News for 7/2016

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Date Title Author Context
07/31/2016 Tal'mahe'Ra Report # 04 Corsair Larrik Dul'vak Battleteam Leader (Tal'mahe'Ra)
07/31/2016 Shadow Guard Report #6 Battlelord Jurdan Krennel Battleteam Leader (Shadow Guard)
07/30/2016 Updated FIST-O-Matic Course Available! Reaver Saba Astor Tarentae Headmaster (Dark Council)
07/29/2016 FIST Report #6 Augur Cethgus Tiberius Entar Fist of the Brotherhood (Dark Council)
07/29/2016 House Dinaari Quaestor Final Report Battlemaster Omega Kira Quaestor (Dinaari)
07/29/2016 Taldryan Consul Report #3 – Back in the Saddle Again Prophet Howlader Taldrya Consul (Taldryan)
07/29/2016 Slipping into the night Warlord Mako Henymory Quaestor (Satele Shan)
07/28/2016 July Report: Family Fued between (CNS) and (CSP) Battlemaster Tasha'Vel Versea Quaestor (Marka Ragnos)
07/28/2016 Headmaster's Competition Extended! Reaver Saba Astor Tarentae Headmaster (Dark Council)
07/28/2016 COU Rollmaster report #7 Augur Xantros Rollmaster (Odan-Urr)
07/27/2016 Seekers of the Who? Warlord Scion Tarentae Quaestor (Mortis)
07/27/2016 Grey Wolf BTS Report 2 Mystic blackhawk Battleteam Sergeant (Geall le Fola)
07/27/2016 Possessions System Beta Interest Adept Evant Taelyan Voice of the Brotherhood (Dark Council)
07/26/2016 Aedile Report #4: The Post-Halftime, Pre-Post Game Report Warlord Bentre Kairn'tel Stahoes Aedile (Shar Dakhan)
07/25/2016 New Beginnings (My first report as Grey Wolf Leader) - Edited Savant Lucifer Scorpio Romanov Battleteam Leader (Geall le Fola)
07/25/2016 Clan Arcona Consul Report #14: I Wanna Be The Very Best (Like No One Ever Was) Reaver Satsi Tameike Arconae Consul (Arcona)
07/25/2016 Quaestor Report #5: Nintendos pass through everything! Augur Terran Koul Quaestor (Qel-Droma)
07/24/2016 Devil's Shroud Report #7ish: The Parting Glass Corsair Qyreia Arronen Battleteam Leader (Devil's Shroud)
07/23/2016 Clan Plagueis: A Call to Arms Warlord Teylas Ramar Consul (Plagueis)
07/22/2016 CNS Rollmaster Report - July 2016 Seer Mar Sûl Rollmaster (Naga Sadow)