor (Karness Muur)
04/11/2019 Operation: Antiquity - RESULTS Warlord Arden Karn di Plagia Consul (Plagueis)
04/10/2019 Fist Supplemental 30.1: Magistrate Opening Warlord Dracaryis Fist of the Brotherhood (Dark Council)
04/09/2019 House Galeres Report: Victory and Honor Corsair Qyreia Arronen Quaestor (Galeres)
04/08/2019 Plagueis Proconsul Report #12: The Wrath Celebrates (Nearly) A Year Warlord Ronovi Tavisaen Proconsul (Plagueis)
04/08/2019 House Qel-Droma Summit Report: Ships, Heists and Reporty Things Battlemaster Lucine Vasano Aedile (Qel-Droma)
04/06/2019 P:HM Report #1 - It's Alive! Corsair Jax Bendal Praetor to the Headmaster (Assistants)
04/05/2019 CSP Consul report: March 2019 Adept Elincia Rei Consul (Scholae Palatinae)
04/05/2019 Proconsul Report: Balancing The Book Results Augur Uji Tameike Proconsul (Arcona)
04/03/2019 Hoth Aedile Report #2: Scimitars, Starfighters and Citadels Commander Essik Lyccane Aedile (Hoth)
04/01/2019 Night Hawk Report 1 Knight Hilgrif Battleteam Leader (Night Hawks)