CNS Consul Report #3: Contact at Citadel


CNS Consul Report #3: Contact at Citadel


I hope the month and the warmer weather find my spectacular Sadowans well. The month of August sees us taking part in the second part of our Encounter at Citadel event. It is not all fun and games for the best Clan in the Brotherhood, with the addition of a new wrench in the words for Clan Naga Sadow. While members have been relaxing, training or been otherwise engaged, tensions have been brewing below the surface. Telos may not be the short-lived sanctuary that the Sadowans had hoped for.



36 ABY

Who has the time to sit around and piddle time away like this anyway? The Kel Dor used a finger to shuffle through the different portions of the datapad’s display, before coming to stop on the sensor grid monitor screening software. Something was setting off a sensor buoy around the system’s border.

The commlink at his side buzzed, drawing his attention away from the screen for a moment. Returning his gaze to the screen, Calenhad tapped the commlink to receive the call. “Station crew have mentioned a military ship incoming. Go to code Besh.” Syntari’s voice was hushed, but he could hear the stress under the low tones.

“Just saw something kick off the sensors on the borders. I will check with the Perdition, see if there has been anything else odd. If that checks out, I will cycle through common comm channels and see if anything comes up.”

Clicking off the comm, Calenhad adjusted the device for the Sadowan Fleet channel before clicking the comm back on. “-detected on patrol. Dispatch Howler and Massassi Squadrons to check out the situation.”

“This is Blackguard 2 to Perdition.” The Kel Dor spoke firmly. “Requesting a status report. Sensors here have detected an incoming object. Do any Sadowan assets have eyes on the object in question?”

The comm crackled. “Reports are coming in of a ship that matches the description of a ship formerly sighted during the retreat at the Orian system. We are sending squadrons to confirm.”

Calenhad silently cursed to himself. “That will have to do, Perdition. Will pass along the news to the Summit. Blackguard 2, out.”

If you like, you can find the rest of the fiction on the Discourse


Clan News

  • The second phase of Encounter at Citadel has kicked off for Naga Sadow. You can check out the fiction here or on the Discourse to find out a bit more.

  • Kojiro released a recent report, in part encouraging his members to take part in Encounter at Citadel and putting up a “help wanted” for some House wiki projects to help bring things up to muster

  • Meanwhile, the Battleteam Leaders in CNS, Locke and Calenhad and [Erik] have been similarly pushing for their teams to take part in the event. It looks like this latest event has fired up a bit of competitive spirit between the Houses

  • Erik Cato also released a report to follow Discovery for the Disciples of Dakhan

  • The results of the recent Clan ship naming comp have been tallied, and now our new ships have similarly shiny, new names. I wish to thank Erik, Sanguinius, Kodais and Alexander for their entries as well

  • Now among our new fleet designations are the Khar Shian, Stalker, Harbinger, Defiant, Dauntless, Blood Moon, Spectre, Implacable, Wrath, Hammer, Magnificient and more. For full details you can check out our Clan's Possessions page

  • In case you had not seen, Locke’s Master of Puzzles comp series for House Marka Ragnos has come to an end. The final tally saw Teu, Sanguinius and Ashia take first, second and third places respectively

  • Jinius Griffin continues to impress- having become a Professor in the Shadow Academy and having reached the rank of Hunter!

  • I would feel like I was not doing my job if I didn’t ensure you took a look at Ashia’s last Proconsul report if you have not already done so. Short and sweet, but to the point. And man, it makes me want some pecan pie so badly now.

Reports and News In The Club At Lage

  • In his usual fashion, James submits change logs to keep the Brotherhood in the know about what has changes, will change and might change in our little corner of the holonet

  • Junazee presents some gaming updates, wiki updates and releases some data about the latest round of Dark Council guards from the GMRG** as the FIST’s Praetor

  • Yet another update arrives from the office of the Herald

  • Dracaryis released one, two, three FIST supplementary reports.

  • That ]([pesky jerk in the Wiki Tribune seat keeps releasing reports giving updates and tips for the Wiki.

  • Atra gives a situation report and posts a vacancy for a new ACC judge. If you think you have what it takes, I encourage you to apply!

Ongoing Competitions of Note


Parting Words

I know that some people were thrown off by the focus on drinking at the beginning of Encounter at Citadel. We have been trying to correct course a bit, as what was intended to be relaxation in character inadvertently made some folks rather unhappy. Our intent was to start the event out on a lighter note, before diving into a slightly more serious portion of the story. We hoped to make a small jump to the next section of the Clan’s storyline. Ashia and I really hope that you all will take part in and enjoy the second portion of Encounter. I hope to see you all prove the strength of Clan Naga Sadow, together.

Show the Collective and the galaxy at large that we are the best Clan in the Brotherhood!

I remain, as ever, your Servant in Darkness,


Consul of Naga Sadow

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