Venue Database

Ahch-To: Ancient Islands
Arx: Combat Training Center
Arx: The Abandoned Mines
Arx: The Colosseum
Coruscant: Club Kasakar
Coruscant: Level 1313
Crait: Former Rebel Base
Dajorra: Port Ol'val
Daleem: Tunnels
Dathomir: Desolate Swamps
Dromund Kaas: Dark Temple Ruins
Felucia: Rancor Graveyard
Godless Matron: Chute Town
Godless Matron: Hangar Zerek
Godless Matron: The Gauntlet
Hoth: Ice Cave
Jakku: Fallen Starship
Kalsunor: Massassi Arena
Kamino: Landing Platform
Kashyyyk: Rainforest Canopies
Kiast: Velastari Temple
Luprora: Rising Tides
Malachor: Sith Temple Ruins
Mustafar: Interrogation Facility
Mustafar: Mining Facility
Naboo: Jan-gwa City
Naboo: Otoh Gunga
Naboo: Plasma Refinery Complex
Naboo: Theed Royal Palace
Nal Hutta: Winter Palace
Nancora: Axio Transit Station Cresh
Nancora: Factory "Empusa"
Nancora: Faron City
Nancora: The Badlands
Nar Shaddaa: Club Vertica
Nar Shaddaa: Jekk'Jekk Tarr Cantina
Nar Shaddaa: Refugee Sector
Nar Shaddaa: Streets
Ruins of Antei: The Dark Hall
[Scenario] Ahch-To: Raiders of the Lost Ahch
[Scenario] Arx: Are You Not Entertained?
[Scenario] Eadu: Weapons of Old
[Scenario] Endor: Searching the Death Star II Ruins
[Scenario] Florrum: Map to a Pirate’s Treasure
[Scenario] Godless Matron: Emergency Repairs
[Scenario] Godless Matron: Intelligence Scramble
[Scenario] Hoth: Bounty on Ice
[Scenario] Kamino: Collective Defector
[Scenario] Mustafar: Vader's Legacy
[Scenario] Naboo: Escape from Otoh Gunga
[Scenario] Nancora: Scavenging the Foundry
[Scenario] Nar Shaddaa: Thief Hunt
[Scenario] Umbara: Deals in the Dark
[Scenario] Utapau: Climbing the Ranks
[Scenario] Wasskah: The Most Dangerous Game
[Scenario] Wild Space: Downfall of the Suffering
Selen: Aphotis Sea Laboratory
Selen: Arcona Citadel - Cantina
Selen: Arcona Citadel - Courtyard
Selen: Arcona Citadel - Throne Room
Selen: Fort Blindshot
Selen: Shrine of the Spirit King
Sepros: Ballista Crash Site
Sepros: Temple of Sorrows
Seraph: The Lighthouse
Shili: Savannah
Solyiat: Po’tak Coastline
Takodana: Maz Kanata’s Castle
Tatooine: Chalmun's Spaceport Cantina
Tatooine: Great Pit of Carkoon
Coruscant: Club Kasakar

Coruscant Club Kasakar

Anakin once visited Coruscant’s underbelly, as an escort for Supreme Chancellor Palpatine’s secret visit. Festering within the 2685th level of Coruscant, it is a feeding ground to the best and worst criminals—bureaucrats among them. Slaves and contraband are bought and sold on the hour, while others gamble with their lives or ill-gotten gains on the roll of a chance cube.

Others are content to seek entertainment, watching holographic projections of exotic dancers in various states of undress—the likes of which will no doubt be traded as slaves in exchange for credits or other services. Games of chance are often obscured under the sheer volume of patrons gathered around the game tables. Smaller round tables serve for social or business gatherings, with more discreet booths tucked into alcoves along the walls.

Having undergone unfinished renovations at some point, the ceiling has been raised to resemble that of a warehouse. Smoke gathers among the durasteel supports, making a buffer for the intense red and violet beams lighting the cesspit below. Zeltron perfumes are among the most common smells in the establishment, while the rolling of dice cubes make for the most recognizable sound above the music. Fights don’t often break out, and violence is often dissuaded at the sight of armoured bouncers several heads taller than most humanoids