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Ahch-To: Ancient Islands
Arx: Combat Training Center
Arx: The Abandoned Mines
Arx: The Colosseum
Coruscant: Club Kasakar
Coruscant: Level 1313
Crait: Former Rebel Base
Dajorra: Port Ol'val
Daleem: Tunnels
Dathomir: Desolate Swamps
Dromund Kaas: Dark Temple Ruins
Felucia: Rancor Graveyard
Godless Matron: Chute Town
Godless Matron: Hangar Zerek
Godless Matron: The Gauntlet
Hoth: Ice Cave
Jakku: Fallen Starship
Kalsunor: Massassi Arena
Kamino: Landing Platform
Kashyyyk: Rainforest Canopies
Kiast: Velastari Temple
Luprora: Rising Tides
Malachor: Sith Temple Ruins
Mustafar: Interrogation Facility
Mustafar: Mining Facility
Naboo: Jan-gwa City
Naboo: Otoh Gunga
Naboo: Plasma Refinery Complex
Naboo: Theed Royal Palace
Nal Hutta: Winter Palace
Nancora: Axio Transit Station Cresh
Nancora: Factory "Empusa"
Nancora: Faron City
Nancora: The Badlands
Nar Shaddaa: Club Vertica
Nar Shaddaa: Jekk'Jekk Tarr Cantina
Nar Shaddaa: Refugee Sector
Nar Shaddaa: Streets
Ruins of Antei: The Dark Hall
[Scenario] Ahch-To: Raiders of the Lost Ahch
[Scenario] Arx: Are You Not Entertained?
[Scenario] Eadu: Weapons of Old
[Scenario] Endor: Searching the Death Star II Ruins
[Scenario] Florrum: Map to a Pirate’s Treasure
[Scenario] Godless Matron: Emergency Repairs
[Scenario] Godless Matron: Intelligence Scramble
[Scenario] Hoth: Bounty on Ice
[Scenario] Kamino: Collective Defector
[Scenario] Mustafar: Vader's Legacy
[Scenario] Naboo: Escape from Otoh Gunga
[Scenario] Nancora: Scavenging the Foundry
[Scenario] Nar Shaddaa: Thief Hunt
[Scenario] Umbara: Deals in the Dark
[Scenario] Utapau: Climbing the Ranks
[Scenario] Wasskah: The Most Dangerous Game
[Scenario] Wild Space: Downfall of the Suffering
Selen: Aphotis Sea Laboratory
Selen: Arcona Citadel - Cantina
Selen: Arcona Citadel - Courtyard
Selen: Arcona Citadel - Throne Room
Selen: Fort Blindshot
Selen: Shrine of the Spirit King
Sepros: Ballista Crash Site
Sepros: Temple of Sorrows
Seraph: The Lighthouse
Shili: Savannah
Solyiat: Po’tak Coastline
Takodana: Maz Kanata’s Castle
Tatooine: Chalmun's Spaceport Cantina
Tatooine: Great Pit of Carkoon
Malachor: Sith Temple Ruins

Malachor Sith Temple Ruins

From space, Malachor seems no more than a lifeless ball of ash. In the center of an open crater, however, lies the ancient Sith Temple. This colossal pyramid of black stone is the relic of a disastrous battle between the forces of darkness and light thousands of years ago.

Though the surface of Malachor has a breathable atmosphere, the air is dead still, and there is no sign of life. The caldera housing the Temple is a tableau of the terrible struggle that took place here so many millennia ago. Scattered through the causeways and crumbling boulders are the petrified figures of the foregone combatants, their hands raised eternally against whatever cataclysm took the life from their bodies. Some still grasp their Jedi weapons, though most likely the life is gone from them too. The pallid white light of the sun spreads unhindered through the crater, but it does little to illumine the intrinsic darkness of the stones.

The Sith Temple is not a place of the light side. It is said the very stones react to the touch of the dark side. The pyramid itself is seemingly inaccessible, though its blocked entrance is associated with an old saying: “Two must lift these stones, no more, no less.” Despite its undeniable age, the crater is littered with signs of a more recent calamity; ash and debris, columns toppled outwards from the Temple, broken arches. It is as though the millennial dust stirred, briefly, then returned to its repose under the sun.